List of Metroid characters

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This is a list of Metroid characters.

Samus Aran[change | change source]

Samus Aran, also known as Zero Suit Samus, is a bounty hunter in space and operates on Earth. She owns a gunship, and fights the Space Pirates. She was raised by the Chozo.

Ridley[change | change source]

Ridley is an enemy of Samus who works for the Space Pirates. Ridley killed Samus's parents when she was a child.

Dark Samus[change | change source]

Dark Samus is a version of Metriod Prime after absorbing a suit that Samus used to fight it.

Mother Brain[change | change source]

Mother Brain is the main antagonist in the Metroid franchise. She is the enemy of Samus as she leads the Space Pirates.