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Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research

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The Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) project is a project that is used for the finding and tracking of near-Earth asteroids. The project is done together by the United States Air Force, NASA, and MIT's Lincoln Laboratory. LINEAR has found most of the asteroids since 1998. LINEAR has found 226,193 new objects since it started. Out of those, 2,019 were near-Earth asteroids and 236 were comets.[1] LINEAR uses robotic telescopes to help them find asteroids. LINEAR is credited with the finding of 67,208 asteroids as of June 13, 2006. LINEAR has also found these comets: 11P/Tempel-Swift-LINEAR, 146P/Shoemaker-LINEAR, 148P/Anderson-LINEAR, 156P/Russell-LINEAR, 158P/Kowal-LINEAR, 160P/LINEAR (LINEAR 43), 165P/LINEAR (LINEAR 10), and 176P/LINEAR.


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