List of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters

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Here is a list of characters from the manga series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki.

Characters[change | change source]

Joestar Bloodline[change | change source]

The Joestar Family is a family with English roots with a majority of its members bearing a star-shaped birthmark above their left shoulder blade. In the original universe depicted in Parts 1-6, the Joestar bloodline was inherited by the Kujo Family and Josuke Higashikata. Dio, having stolen Jonathan's body at the end of Part 1, fathered a few sons bearing the Joestar bloodline while awakening use of Stands in Jonathan's descendants. In the universe depicted in Parts 7 and 8, Johnny Joestar married Rina Higashikata with the Higashikata Family becoming a distant branch of the Joestar family.

  • Jonathan Joestar: The main protagonist of Phantom Blood, which takes place in 1880s England. A proper Victorian son of a rich Englishman named George Joestar, Jonathan strives to be gentleman and fights fair. Jonathan's life become miserable when Dio Brando lives with his family, eventually resulting his father's death as Dio became a vampire. This motivated Jonathan to learn to utilize Hamon energy from Zeppeli to stop Dio. Though Jonathan defeated Dio and married Erina, who bore his son George Joestar II, he ended up fatally wounded when Dio's severed head attempted to take his body and he died in a final attempt to stop him. But as revealed in Stardust Crusaders, Dio managed to take Jonathan's body as his own and caused the awakening of Stands in Jonathan's descendants.
  • Joseph Joestar: Jonathan's grandson and the protagonist of Battle Tendency, which takes places in the 1930s. Raised by his grandmother Erina and Speedwagon, Joseph shared his grandfather's nobility through he has a coarser and more rebellious attitude. While able to use Hamon like his grandfather, Joseph was not initially as skilled in its use until he trained under Lisa Lisa. He initially uses a pair of Hamon-empowered clackers in battle, but he relies more on his wits than brute strength in fights, employing his uncanny ability to predict his opponent's actions down to what they say. Joseph returns as a main character in Stardust Crusaders, acquiring the vine-like Stand "Hermit Purple" which he uses to fight or perform predictions using electronic equipment, and as a supporting character in Diamond Is Unbreakable.
  • Jotaro Kujo: The delinquent grandson of Joseph through Holy Joestar–Kujo and the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders, which takes place in the 1980s. His Stand is "Star Platinum", which possesses incredible strength and precision along with the ability to stop time. Jotaro later returns in Diamond Is Unbreakable, Vento Aureo, and Stone Ocean.
  • Josuke Higashikata: The protagonist of Diamond Is Unbreakable, he is a freshman in Morioh who is the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar. His Stand is Crazy Diamond, which that can fix things and heal people.
  • Giorno Giovanna: The protagonist of Vento Aureo, born Haruno Shiobana, Giorno is the illegitmate son of Dio Brando and technically a Joestar as the vampire possessed Jonathan's body at the time. Bearing similarity to both men both in terms of appearance and personality, initially observed by Jotaro and Polnareff in case he was anything like Dio, Giorno dreams of becoming a "Gang-Star" (combining "Gangster" and "Superstar"). Over time, Giorno became calm, highly self-confident and prone to careful strategics. He then aspires to overthrow Passione's Boss in order to turn the gang into an organization which helps the people of Italy. His Stand "Gold Experience" can turn objects into plants and animals, later evolving to "Gold Experience Requiem" with the ability to nullify any desired action.
  • Jolyne Cujoh: The protagonist of Stone Ocean, Jolyne Cujoh is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo who went to prison for a crime she did not commit per the designs of another. Her Stand "Stone Free" allows her to turn her body into elastic thread.
  • Johnny Joestar: An alternate version of Jonathan Joestar who is the protagonist of Steel Ball Run, which takes place in an alternate universe. Initially a horse racing prodigy who got paralyzed from the waist down, he regained his mobility by using Spin from Gyro Zeppeli while participating in the Steel Ball Run while developing his Stand "Tusk". In Jojolion, Johnny is revealed to have married a Japanese woman named Rina Higashikata with both the Higashikata Family and his universe's version of Yoshikage Kira as his descendants.
  • Josuke Higashikata/Josefumi Kujo: The protagonist of Jojolion who was formerly known as Josefumi Kujo, who helped his universe's version of Yoshikage Kira steal a Locacaca Tree branch for his mother Holy Joestar–Kira. But it resulted with Kira fatally wounded before he and Josefumi were buried alive with a Locacaca fruit during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the Locacaca‘s swap properties transferring various traits of Kira over to Josefumi until he became a new person with no memory of his past by the time he was found by Yasuho. Once learning his origin, Josuke decides to continue Kira's task of saving Holy. Josuke uses the Stand "Soft & Wet", which allows him to produce soap bubbles that upon contact with an object to steal an object's aspect for use.

Dio Brando[change | change source]

The principle antagonist of the series, mentioned to be pure evil. The son of Dario Brando, Dio becomes a member of the Joestar household with the intent of inheriting it for himself by poisoning George Joestar. When this ultimately fails after Jonathan catches him in the act, Dio uses the Stone Mask to transform himself into a vampire with aspirations of taking over England then the world. Though Jonathan stops his scheme by destroying his body, Dio's disembodied head claims Jonathan's body despite his rival's final attempt to destroy him by sinking the ship they were in. But Dio resurfaced a century later after being found by sailors, referring to himself as DIO while taking residence in Cairo with an army of Stand users as his command. He also awakened his own Stand "The World", causing those descended from Jonathan to acquire their own Stands with DIO destroyed by Jotaro Kujo. Despite his death, DIO remained a presence in the storyline until the events of ‘’Stone Ocean’’.

Parts 1 and 2[change | change source]

Robert E.O. Speedwagon[change | change source]

A former street thug from the London's Ogre Street who befriends Jonathan after being bested and spared by him, becoming an ally in his battle against Dio despite lacking the ability to use Hamon. Before the events of Battle Tendency, Speedwagon became rich after finding oil in the United States and establishes the Speedwagon Foundation, which continues to help the Joestar family after his passing.

William Anthonio Zeppeli[change | change source]

An Italian user of Hamon who trained in Tibet, becoming Jonathan's mentor so they can destroy the stone mask in Dio's possession. Zeppeli ultimately dies during the series of battles, passing his Hamon to Jonathan.

Erina Pendleton Joestar[change | change source]

Jonathan's childhood friend who he eventually married, raising their son George Joestar II and then Joseph, even going so far as to provide shelter to Smokey Brown, friend of Joseph Joestar.

George Joestar[change | change source]

Jonathan's father and died protecting his son from Dio.

Dario Brando[change | change source]

Dio's abusive father, an alcoholic thief who Dio poisoned on the notion that he deserved to die for working his mother to death. Prior to that, even after being exposed as a con-man, Dario won George's favor and enabled Dio to be welcomed into the Joestar estate.

Smokey Brown[change | change source]

An ordinary New York pickpocket whose friendship with Joseph places him at the spectator's seat of the battle against the Pillar Men. He later grows up to becomes a mayor in Georgia.

Caesar Zeppeli[change | change source]

Joseph's best friend and a Hamon user, the grandson of William Anthonio Zeppeli. He helps fight the Pillar Men and died to give Joseph the antidote to Wamuu’s poison.

Lisa Lisa[change | change source]

Joseph and Caesar's Hamon coach, revealed to be the former's mother Elizabeth Joestar who was saved by Erina on the day that Jonathan died. Elizabeth was raised by the Hamon master Straizo and eventually married George Joestar II. But she avenged her husband's death by one of Dio's surviving zombies who infiltrated the Royal Airforce, Elizabeth was forced to go into hiding in Italy under an alias while becoming the current guardian of the Red Stone of Aja.

Rudol von Stroheim[change | change source]

A German commander from Nazi-occupied Germany who discovered Santana in Mexico, proving to be honorable in his right as he saved Speedwagon for intel and blew himself up to give Joseph a chance to defeat Santana. He returns later as a cyborg to assist in the fight against Kars and his army, later revealed to have died in battle during the second World War.

Suzie Q Joestar[change | change source]

Lisa Lisa's maid who Joseph falls in love with, the two eventually married and raised their daughter Holly Joestar together.

Kars[change | change source]

The main antagonist of Battle Tendency and one of the surviving Pillar Men, a race of humanoids revered as deities and demons in the New World that petrify while in sunlight and digest other lifeforms through physical contact due to their cells containing acidic enzymes and euphoria-inducing enzymes that keep the prey from realizing they are being eaten alive. Kars created the Stone Masks to prevent his race's extinction while evolve them into the Ultimate Being, ultimately forced to slaughter his people when they deemed his actions against nature. When Kars learn he needs a Super Aja to complete, he, Wamuu, and Esidisi traveled to Eursia and eventually entered a deep slumber in Rome before awaking in the 1930s to resume their search. Having fought ancient Hamon users, Kars develops his Light Mode where he produces saw-bladed appendages from his body. Kars ultimately acquires the stone and become the Ultimate Being, immune to sunlight with ability to produce Hamon and manipulate his body at a cellular level to manifest the traits of various creatures. But Kars's obsession of killing Joseph proved his downfall, being blasted out of Earth's orbit through a volcanic eruption and drifting into space.

Wamuu[change | change source]

A Pillar Man and one of Kars's subordinates, possessing a warrior's code of honor as he considered Joseph a worthy opponent. The Wind Mode he developed to counter Hamon users allows him to control the air in his lungs from his Divine Sand Storm attack to rendering himself invisible.

Esidisi[change | change source]

A Pillar Man and Kars's right-hand, having aided him in the genocide of their people. The Inferno Mode he developed to counter Hamon users allows him to turn his blood into superheated acid to melt down his foes. Though his body was destroyed by Joseph, Esidisi's nervous system survived and takes control of Suzie Q's body to send the Super Aja to Kar while intending to use her as a sacrificial distraction before being safely removed and destroyed for good.

Santana[change | change source]

The first of the Pillar Men Joseph encounters, named by Rudol von Stroheim after being recovered and revived on human blood. But Santana goes on a rampage before being defeated by Joseph with his remains placed in custody of the Speedwagon Foundation under contact UV lighting.

Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders[change | change source]

Muhammad Abdul[change | change source]

An Egyptian fortune-teller who is friends with Joseph, possessing the fire-based Stand Magician's Red. He helps in the journey to defeat DIO, only to be ultimately killed by Vanilla Ice.

Noriaki Kakyoin[change | change source]

A high-schooler who became friends with Jotaro whose Stand is Hierophant Green. He was once under the control of DIO, but joins the fight against him and dies during the final battle.

Jean-Pierre Polnareff[change | change source]

A French man whose Stand is Silver Chariot, an armored knight wielding a rapier that can boost its blinding speed further by casting off its armor while producing a series of afterimages. Polnareff's desire to avenge his younger sister's rape and murder by J. Geil led to him ending up being under DIO's control before being freed by the Joestar Group, eventually joining the group officially after finally exacting his revenge. He suffered injuries during his fight with Vanilla Ice. Polnareff later acquired the Bow and Arrow before being crippled by Diavolo during the events of Vento Aureo, forced to use the Arrow on himself at the time of his to evolve his Stand into the soul manipulating Chariot Requiem to protect the Arrow while Polnareff's soul was transferred into a turtle.

Hol Horse[change | change source]

A recurring minor antagonist whose Stand Emperor takes the form of a gun that fires bullets that can change their transjectory in midflight, preferring to work with other Stand users. Hol Horse previously encounters the Joestar group in India alongside J. Geil, nearly killing Abdul. When the Joestars reach Cairo, Hol Horse teamed up with Boingo in a final attempt to kill the Joestar group and ends up being hospitalized.

Enyaba Geil[change | change source]

Also known as Enya the Hag, she is the oldest of DIO's confidents and is responsible for awakening his ability to use a Stand through the Stand-granting Bow and Arrow. Her own Stand is Justice, which takes the form of a mist that takes control over anyone with an open wound and manipulate them like puppets. Enya went after the Joestar group after Polnareff killed her son J. Geil, only to be captured and assassinated by her allies while resolute to take her knowledge of DIO's Stand to her grave.

Vanilla Ice[change | change source]

One DIO's most loyal servants, possessing the Stand Cream which can turn itself invisible and disintegrate anything that enters the void within its mouth save its user. After being turned into a vampire by DIO after killing himself in a gesture of self-sacrifice to provide his master with blood, Vanilla Ice obliterates Abdul and battles Polnareff and Iggy being exposed to sunlight and destroyed.

Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable[change | change source]

Koichi Hirose[change | change source]

A 15-year-old boy who is shot with the Arrow, and gets the Stand Echoes. He is timid, but learns to stand up for himself. His Stand went through 2 transformations, giving him access to Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3.

Okuyasu Nijimura[change | change source]

A high-schooler who uses a Stand called The Hand. He does not think he is smart, and he loves his older brother, Keicho.

Keicho Nijimura[change | change source]

A high-schooler who uses the Arrow to give people Stands, hoping that one can save his father, who became a monster.

Tamami Kobayashi[change | change source]

A con-artist who uses his Stand, The Lock, to weigh down people's hearts when they feel guilt.

Yukako Yamagishi[change | change source]

A girl who fell in love with Koichi and kidnaps him. Her Stand is called Love Deluxe, and it lets her fight with her long hair.

Hazamada Toshikazu[change | change source]

A social outcast who acts violently. His Stand is called Surface.

Shizuka Joestar[change | change source]

A baby who can turn invisible with her Stand, Achtung Baby. Because her mother was never found, Joseph adopted her later on.

Rohan Kishibe[change | change source]

A manga artist who uses his Stand, Heaven's Door, to turn people into books and read about their lives. He would later realize he has a history with Reimi Sugimoto as he was four at the time Kira murdered her.

Reimi Sugimoto[change | change source]

A ghost who lives in an phantom alley with her dog, Arnold. She was Rohan's babysitter, and pushed him out the window when her and her family were killed by Kira. She is his first victim with scars inflicted on her back, desiring justice for herself and Kira’s other victims while gaining allies Josuke’s group as they can see her.

Yoshikage Kira[change | change source]

The main antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable, a 33-year-old office worker who is also a serial killer with a hand fetish. This is reflected in him using his Stand Killer Queen to destroy all but the hand of his victim to caress as his leisure before eventually destroying it. His killing spree ultimately came to an end when pursued by Josuke’s group after attempting to hide from them under a stolen identity, ending up with his face being crushed under an ambulance.

Part 5 - Vento Aureo[change | change source]

Bruno Bucciarati[change | change source]

A caporegime (captain) within the Italian Mafia known as Passione whose Stand, Sticky Fingers, allows him to make zippers that he can enter, leading his group to escort Trish Una to their boss before resolving to turn on him. breathes.

Pannacotta Fugo[change | change source]

Bucciarati's right-hand man with erratic in mood that is reflected in his Stand Purple Haze, which indiscriminately releases a flesh-eating virus that rapidly friends and enemies alike. Because of Purple Haze's dangerous ability, Fugo tends to avoid using it until he runs out of other options in a fight. Pannacotta left the group when they resolve to oppose the boss.

Guido Mista[change | change source]

A member of Bucciarati’s group who uses the Stand Sex Pistols to direct his bullets at a target. He hates the number 4.

Narancia Ghirga[change | change source]

A member of Bucciarati’s group who is 17-year-old dropout with a 3rd Grade-level education. His Stand Aerosmith is a mini airplane that hones on a target’s carbon emission.

Leone Abbachio[change | change source]

A former cop who joined Bucciarati’s group after being discharged in the aftermath of getting his partner killed by a criminal he took a bribe from. His Stand is called Moody Blues, having the ability to play back events in a location as he played a role in revealing the boss’s face to his group before being killed.

Trish Una[change | change source]

Diavolo's daughter who her father marked for death to conceal his identity at all costs. She eventually developed her Stand Spice Girl.

Diavolo[change | change source]

The main antagonist of Vento Aureo, the Boss of Passione with an unnatural body and two souls whose Stand King Crimson can erase a moment in time. He makes the ambiguity of his identity vital to his needs, solving to kill Trish and Buccairatti’s group when they opposed him.

Doppio Vinegar[change | change source]

Diavolo's split personality and Passione’s underboss, an eccentric youth loyal to his other personality, often calling Diavolo in random items he mistakes for A phone. His soul ends up separated from Diavolo and dies in Bucciarati’s body.

Part 6 - Stone Ocean[change | change source]

Hermes Costello[change | change source]

A prisoner who befriends Jolyne. Her stand is Kiss.

Foo Fighters[change | change source]

She's a colony of plankton who becomes allies with Jolyne. She is the stand, and also has the same name as him.

Weather Report[change | change source]

A prisoner who becomes allies with Jolyne and the gang, and is also Pucci's twin. His stand also has the same name as him, Weather Report.

Emporio Alniño[change | change source]

A young boy who lives in the prison Jolyne is imprisoned in. He ultimately kills Pucci at the end. His stand is called Burning Down the House.

Narciso Anasui[change | change source]

A prison inmate who has a crush on Jolyne, and also wants to marry her. His stand is Diver Down.

Enrico Pucci[change | change source]

The main antagonist of Stone Ocean, a priest who is one of DIO's remaining followers and sought to see DIO's vision of the world realized. His Stand was originally Whitesnake, which extracts people's spirits and memories, even Stands, in the form of compact disks that can be freely inserted into other people and objects. Enrico later evolves his Stand with a fragment of The World into the gravity manipulating C-Moon by absorbing a homunculus created from DIO's bone (which contained a fragment/piece of The World), later evolving it further into Made in Heaven to reboot the universe into one where Joestar bloodline never existed. But he ends up being killed by Emporio, with the universe rebooted once more.

Part 7 - Steel Ball Run[change | change source]

Gyro Zeppeli[change | change source]

A jockey who uses the Spin, which is like Hamon. He is Johnny's best friend.

Funny Valentine[change | change source]

The main antagonist of Steel Ball Run, a dishonorably discharged American soldier who became the 23rd President of the United States and seeks the power of the Saint Corpse for world dominion. He inserted the Saint Corpse's heart into his body to manifest his dimension-traveling Stand D4C, using it to transfer his mind to an alternate version and able to summon others from alternate realities, though only he and his counterparts are immune to the universal law where two iterations of the same person cannot be in physical contact with each other.

Part 8 - Jojolion[change | change source]

Yasuho Hirose[change | change source]

A young woman who discovers Josuke and helps him search for his true identity. She uses the Stand Paisley Park to direct things around her, although Paisley Park acts on Yasuho's subconscious needs rather than her being able to directly control her abilities.

Rai Mamezuku[change | change source]

A plant appraiser and fruit grower who works for Norisuke's fruit company. He uses the Stand Doggy Style to peel his flesh like an apple, turning it into a ribbon that he can manipulate.

Yoshikage Kira[change | change source]

An alternate reality version who is a descendant of Johnny Joestar through his mother Holy Joestar-Kira and thus a distant relation to the Higashikata family. He was also a friend of Josefumi Kujo, who attempted to help him save Holy's life by stealing a Locacaca Branch to use its fruit. But it ended with Yoshikage fatally wounded by the Rock People with Josefumi attempting to save him with last of the Locacaca Fruit they stole before the two were buried alive by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The fruit takes effect with Kira's body parts and traits of his Stand Killer Queen being swapped with Josefumi's to turn him into Josuke, with what remained of Yoshikage's body uncovered a few days after Josuke was found.

Tooru[change | change source]

The main antagonist of Jojolion, leader of the Rock Human race that is undercover at the hospital Holy is in and seeks the Locacaca fruit at any cost to make his people the dominant species. His Stand is Wonder of U, which assumed human form as T.G University Hospital’s head doctor Satoru Akefu.

Norisuke Higashikata[change | change source]

Head of the Higashikata family and owner of the Higashikata Fruit Company. His Stand is called King Nothing.

Jobin Higashikata[change | change source]

Norisuke's oldest son.

Hato Higashikata[change | change source]

Norisuke's oldest daughter. She works as a model.

Daiya Higashikata[change | change source]

Norisuke's youngest daughter. She's a 16-year-old with a Stand called California King Bed. She loves Josuke and can't see very well.

Joshu Higashikata[change | change source]

Norisuke's son. He is spoiled and somewhat mean. He's an atheist.