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Caillou is a Canadian and American television show that first aired on September 15, 1997. Reruns of Caillou can now only be seen on PBS Kids.[1]

Episodes[change | change source]

Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number in season
Caillou Makes Cookies[2] September 15, 1997 Caillou makes cookies... until he makes a big mess and needs to clean his mess. First Appearances of: Caillou, Gilbert, Mommy, Daddy, Rosie. Some airdates of this episode online are incorrect. 1
Caillou’s Not Afraid Anymore[3] September 16, 1997 Caillou is afraid of Mr. Hinkle, until he learns he is a kind man. This episode first aired on September 16, 1997. Some websites, say this episode first aired in 1998 though it first aired in 1997. 2
Caillou Hates Vegetables September 17, 1997 Caillou hates veggies. It is possible this episode aired on September 17, 1997. 3
Caillou’s All Alone September 18, 1997 Caillou is alone. Unknown 4
Caillou Tidies His Toys September 19, 1997 Caillou learns to tidy his toys. This episode aired probably on September 19, 1997. 5

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