Lincoln Thompson

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Lincoln Thompson (June 18, 1949 - January 23, 1999) was a Jamaican reggae musician, songwriter and Rastafarian. He spent 2 years in the Tartans as a teenager before working under Coxsone Dodd in the early 1970s. In 1974 he released his first record, Humanity. The album had popular singles but it did not sell many copies until Thompson made a deal with Ballistics Records, a part of the record label United Artists, in 1979. This album was released commercially and there were 2 other albums recorded with Ballistics. These albums were recorded in 1979 and 1980. Experience was recorded in Jamaica. The next album, Natural Wild, was recorded in England with Joe Jackson. Ballistics went bankrupt, and Thompson returned to Jamaica. There, he recorded the album, Ride with the Rasses in 1982. The next year, he took his family to live in London where he recorded a 5th album, Rootsman Blues. He then set up an Ital grocery shop named The Rasses Fish and Grocery Store in London. Thanks to an American sponsor, a 6th album came out in 1996, called 21st century. He died in 1999 of cancer.

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