List of Amphibia (TV series) episodes

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Season 1 (June-July 2019)[change | change source]

Episode # Segment Production Code Title Synopsis Airdate Viewers (millions)
1 1a 103 Anne or Beast? Sprig tries to capture a mysterious beast to prove that he’s responsible. June 17, 2019 0.39
1b Best Fronds Sprig takes Anne swimming in a nearby lake to help her feel less homesick. June 17, 2019 0.39
2 2a 101 Cane Crazy When Anne breaks Hop Pop's favorite cane, she and her friends set out to replace it. June 18, 2019 0.46
2b Flood, Sweat & Tears When Anne's bedroom floods, she and Sprig must bunk together. June 18, 2019 0.46
3 3a 102 Hop Luck To win a village cooking contest, Anne leads the family on a quest to make pizza. June 19, 2019 0.37
3b Stakeout Sprig wants Anne and Hop Pop to get along, so he tricks them into going on a stakeout. June 19, 2019 0.37
4 4a 107 The Domino Effect Anne wants to keep a caterpillar as a pet, but she'll have to keep it a secret from Hop Pop. June 20, 2019 0.41
4b Taking Charge After one of the Plantars mysteriously runs out the charge on Anne's phone, the family embarks on a mission to try and recharge it. June 20, 2019 0.41
5 5a 104 Anne Theft Auto In an attempt to learn to drive the family snail wagon, Anne and Sprig take it for a joy ride. June 24, 2019 0.39
5b Breakout Star Anne's pimple breakout makes her a celebrity in Wartwood. June 24, 2019 0.39
6 6a 105 Sprig Vs. Hop Pop Angry with how the Plantar farm is being run, Sprig decides to overthrow Hop Pop and causes a wreck doing it. June 25, 2019 0.39
6b Girl Time Anne plans to give Polly some long-overdue girl time, whether she wants it or not. June 25, 2019 0.39
7 7a 106 Dating Season Anne and Hop Pop learn Sprig may like Ivy Sundew, so they attempt to set them up. June 26, 2019 0.39
7b Anne Vs. Wild Anne pretends to like camping, which is fine until she goes dangerously overboard. June 26, 2019 0.39
8 8a 108 Contagi-Anne Anne fakes getting sick to get off work, but the rest of the family gets sick. June 27, 2019 0.41
8b Family Shrub Sprig and Polly think their family history is boring until they uncover family secrets. June 27, 2019 0.41
9 9a 109 Lily Pad Thai Anne gets a job at Stumpy's, then goes overboard turning the diner into a Thai restaurant. July 1, 2019 0.39
9b Plantar's Last Stand After a rent increase on the food stand, Anne convinces Hop Pop to sell Plantar's Potions. July 1, 2019 0.39
10 10a 110 Toad Tax Anne befriends toad soldiers to gain respect in Wartwood, but must choose between her new respect and her frog family. July 2, 2019 0.50
10b Prison Break Far from Wartwood, Anne's friend Sasha is captured by toads. July 2, 2019 0.50
11 11a 111 Grubhog Day During Grubhog Day, Sprig has to decide whether to uphold his responsibilities or have fun at the carnival. July 3, 2019 0.44
11b Hop Pop and Lock To impress Sylvia Sundew, Hop Pop asks Anne to teach him to dance. July 3, 2019 0.44
12 12a 112 Civil Wart When Anne exposes Wartwood to a teen romance film, the town splits on the movie's love triangle. July 4, 2019 0.45
12b Hop-Popular After losing his stand, Hop Pop decides to run for mayor of Wartwood. July 4, 2019 0.45
13 13a 113 Croak and Punishment When Sprig’s rare and precious Blue Moon Shell is stolen, he and Anne investigate to find the thief. July 8, 2019 0.42
13b Trip to the Archives To prepare for Anne’s quest, the Plantars visit the town archives and accidentally get trapped. July 8, 2019 0.42
14 14a 114 Snow Day When a winter cold snap freezes all the frogs in Wartwood, Anne must protect the townspeople. July 9, 2019 0.44
14b Cracking Mrs. Croaker In an effort to make Mrs. Croaker like him, Sprig digs up a secret from her past. July 9, 2019 0.44
15 15a 115 A Night at the Inn The Plantars stay at a bed and breakfast for the night, but Polly discovers the caretakers aren’t what they seem. July 10, 2019 0.34
15b Wally and Anne Everyone calls Anne crazy when she claims to have seen the mythical Moss Man. July 10, 2019 0.34
16 16a 116 Family Fishing Trip Sprig wants to spend time with Hop Pop on their family fishing trip, but Hop Pop’s friend Sylvia gets in the way. July 11, 2019 0.48
16b Bizarre Bazaar Anne’s music box goes missing at the mysterious and exclusive Bizarre Bazaar. July 11, 2019 0.48
17 17a 117 Cursed! After Anne helps Sprig break up with Maddie, strange things start happening to them. July 15, 2019 0.47
17b Fiddle Me This When a popular talent competition comes to Wartwood, Hop Pop goes overboard in training Sprig to win. July 15, 2019 0.47
18 18a 118 The Big Bugball Game Anne must learn the value of teamwork to win the town's annual Bugball game. July 16, 2019 0.37
18b Combat Camp Anne, Sprig, and Polly are forced to stay at a daycare center that turns out to be more than it seems. July 16, 2019 0.37
19 19a 119 Children of the Spore Hop Pop is tired of Sprig, Polly and Anne's misbehavior and receives a special potion from the mysterious Apothecary Gary which supposedly cures them of their mischief, but with dire side effects. July 17, 2019 0.41
19b Anne of the Year Anne wins the prestigious "Frog of the Year" award and gets to plan her own party, but the frogs of Wartwood may not be ready for a human-style bash. July 17, 2019 0.41
20 120 Reunion During a banquet hosted by the toads, Anne is reunited with a friend from home. July 18, 2019 0.34

Season 2A (June-September 2020) Season 2B (March 2021-May 2021)[change | change source]

Episode # Segment Production Code Title Synopsis Airdate Viewers (millions)
1 1a 201 Handy Anne Worried that something bad could happen while they are in Newtopia, Anne decides to disaster-proof the farm. July 11, 2020 0.39
1b Fort in the Road On the road to Newtopia, Sprig longs for adventure, but Hop Pop's road rules threaten to spoil his fun. July 11, 2020 0.39
2 2a 202 The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar Hop Pop's efforts to be hailed as a hero backfire when he stands up to the wrong family. July 18, 2020 0.22
2b Anne Hunter Anne must put her self-consciousness aside in order to learn the true way of the hunter. July 18, 2020 0.22
3 3a 203 Truck Stop Polly Feeling unappreciated, Polly hatches a plan to make the family pay attention to her. July 25, 2020 0.44
3b A Caravan Named Desire Hop Pop signs the family up to join the theatre, hoping to realise his dream of being an actor. July 25, 2020 0.44
4 4a 204 Quarreler's Pass Hop Pop drops Sprig and Polly off at an obstacle-filled mountain trail designed to help them get along. August 1, 2020 0.54
4b Toadcatcher Sasha and Grime must reconcile their differences to escape Newtopia’s most skilled warrior, General Yunnan. August 1, 2020 0.54
5 5a 205 Swamp and Sensibility When Anne discovers an old friend who has been living a double life, she becomes fixated on helping him be his true self. August 8, 2020 0.32
5b Wax Museum The family visits a mysterious roadside oddities museum where every treasure comes with a price. August 8, 2020 0.32
6 206 Marcy at the Gates The family must defeat an entire ant army before they enter Newtopia. August 15, 2020 0.40
7 7a 207 Scavenger Hunt Anne, Sprig and Marcy receive a mysterious message from the king of Newtopia that sends them on a puzzle-solving mission. August 22, 2020 0.44
7b The Plantars Check In Anne finally meets with King Andrias and tries to enlist his help in getting back home. August 22, 2020 0.44
8 8a 208 Lost in Newtopia Anne and Polly vow to experience the city like locals but end up on a wild ride through the streets of Newtopia. August 29, 2020 0.29
8b Sprig Gets Schooled Sprig is offered a spot at Newtopia University. August 29, 2020 0.29
9 9a 209 Little Frogtown Hop Pop investigates the disappearance of an old friend and the shadowy crime syndicate he suspects are behind it. September 12, 2020 0.36
9b Hopping Mall Hop Pop takes the kids to a Newtopian shopping mall to buy souvenirs, and Anne will do anything to get the perfect gift for her mom back home. September 12, 2020 0.36
10 10a 210 The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers Anne and Marcy issue a Scare Dare Challenge that brings Sprig and Polly into forbidden areas of the castle. September 19, 2020 0.45
10b A Day at the Aquarium Anne and the Plantars look to spend what could be their last day together at the Newtopia Aquarium. September 19, 2020 0.45
11 212 The Shut-In! In this special extended episode, Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the house and entertaining each other with the scariest stories they can think of. October 17, 2020 0.28
12 12a 211 Night Drivers Sprig and Polly stay up all night to drive the family home. March 6, 2021 0.41
12b Return to Wartwood The Plantars make it to Wartwood, and realize they forgot something important. March 6, 2021 0.41
13 13a 213 Ivy on the Run Fed up with her mother's strict rules, Ivy concocts a plan to run away. March 13, 2021 0.32
13b After the Rain Anne asks Hop Pop to retrieve the music box, bringing some long-buried secrets to light. March 13, 2021 0.32
14 214 The First Temple Marcy, Anne and the Plantars travel to an ancient temple that could hold the key to getting Anne and Marcy home, but only if they can survive the temple's deadly challenges! March 20, 2021 0.34
15 15a 215 New Wartwood Intent on winning over Wartwood, Marcy makes a plan to improve the town. March 27, 2021 0.34
15b Friend or Frobo? Desperate for fun, Polly breaks out on her own and finds an unlikely new friend in the process. March 27, 2021 0.34
16 16a 216 Toad to Redemption Mayor Toadstool is offered his dream job but realizes he doesn't want to leave Wartwood. April 3, 2021 0.25
16b Maddie & Marcy Maddie is working on an important spell but her three baby sisters keep getting in the way. April 3, 2021 0.25
17 17a 217 The Second Temple Anne and Marcy's quest to get home takes them to an icy mountain temple, but they'll need help to find it. April 10, 2021 0.37
17b Barrel's Warhammer Sasha and Grime go on a quest to retrieve a legendary Warhammer. April 10, 2021 0.37
18 18a 218 Bessie & MicroAngelo Bessie has her work cut out for her when she's tasked for showing MicroAngelo the ropes. April 17, 2021 0.35
18b The Third Temple Anne and Marcy need the help of an old friend to survive a volcanic temple that holds the final key to returning home. April 17, 2021 0.35
19 19a 219 The Dinner Anne and the Plantars invite some old adversaries over for dinner to try to bury the hatchet. April 24, 2021 0.38
19b Battle of the Bands Anne and her friends team up to enter the Wartwood Battle of the Bands contest. April 24, 2021 0.38
20 220 True Colors The gang travels to Newtopia to say their goodbyes and finally send all three girls home. However, someone has other plans. May 22, 2021 0.33

Season 3A (October-November 2021) Season 3B (March-May 2022)[change | change source]

Episode # Segment Production Code Title Synopsis Airdate Viewers (millions)
1 301 The New Normal Anne and the Plantars get transported to Earth and try to adjust to a wild new environment. October 2, 2021 N/A
2 2a 302 Hop 'Til You Drop Anne brings the Plantars to the mall for a crash course in Earth survival. October 9, 2021 N/A
2b Turning Point Sasha and Grime escape from Andrias and hide out in Wartwood.
3 3a 303 Thai Feud Sprig tries to get rid of a food truck that's threatening the family business. October 16, 2021 N/A
3b Adventures in Catsitting The Plantars volunteer to take Domino to the vet.
4 4a 304 Fight at the Museum Anne and the Plantars try to rob a museum. October 23, 2021 N/A
4b Temple Frogs The Boonchuys take the Plantars to the Thai Temple.
5 5a 305 Fixing Frobo Polly tries to bring Frobo back to life. October 30, 2021 N/A
5b Anne-sterminator A dangerous enemy finally locates Anne and the Plantars.
6 6a 306 Mr. X Anne takes the Plantars to the movies, while the Boonchuys try to stop a government agent from finding them. November 6, 2021 N/A
6b Sprig's Birthday Anne tries to give Sprig a great Earth birthday.
7 7a 307 Spider-Sprig Determined to make his mark on Earth, Sprig becomes a superhero. November 13, 2021 N/A
7b Olivia & Yunan Back in Amphibia, Olivia and Yunan try to rescue Marcy.
8 8a 308 Hollywood Hop Pop Hop Pop tries to make it as an actor in Hollywood. November 20, 2021 N/A
8b If You Give a Frog a Cookie Anne trusts a questionable scientist who may have found a way to get them to Amphibia.
9 309 Froggy Little Christmas Anne attempts to surprise her mom with a Thai Go float for the city Christmas parade while the Plantars struggle to understand the holiday. Meanwhile, King Andrias prepares a deadly surprise. November 27, 2021 N/A
10 310 Escape to Amphibia With one shot at getting the Plantars back to Amphibia, Anne and her parents must go up against Mr. X and the FBI. March 19, 2022 N/A
11 11a 311 Commander Anne Anne is made leader of the Wartwood Resistance, even though she's not good at the job. March 26, 2022 N/A
11b Sprivy Sprig and Ivy devise a scheme to be together.
12 12a TBA Sasha's Angels A team of Resistance fighters gets captured. April 2, 2022 N/A
12b Olm Town Road Anne and her friends search for the city of Proteus.
13 13a TBA Mother of Olms The crew meets Mother Olim, keeper of ancient prophecies. April 9, 2022 N/A
13b Grime's Pupil Sprig trains with Grime even though they hate each other.
14 14a TBA The Root of Evil Anne and the Plantars get stuck in a strange village of plant lovers. April 16, 2022 N/A
14b The Core & The King King Andrias confronts the demons of his past.
15 15a TBA Newts in Tights While on a recon mission, Anne and Sprig confront an old mentor. April 23, 2022 N/A
15b Fight or Flight Anne tries to rescue an old friend.
16 16a TBA The Three Armies Anne and Sasha try to convince the frogs, toads and newts to work together. April 30, 2022 N/A
16b The Beginning of the End The final battle begins.
17 17 TBA All In May 7, 2022
18-20 18-20 TBA The Hardest Thing May 14, 2022