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List of Ekushey Padak winners in Arts

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The Ekushey Padak in Arts winners are listed here.

List of winners[change | change source]

posthumous winners

1970s[change | change source]

Year Winners Category details Ref.
1977 Abdul Alim "contribution in folk music" [1]
Altaf Mahmud "contribution in music"
Gul Mohammad Khan "contribution in classical music"
Ferdousi Rahman "contribution in music"
Zahir Raihan "contribution in movie"
Rashid Chowdhury "contribution in fine arts"
1978 Ava Alam "contribution in music" [1]
Safiuddin Ahmad "contribution in fine arts"
Syed Moazzem Hossain "contribution in fine arts"
1979 Abdul Latif "contribution in music" [2]
Sheikh Lutfor Rahman "contribution in music"

1980s[change | change source]

Year Winners Category details Ref.
1980 Bedaruddin Ahmad "contribution in music" [2]
Abdul Jabbar "contribution in music"
Hamidur Rahman "contribution in sculpture"
Murtaza Bashir "contribution in fine arts"
Ranen Kushari "contribution in drama"
1981 Aminul Islam "contribution in fine arts" [2]
Abdul Halim Chowdhury "contribution in music"
Momtaz Ali Khan "contribution in music"
Gaohar Zamil "contribution in choreography"
Mohammad Jakaria "contribution in drama"
1982 Ustad Ful Mohammad "contribution in classical music" [2]
S M Sultan "contribution in fine arts"
G A Mannan "contribution in choreography"
1983 Mohammad Kibria "contribution in fine arts" [3]
Barin Mazumder "contribution in music"
1984 Ustad Mir Kashem Khan "contribution in classical music" [3]
Sabina Yasmin "contribution in music"
Qaiyum Chowdhury "contribution in fine arts"
1985 Kalim Sharafi "contribution in music" [3]
Ustad Abed Hossain Khan "contribution in classical music"
Syed Jahangir "contribution in fine arts"
1986 Dhir Ali Miah "contribution in music" [4]
Mobarak Hossain Khan "contribution in music"
1987 Kanailal Shil "contribution in instrumental music" [4]
Farida Parveen "contribution in folk music"
Sayed Mainul Hossain "contribution in fine arts"
1988 Anwar Hossain "contribution in movie" [4]
Sudhin Das "contribution in music"
1989 Abdur Razzak "contribution in fine arts" [4]
Amlendu Biswas "contribution in drama"

1990s[change | change source]

Year Winners Category details Ref.
1990 Devdas Chakraborty "contribution in fine arts" [5]
Rahiza Khanam Jhunu "contribution in choreography"
Khoda Box Sai "contribution in folk music"
1991 Sanzida Khatun "contribution in music" [5]
Mohammad Aminul Haque "contribution in music"
Kazi Abdul Baset "contribution in fine arts"
1992 Shahnaz Rahmatullah "contribution in music" [5]
Amjad Hossain "contribution in movie"
Hashem Khan "contribution in fine arts"
1993 Mohammad Asafuddoulah "contribution in music" [5]
Fazlul Haque "contribution in music"
Dilara Zaman "contribution in drama"
Rafiqun Nabi "contribution in fine arts"
Jewel Aich "contribution in magic"
1994 Ali Mansur "contribution in drama" [6]
Nina Hamid "contribution in folk music"
Shahadat Hossain Khan "contribution in instrumental music"
1995 Rawshan Zamil "contribution in choreography" [6]
Mustafa Zaman Abbasi "contribution in music"
Rathindranath Roy "contribution in music"
1996 Firoz Sai "contribution in folk music"
1997 Novera Ahmed "contribution in sculpture" [6]
Nitun Kundu "contribution in sculpture"
Debu Bhattacharjee "contribution in music"
Shabnam Mushtari "contribution in music"
Runu Biswas "contribution in choreography"
Momtazuddin Ahmed "contribution in drama"
1998 Ferdousi Mazumder "contribution in drama" [7]
Mahbuba Rahman "contribution in music"
1999 Syed Hasan Imam "contribution in movie" [7]
Subhash Dutta "contribution in movie"
Aly Zaker "contribution in drama"
Monirul Islam "contribution in fine arts"
Husna Banu Khanam "contribution in music"
Fakir Alamgir "contribution in folk music"
Altamas Ahmed "contribution in choreography"

2000s[change | change source]

Year Winners Category details Ref.
2000 Zahedur Rahim "contribution in music" [7]
Khalid Hossain "contribution in music"
Syed Abdul Hadi "contribution in music"
Abdullah Al Mamun "contribution in drama"
Shamim Shikder "contribution in sculpture"
2001 Golam Mustafa "contribution in movie" [8]
Ataur Rahman "contribution in drama"
Foni Barua "contribution in folk music"
Shah Abdul Karim "contribution in folk music"
Binoy Banshi Joldas "contribution in instrumental music"
2002 Ramesh Shil "contribution in music" [8]
Gazi Mazharul Anwar "contribution in lyrical music"
Abdul Jabbar Khan "contribution in movie"
2003 Lokman Hossain Fakir "contribution in music" [8]
Anjuman Ara Begum "contribution in music"
Khan Ataur Rahman "contribution in movie"
2004 Nilufar Yasmin "contribution in music" [9]
Moniruzzaman Monir "contribution in lyrical music"
Mustafa Manwar "contribution in fine arts"
2005 Apel Mahmud "contribution in music" [9]
Bashir Ahmed "contribution in music"
2006 Hamuduzzaman Khan "contribution in sculpture" [9]
Anwar Uddin Khan "contribution in music"
Rawshan Ara Mustafiz "contribution in music"
Fatema Tuz Johra "contribution in music"
2007 Anwar Parvez "contribution in music" [10]
Manzoor Alam Beg "contribution in photography"
Selim Al Deen "contribution in drama"
2008 Khandakar Nurul Alam "contribution in music" [10]
Wahidul Haque "contribution in music"
Shyamsundar Baishnab "contribution in music"
Shefali Ghosh "contribution in folk music"
2009 Bilkis Nasir Uddin "contribution in music" [10]
Monsur Ul Karim "contribution in fine arts"
Ramendu Mazumder "contribution in drama"

2010s[change | change source]

Year Winners Category details Ref.
2010 AKM Abdur Rauf "contribution in fine arts" [11]
Imdad Hossain "contribution in fine arts"
Partha Pratim Majumder "contribution in mime arts"
Nasir Uddin Yusuf "contribution in drama"
Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul "contribution in music"
Laila Hasan "contribution in choreography"
২০১১ Abdul Karim Shah "contribution in music" [11]
Akhtar Sadmani "contribution in music"
Jotsna Biswas "contribution in drama"
2012 Mubinul Azim "contribution in fine arts" [12]
Inamul Huq "contribution in drama"
Mamunur Rashid "contribution in drama"
Karunamay Goswami "contribution in fine arts"
2013 Kaderi Quibria "contribution in music" [12]
Bijay Sarkar "contribution in music"
Jamaluddin Hossain "contribution in fine arts"
Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigosthi "contribution in drama"
2014 Ramkanai Das "contribution in music" [12]
S M Solaiman "contribution in drama"
Samarjit Roy Chowdhury "contribution in fine arts"
Keramat Mawla "contribution in drama"
2015 Abdur Rahman Boyati "contribution in folk music" [13]
Abul Hayat "contribution in drama"
ATM Shamsuzzaman "contribution in movie"
2016 Amaresh Roy Chowdhury "contribution in classical music" [13]
Shahin Samad "contribution in music"
Jahanara Ahmed "contribution in drama"
Kazi Anwar Hossain "contribution in fine arts"
Amanul Haque "contribution in choreography"
2017 Syed Abdullah Khalid "contribution in sculpture" [14]
Sushoma Das "contribution in folk music"
Ustad Azizul Islam "contribution in instrumental music"
Julhas Uddin Ahmed "contribution in music"
Tanvir Mokammel "contribution in movie"
Sara Zaker "contribution in drama"
Shamim Ara Neepa "contribution in choreography"
Rahmatullah Al Mahmud Selim "contribution in music"

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