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The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a set of exams taken in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and other British territories. They are usually taken by students aged 15-16, after two years of study. Some pupils can take their exams early if their teachers think them able. Most students taking their GCSEs study between 5 and 12 subjects.

All pupils have to study English, mathematics and science until they are 15-16. They do not have to take the GCSE exams, but the large majority do so. In Wales, students must also study Welsh until they are 14.

Most schools require that a pupil passes 5 or more GCSE exams at grades C or above before they can move on to study A-levels. some schools you have to take I.T and R.E.

Subjects[change | change source]

Many of the subjects in this list are not offered by every school.

Compulsory[change | change source]

In all schools students have to study Mathematics, Science, and English lingustics and literature.

Creativity[change | change source]

Languages[change | change source]

Technology[change | change source]

  • Electronics
  • Engineering and Manufacturing (Double Award)
  • Graphic products
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
    • Applied ICT (Double Award)
  • Product Design
    • Electronics with Resistant Materials
    • Resistant Materials
    • Systems and Control Technology
    • Textiles
    • IT

Humanities[change | change source]

People and society-related[change | change source]

Natural sciences[change | change source]

Others[change | change source]

  • Further Mathematics (Further Pure Mathematics for Edexcel IGCSE)
  • Applied Business (Double Award)
  • Archaeology (may not currently be available as a separate GCSE [1])
  • Business Studies
  • Business and Communication Systems
  • General Studies
  • Outdoor Pursuits - Birdwatching - Fishing
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Sports Studies
  • Statistics
  • Media Studies

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