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List of Mortal Engines Quartet and Fever Crumb characters

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This is a list of characters in the Mortal Engines Quartet and the Fever Crumb series.

Main characters[change | change source]

Hester Shaw[change | change source]

Hester Shaw is a teenager who possesses a scar.

Tom Natsworthy[change | change source]

Tom Natsworthy is a Apprentice Historian.

Anna Fang[change | change source]

Anna Fang is an aviator and friend of Tom and Hester. Dies during the battle with Thaddeus Valentine. Becomes a stalker and a ruler of the Green Storm.

Kit Solent/Shrike[change | change source]

Shrike, formerly known as Kit Solent, is a stalker.

References[change | change source]