List of Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation channels and stations

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These are the TV and radio stations wholly owned and operated by the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines.[1][2][3]

IBC Stations Nationwide[change | change source]

Analog[change | change source]

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power kW Station Type Location (Transmitter site)
IBC TV-13 Manila DZTV-TV TV-13 25 kW (500 kW ERP) Originating Metro Manila
IBC TV-13 Laoag DWCS-TV TV-13 6 kW Relay Laoag
IBC TV-6 Baguio DZHB-TV TV-6 2.5 kW (150 kW ERP) Relay Baguio
IBC TV-12 Iloilo DYJB-TV TV-12 5 kW (258 kW ERP) Relay Iloilo City
IBC TV-13 Cebu DYTV-TV TV-13 1 kW (258 kW ERP) Relay Cebu City
IBC TV-6 Palo DYMP-TV TV-6 1 kW Affiliate Palo, Leyte
IBC TV-10 Cagayan de Oro DXCC-TV TV-10 1 kW (285.44 kW ERP) Originating Cagayan de Oro
IBC TV-13 Davao DXTV-TV TV-13 400 Watts Relay Davao City

Digital[change | change source]

Branding Callsign Ch. # Frequency Power Area of Coverage
IBC Manila DZTV-TV 17 491.143 MHz 1 kW Metro Manila
IBC Cebu DYTV-TV 17 491.143 MHz 1 kW Metro Cebu
IBC Iloilo DYJB-TV 17 491.143 kW 1 kW Metro Iloilo
Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming Note
13.01 1080i 16:9 IBC IBC 13 Test Broadcast/Configuration Testing

IBC Radio Stations[change | change source]

AM Stations[change | change source]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Radyo Budyong Kalibo DYRG 1251 kHz 5 kW Kalibo
Radyo Budyong Roxas DYJJ 1296 kHz 1 kW Roxas, Capiz

FM Station[change | change source]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Station Type Location
Idol Radio DYMP 87.7 MHz 1 kW Affiliate (Philippine Broadcasting Service) Palo, Leyte

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