Lin Jiamei

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Lin Jiamei
Lin Jiamei, 1985 (cropped).jpg
Lin Jiamei, 1985
Spouse of the President of China
In office
18 June 1983 – 8 April 1988
Preceded byWang Guangmei
Succeeded byWang Yeping
Personal details
Danyang, Jiangsu
ChildrenLi Ziyang
Li Ping
Li Xiaolin
EducationTong De Medical College, Shanghai
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lin.

Lin Jiamei (Chinese: 林佳楣; pinyin: Lín Jiāméi; born 1924) is a Chinese civil servant. She is the widow of former Chinese president Li Xiannian.[1] She was the First Lady of the People's Republic of China from 1983 to 1988.[2]

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