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This is a list of National Hockey League (NHL) players who have played at least one game in the NHL from 1917 to present and have a last name that starts with "B".

Bab–Ban[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Pete Babando Left Wing  Canada Braeburn, Pennsylvania 1947–53 Bos, Det, Chi, NYR
Anton Babchuk Defense  Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine 2003– Chi, Car, Cal
Bob Babcock Defense  Canada Agincourt, Ontario 1990–91, 92–93 Was
Warren Babe Left Wing  Canada Medicine Hat, Alberta 1987–91 MNS
Yuri Babenko Centre  Russia Penza, Russia 2000–01 Col
Mitch Babin Forward  Canada Kapuskasing, Ontario 1975–76 Stl
John Baby Defense  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1977–79 Cle, MNS
Dave Babych Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1980–99 Wpg, Har, Van, Phi, LA
Wayne Babych Right Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1978–87 Stl, Pit, Que, Har
Jergus Baca Defense  Slovakia Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia 1990–92 Har
Jason Bacashihua Goaltender  United States Garden City, Michigan 2005– Stl
Ryan Bach Goaltender  Canada Sherwood Park, Alberta 1998–99 LA
Christian Backman Defense  Sweden Alingsås, Sweden 2002– Stl, NYR, Clb
Mike Backman Right Wing  Canada Halifax, Nova Scotia 1981–84 NYR
Pete Backor Defense  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1944–45 Tor
Nicklas Backstrom Centre  Sweden Gävle, Sweden 2007– Wsh
Ralph Backstrom Centre  Canada Kirkland Lake, Ontario 1956–73 Mtl, LA, Chi Also played in World Hockey Association
Ace Bailey Left Wing  Canada Bracebridge, Ontario 1926–34 Tor Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1975
Bob Bailey Right Wing  Canada Kenora, Ontario 1953–58 TOR, Det, Chi
Garnet "Ace" Bailey Left Wing  Canada Lloydminster, Saskatchewan 1968–78 Bos, Det, Stl, Was Also played in World Hockey Association
Reid Bailey Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1980–84 Phi, TOR, Har
Scott Bailey Goaltender  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1995–97 Bos
Joel Baillargeon Left Wing  Canada Charlesbourg, Quebec 1986–89 Wpg, Que
Ken Baird Defense  Canada Flin Flon, Manitoba 1971–72 Cal Also played in World Hockey Association
Bill Baker Defense  United States Grand Rapids, Minnesota 1980–83 Mtl, ColR, Stl, NYR
Jamie Baker Centre  Canada Nepean, Ontario 1989–99 Que, Ott, SJ, Tor
Steve Baker Goaltender  Canada Boston, Massachusetts 1979–83 NYR
Peter Bakovic Left Wing  Canada Thunder Bay, Ontario 1987–88 Van
Niklas Backstrom Goaltender  Finland Helsinki, Finland 2006– Min
Chris Bala Left Wing  United States Alexandria, Virginia 2001–02 Ott
Jaroslav Balastik Left Wing  Czech Republic Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia 2005–2006 Cbj
Helmut Balderis Right Wing  Latvia Riga, Latvia 1989–90 Min
Doug Baldwin Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1945–48 TOR, Det, Chi
Jozef Balej Forward  Slovakia Myjava, Slovakia 2003– Mtl, NYR, Van
Mike Bales Goaltender  Canada Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 1992–93, 94–97 Bos, Ott
Earl Balfour Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1951–52, 53–54, 55–56, 57–61 TOR, Chi
Murray Balfour Right Wing  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1956–58, 59–65 Mtl, Chi, Bos
Terry Ball Defense  Canada Selkirk, Manitoba 1967–68, 69–72 Phi, Buf Also played in World Hockey Association
Keith Ballard Defense  United States Baudette, Minnesota 2005– Pho, Fla, Van
Maxim Balmochnykh Left Wing  Russia Lipetsk, Russia 1999–2000 Ana
Dave Balon Left Wing  Canada Wakaw, Saskatchewan 1959–1973 NYR, Mon, Min, Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Bryon Baltimore Defense  Canada Whitehorse, Yukon 1979–80 Edm Also played in World Hockey Association
Stan Baluik Centre  Canada Port Arthur, Ontario 1959–60 Bos
Steve Bancroft Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1992–93, 2001–02 Chi, Tor
Jeff Bandura Defense  Canada White Rock, British Columbia 1980–81 NYR
Frank Banham Right Wing  Canada Calahoo, Alberta 1996–98, 99–00, 02–03 Ana, Pho
Darren Banks Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1992–94 Bos
Murray Bannerman Goaltender  Canada Fort Frances, Ontario 1977–78, 80–87 Van, Chi
Drew Bannister Defense  Canada Belleville, Ontario 1995–2001 TB, Edm, Ana, NYR

Bar–Bay[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Ralph Barahona Centre  United States Long Beach, California 1990–91 Bos
Ivan Baranka Defense  Slovakia Ilava, Slovakia 2007– NYR
Andy Barbe Right Wing  Canada Coniston, Ontario 1950–51 Tor
Bill Barber Forward  Canada Callander, Ontario 1972–84 Phi Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1990
Don Barber Right Wing  Canada Victoria, British Columbia 1988–92 Min, Win, Que, SJ
Bill Barilko Defense  Canada Timmins, Ontario 1946–51 Tor
Michal Barinka Defense  Czech Republic Vyškov, Czech Republic 2003– Chi
Cam Barker Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 2005– Chi, Min, Edm
Doug Barkley Defense  Canada Lethbridge, Alberta 1957–66 Chi, Det
Bob Barlow Left Wing  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1969–71 Min
Matthew Barnaby Right Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1992–2007 Buf, Pit, TB, NYR, Col, Chi, Dal
Blair Barnes Right Wing  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1982–83 LA
Norm Barnes Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1976–82 Phi, Har
Stu Barnes Center  Canada Spruce Grove, Alberta 1991–2008 Win, Flo, Pit, Buf, Dal
Scott Barney Center  Canada Oshawa, Ontario 2002– Los, Atl
Marco Baron Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1979–85 Bos, Los, Edm
Murray Baron Defense  Canada Prince George, British Columbia 1989–2004 Phi, Stl, Pho, Van
Normand Baron Forward  Canada Verdun, Quebec 1983–86 Mtl, Stl
Dave Barr Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1981–94 Bos, NYR, Stl, Har, Det, NJD, Dal
Tom Barrasso Goaltender  United States Boston, Massachusetts 1983–2003 Buf, Pit, Ott, Car, Tor, Stl
Doug Barrault Right Wing  Canada Golden, British Columbia 1992–94 Min, Flo
Fred Barrett Defense  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1970–84 Min, Los
John Barrett Defense  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1980–88 Det, Was, Min
Doug Barrie Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1970–72 Pit, Buf, Los
Len Barrie Center  Canada Kimberley, British Columbia 1989–2001 Phi, Flo, Pit, Los
Eddie Barry Defense  Canada Wellesley, Massachusetts 1946–47 Bos
Marty Barry Center  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1929–40 Bos, Det, Mon Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1965
Ray Barry Center  United States Revere, Massachusetts 1951–52 Bos
Lubos Bartecko Defense  Slovakia Kežmarok, Slovakia 1999–2003 Stl, Atl
Robin Bartell Defense  Canada Drake, Saskatchewan 1985–87 Cal, Van
Jim Bartlett Left Wing  Canada Verdun, Quebec 1954–61 Mtl, NYR, Bos
Cliff Barton Right Wing  Canada Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 1939–40 NYR
Peter Bartos Left Wing  Slovakia Martin, Slovakia 2000–01 Min
Milan Bartovic Wing  Slovakia Trenčín, Slovakia 2002–2006 Buf, Chi
Andre Bashkirov Right Wing  Russia Shelekhov, Russia 1998–2001 Mtl
Cody Bass Center  Canada Owen Sound, Ontario 2007– Ott
Bob Bassen Center  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1985–2000 NYI, Chi, Stl, Que, Dal, Cal
Hank Bassen Goaltender  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1954–68 Chi, Det, Pit
Ryan Bast Defense  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1998–1999 Phi
Aldege Bastien Goaltender  Canada Timmins, Ontario 1945–46 Tor
Shawn Bates Center  United States Melrose, Massachusetts 1997– Bos, NYI
Frank Bathe Defense  Canada Oshawa, Ontario 1974–84 Det, Phi
Andy Bathgate Center  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1952–71 NYR, Tor, Det, Pit
Frank Bathgate Center  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1952–53 NYR
Jon "Bates" Battaglia Left Wing  United States Chicago, Illinois 1997– Car, Col, Was, Tor
Jeff Batters Defense  Canada Victoria, British Columbia 1993–95 Stl
Ruslan Batyrshin Defense  Russia Moscow, Russia 1995–96 Los
Bobby Bauer Right Wing  Canada Waterloo, Ontario 1935–42, 1945–52 Bos
Garry Bauman Goaltender  Canada Innisfail, Alberta 1966–69 Mon, Min
Ken Baumgartner Left Wing  Canada Flin Flon, Manitoba 1987–99 Los, NYI, Tor, Ana, Bos
Bob Baun Defense  Canada Lanigan, Saskatchewan 1956–73 Tor, Det
Sergei Bautin Defense  Belarus Rogachev, Belarus 1992–96 Win, Det, SJ
Robin Bawa Right Wing  Canada Duncan, British Columbia 1989–94 Was, Van, SJ, Ana
Paul Baxter Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1979–87 Que, Pit, Cal
Ryan Bayda Left Wing  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2002– Car, Pit

Bea–Bel[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Sandy Beadle Left Wing  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1980–81 Win
Frank Beaton Left Wing  Canada Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1978–80 NYR Also played in World Hockey Association
Jack Beattie Left Wing  England Ibstock, England 1930–39 Bos, PitH, Det, NYA
François Beauchemin Defense  Canada Sorel-Tracy, Quebec 2002– Mtl, Cbj, Ana, Tor
Norm Beaudin Right Wing  Canada Montmartre, Saskatchewan 1967–68, 70–71 Stl, MNS Also played in World Hockey Association
Eric Beaudoin Forward  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 2001–04 Fla
Serge Beaudoin Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1979–80 Atl Also played in World Hockey Association
Yves Beaudoin Defense  Canada Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec 1985–88 Was
Mark Beaufait Centre  United States Royal Oak, Michigan 1992–93 SJ
Don Beaupre Goaltender  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 1980–97 MNS, Was, Ott, Tor
Stephane Beauregard Goaltender  Canada Cowansville, Quebec 1989–93 Wpg, Phi
Barry Beck Defense  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1977–86, 89–90 ColR, NYR, LA
Bob Beckett Centre  Canada Unionville, Ontario 1956–58, 61–62, 63–64 Bos
Jim Bedard Defense  Canada Admiral, Saskatchewan 1949–51 Chi
Jim Bedard Goaltender  Canada Niagara Falls, Ontario 1977–79 Was
Clayton Beddoes Centre  Canada Bentley, Alberta 1995–97 Bos
Jaroslav Bednar Right Wing  Czech Republic Prague, Czechoslovakia 2001–04 LA, Fla
John Bednarski Defense  Canada Thunder Bay, Ontario 1974–77, 79–80 NYR, Edm
Kris Beech Centre  Canada Salmon Arm, British Columbia 2000– Was, Pit, Nsh
Bob Beers Defense  United States Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1989–97 Bos, TB, Edm, NYI
Ed Beers Forward  Netherlands Zwaag, Netherlands 1981–86 Cgy, Stl
Steve Bégin Centre  Canada Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1997–98, 99– Cgy, Mtl
Clarence "Dick" Behling Defense  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 1940–41, 42–43 Det
Marc Behrend Goaltender  United States Madison, Wisconsin 1983–86 Wpg
Kevin Bieksa Defense  Canada Grimsby, Ontario 2005– Van
Frank Beisler Defense  United States New Haven, Connecticut 1936–37, 39–40 NYA
Derek Bekar Left Wing  Canada Burnaby, British Columbia 1999–00, 2002–04 Stl, LA, NYI
Wade Belak Defense  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1996–2011 Col, Cgy, Tor, Fla, Nsh
Alain Bélanger Right Wing  Canada Saint-Janvier, Quebec 1977–78 Tor
Éric Bélanger Centre  Canada Sherbrooke, Quebec 2000– LA, Car, Nas, Atl, Min,Edm
Francis Belanger Left Wing  Canada Bellefeuille, Quebec 2000–01 Mtl
Jesse Bélanger Centre  Canada Saint-Georges, Quebec 1991–96, 99–01 Mtl, Fla, Edm, NYI
Ken Belanger Left Wing  Canada Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 1994–06 Tor, NYI, Bos, LA
Roger Belanger Forward  Canada St. Catharines, Ontario 1984–85 Pit
Yves Bélanger Goaltender  Canada Baie-Comeau, Quebec 1974–80 Stl, AtlF, Bos
Ed Belfour Goaltender  Canada Carman, Manitoba 1988–2008 Chi, SJ, Dal, Tor, Fla
Michel Belhumeur Goaltender  Canada Sorel-Tracy, Quebec 1972–73, 74–76 Phi, Was
Dan Belisle Right Wing  Canada South Porcupine, Ontario 1960–61 NYR
Jean Béliveau Centre  Canada Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1950–51, 52–71 Mtl Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1972
Billy Bell Centre  Canada Lachine, Quebec 1917–19, 20–24 MtlW, Mtl, Ott(I)
Brendan Bell Defense  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 2005– Tor, Pho
Bruce Bell Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1984–87, 89–90 Que, Stl, NYR, Edm
Gordon Bell Goaltender  Canada Portage la Prairie, Manitoba 1945–46, 55–56 Tor, NYR
Harry Bell Defense  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1946–47 NYR
Joe Bell Left Wing  Canada Portage la Prairie, Manitoba 1942–43, 46–47 NYR
Mark Bell Centre  Canada St. Paul's, Ontario 2001– Chi, SJ, Tor
Neil Belland Defense  Canada Parry Sound, Ontario 1981–87 Van, Pit
Blake Bellefeuille Centre  United States Framingham, Massachusetts 2001–03 Clb
Pete Bellefeuille Right Wing  Canada Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1925–26, 28–30 Tor, Det
Andy Bellemer Centre  Canada Penetanguishene, Ontario 1932–33 MtlM
Brian Bellows Right Wing  Canada St. Catharines, Ontario 1982–99 MNS, Mtl, TB, Ana, Was

Ben–Ber[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Lin Bend Centre  Canada Poplar Point, Manitoba 1942–43 NYR
Jan Benda Centre  Germany Reet, Belgium 1997–98 Was
Clint Benedict Goaltender  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1917–30 Ott(I), MtlM
Adam Bennett Defense  Canada Georgetown, Ontario 1991–94 Chi, Edm
Bill Bennett Left Wing  United States Warwick, Rhode Island 1978–80 Bos, Har
Curt Bennett Centre  United States Regina, Saskatchewan 1971–80 Stl, NYR, AtlF
Frank Bennett Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1943–44 Det
Harvey Bennett Centre  United States Cranston, Rhode Island 1974–79 Pit, Was, Phi, MNS, Stl
Harvey Bennett Goaltender  Canada Edington, Saskatchewan 1944–45 Bos
Max Bennett Right Wing  Canada Cobalt, Ontario 1935–36 Mtl
Rick Bennett Left Wing  United States Springfield, Massachusetts 1989–92 NYR
Brian Benning Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1984–95 Stl, LA, Phi, Edm, Fla
Jim Benning Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1981–90 Tor, Van
Joe Benoit Right Wing  Canada St. Albert, Alberta 1940–43, 45–47 Mtl
Bill Benson Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1940–42 NYA
Bobby Benson Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1924–25 Bos Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Doug Bentley Left Wing  Canada Delisle, Saskatchewan 1939–52 Chi Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1964
Max Bentley Centre  Canada Delisle, Saskatchewan 1940–54 Chi, Tor, NYR Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1966
Reg Bentley Left Wing  Canada Delisle, Saskatchewan 1942–43 Chi
Ladislav Benysek Defense  Czech Republic Olomouc, Czechoslovakia 1997–98, 2000–03 Edm, Min
Paul Beraldo Centre  Canada Stoney Creek, Ontario 1987–89 Bos
Josef Beranek Centre  Czech Republic Litvínov, Czechoslovakia 1991–97, 1998–01 Edm, Phi, Van, Pit
Bryan Berard Defense  United States Woonsocket, Rhode Island 1996– NYI, Tor, NYR, Bos, Chi, Cbj
Drake Berehowsky Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1990–96, 97–04 Tor, Pit, Edm, Nas, Van, Phx, Pit
Gordon "Red" Berenson Left Wing  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1961–78 Mtl, NYR, Stl, Det
Bubba Berenzweig Defense  United States Arlington Heights, Illinois 1999–03 Nas
Perry Berezan Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1984–93 Cgy, MNS, SJ
Sergei Berezin Left Wing  Russia Voskresensk, U.S.S.R. 1996–2003 Tor, Phx, Mtl, Chi, Was
Aki Berg Defense  Finland Turku, Finland 1995–98, 1999–06 LA, Tor
Bill Berg Defense  Canada St. Catharines, Ontario 1988–89, 90–99 NYI, Tor, NYR, Ott
Todd Bergen Forward  Canada Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 1984–85 Phi
Sean Bergenheim Left Wing  Finland Helsinki, Finland 2003–06 NYI
Mike Berger Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1987–88 MNS
Jean-Claude Bergeron Goaltender  Canada Hauterive, Quebec 1990–91, 1992–97 Mtl, TB, LA
Marc-Andre Bergeron Defense  Canada Saint-Louis-de-France, Quebec 2005– Edm, NYI, Ana, Min, Mon, TB
Michel Bergeron Right Wing  Canada Chicoutimi, Quebec 1974–79 Det, NYI, Was
Patrice Bergeron Centre  Canada Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec 2005– Bos
Yves Bergeron Right Wing  Canada Malartic, Quebec 1974–75, 76–77 Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Marc Bergevin Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1984–04 Chi, NYI, Har, TB, Det, Stl, Pit, Van
Nicklas Bergfors Right Wing  Sweden Sodertalje, Sweden 2007– NJ, Atl, Fla
Stefan Bergkvist Defense  Sweden Leksand, Sweden 1995–97 Pit
Tim Bergland Right Wing  United States Crookston, Minnesota 1990–94 Was, TB
Bob Bergloff Defense  United States Dickinson, North Dakota 1982–83 MNS
Bo Berglund Forward  Sweden Sjavelad, Sweden 1983–86 Que, MNS, Phi
Christian Berglund Centre  Sweden Örebro, Sweden 2001–04 NJ, Fla
Gary Bergman Defense  Canada Kenora, Ontario 1965–76 Det, MNS, KC
Thommie Bergman Defense  Sweden Munkfors, Sweden 1972–75, 77–80 Det Also played in World Hockey Association
Jonas Bergqvist Right Wing  Sweden Hässleholm, Sweden 1989–90 Cgy
Adam Berkhoel Goaltender  United States St. Paul, Minnesota 2005–06 Atl
Louis Berlinguette Left Wing  Canada Papineau, Quebec 1917–23, 24–26 Mtl, MtlM, PitP Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Tim Bernhardt Goaltender  Canada Sarnia, Ontario 1983–83, 84–87 Cgy, Tor
Jonathan Bernier Goaltender  Canada Laval, Quebec 2007 LA
Serge Bernier Right Wing  Canada Padoue, Quebec 1968–73, 79–81 Phi, LA, Que Also played in World Hockey Association
Steve Bernier Right Wing  Canada Vanier, Quebec 2005– SJ, Buf, Van, Fla, NJ
Bob Berry Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1968–69, 70–77 Mtl, LA
Brad Berry Defense  Canada Bashaw, Alberta 1985–90, 91–94 Wpg, MNS, Dal
Doug Berry Centre  Canada New Westminster, British Columbia 1979–81 ColR Also played in World Hockey Association
Fred Berry Centre  Canada Stony Plain, Alberta 1976–77 Det
Ken Berry Forward  Canada Burnaby, British Columbia 1981–82, 83–84, 87–89 Edm, Van
Rick Berry Defense  Canada Birtle, Manitoba 2000–04 Col, Pit, Was
Daniel Berthiaume Goaltender  Canada Longueuil, Quebec 1986–94 Wpg, MNS, LA, Bos, Ott
Éric Bertrand Left Wing  Canada Saint-Éphrem-de-Beauce, Quebec 1999–01 Atl, NJ, Mtl
Todd Bertuzzi Left Wing  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1995– NYI, Van, Fla, Det, Ana, Cgy
Craig Berube Left Wing  Canada Calahoo, Alberta 1986–03 Phi, Tor, Cgy, Was, NYI

Bes–Bla[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Phil Bessler Right Wing  Canada Melville, Saskatchewan 1936–36, 38–39 Bos, Chi, Det Also played in Pacific Coast Hockey Association
Pete Bessone Defense  United States New Bedford, Massachusetts 1937–38 Det
Allan Bester Goaltender  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1983–92, 95–96 Tor, Det, Dal
John Bethel Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1979–80 Wpg
Karel Betik Defense  Czech Republic Ostrava, Czechoslovakia 1998–99 TB
Maxim Bets Left Wing  Russia Chelyabinsk, Russia 1993–94 Ana
Silvio "Sam" Bettio Left Wing  Canada Copper Cliff, Ontario 1949–50 Bos
Blair Betts Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 2001– Cgy, NYR, Phi
Jeff Beukeboom Defense  Canada Ajax, Ontario 1986–99 Edm, NYR
Bill Beveridge Goaltender  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1929–31, 32–38 Det, Ott(I), StlE, MtlM
Nick Beverley Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1966–67, 69–70, 71–80 Bos, Pit, NYR, MIN, LA, ColR
Dwight Bialowas Defense  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1973–77 AtlF, MNS
Frank Bialowas Left Wing  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1993–94 Tor
Wayne Bianchin Left Wing  Canada Nanaimo, British Columbia 1973–80 Pit, Edm
Paul Bibeault Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1940–47 Mtl, Tor, Bos, Chi
Radim Bicanek Defense  Czech Republic Uherske Hradiste, Czechoslovakia 1994–95, 96–02 Ott, Chi, Clb
Jiri Bicek Left Wing  Slovakia Košice, Slovakia 2000–04 NJ
Todd Bidner Centre  Canada Petrolia, Ontario 1981–82 Was
Zac Bierk Goaltender  Canada Peterborough, Ontario 1997–01, 2002–04 TB, Min, Phx
Don Biggs Centre  Canada Mississauga, Ontario 1984–85, 89–90 MNS, Phi
Larry Bignell Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1973–74 Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Craig Billington Goaltender  Canada London, Ontario 1985–87, 88–89, 91–03 NJ, Ott, Bos, Col, Was
Gilles Bilodeau Left Wing  Canada Saint-Prime, Quebec 1979–80 Que Also played in World Hockey Association
Andre Binette Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1954–55 Mtl
Les Binkley Goaltender  Canada Owen Sound, Ontario 1967–72 Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Jack Bionda Defense  Canada Huntsville, Ontario 1955–59 Tor, Bos
Martin Biron Goaltender  Canada Lac-Saint-Charles, Quebec 1995–96, 98– Buf, Phi
Mathieu Biron Defense  Canada Lac-Saint-Charles, Quebec 1999–06 NYI, TB, Fla, Was
Sebastien Bisaillon Defense  Canada Mont-Laurier, Quebec 2006–07 Edm
Tom Bissett Left Wing  United States Seattle, Washington 1990–91 Det
Dick Bittner Goaltender  Canada New Haven, Connecticut 1949–50 Bos
Scott Bjugstad Forward  United States St. Paul, Minnesota 1983–92 MNS, Pit, LA
James Black Defense  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1989–94, 95–01 Hfd, MNS, Dal, Chi, Was
Steve Black Left Wing  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1949–51 Det, Chi
Bob Blackburn Defense  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1968–71 NYR, Pit
Dan Blackburn Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 2001–03 NYR
Don Blackburn Left Wing  Canada Kirkland Lake, Ontario 1962–63, 67–71, 72–73 Bos, Phi, NYR, NYI, MNS Also played in World Hockey Association
Hank Blade Centre  Canada Peterborough, Ontario 1946–48 Chi
Tom Bladon Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1972–81 Phi, Pit, Edm, Wpg, Det
Garry Blaine Forward  Canada St. Boniface, Manitoba 1954–55 Mtl
Andy Blair Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1928–37 Tor, Chi
Chuck Blair Right Wing  Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland 1948–49 NHL
George "Dusty" Blair Centre  Canada South Porcupine, Ontario 1950–51 Tor
Mike Blaisdell Right Wing  Canada Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1980–89 Det, NYR, Pit
Bob Blake Left Wing  United States Ashland, Wisconsin 1935–36 Bos
Hector "Toe" Blake Left Wing  Canada Victoria Mines, Ontario 1934–48 MtlM, Mtl Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1966
Jason Blake Centre  United States Moorhead, Minnesota 1998– LA, NYI, Tor, Ana
Mickey Blake Left Wing  Canada Barriefield, Ontario 1932–33, 34–36 MtlM, StlE, Tor
Mike Blake Goaltender  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 1981–84 LA
Rob Blake Defense  Canada Simcoe, Ontario 1989–2010 LA, Col, SJ
Zdenek Blatny Left Wing  Czech Republic Brno, Czechoslovakia 2002–06 Atl, Bos

Bli–Bon[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Rick Blight Right Wing  Canada Portage la Prairie, Manitoba 1975–81, 82–83 Van, LA
Russ Blinco Centre  Canada Grand-Mère, Quebec 1933–39 MtlM, Chi
Ken Block Defense  Canada Steinbach, Manitoba 1970–71 Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Jeff Bloemberg Defense  Canada Listowel, Ontario 1988–92 NYR
Timo Blomqvist Defense  Finland Helsinki, Finland 1981–85, 86–87 Was, NJ
Arto Blomsten Defense  Finland Vaasa, Finland 1993–96 Wpg, LA
Mike Bloom Left Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1974–77 Was, Det
Sylvain Blouin Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1996–99, 2000–03 NYR, Mtl, Min
John Blue Goaltender  United States Huntington Beach, California 1992–94, 95–96 Bos, Buf
John Blum Defense  United States Detroit, Michigan 1982–90 Edm, Bos, Was, Det
Michael Blunden Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 2006– Chi, Cbj, Mon
Brandon Bochenski Right Wing  United States Blaine, Minnesota 2005– Ott, Chi, Bos, Ana, Nsh
Bob Bodak Left Wing  Canada Thunder Bay, Ontario 1987–88, 89–90 Cgy, Har
Gregg Boddy Defense  Canada Ponoka, Alberta 1971–76 Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Doug Bodger Defense  Canada Chemainus, British Columbia 1984–00 Pit, Buf, SJ, NJ, LA, Van
Gus Bodnar Centre  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1943–55 Tor, Chi, Bos
Ron Boehm Left Wing  Canada Allan, Saskatchewan 1967–68 Oak
Garth Boesch Defense  Canada Milestone, Saskatchewan 1946–50 Tor
Eric Boguniecki Centre  United States New Haven, Connecticut 1999– Fla, Stl, Pit, NYI
Rick Boh Centre  Canada Kamloops, British Columbia 1987–88 MNS
Lonny Bohonos Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1995–99 Van, Tor
Alexandre Boikov Defense  Russia Chelyabinsk, Russia 1999–01 Nas
Marc Boileau Centre  Canada Pointe-Claire, Quebec 1961–62 Det
Patrick Boileau Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1996–97, 97–98, 2001–04 Was, Det, Pit
Rene Boileau Centre  Canada Pointe-Claire, Quebec 1925–26 NYA
Fred Boimistruck Defense  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1981–83 Tor
Gilles Boisvert Goaltender  Canada Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1959–60 Det
Serge Boisvert Centre  Canada Drummondville, Quebec 1982–83, 84–88 Tor, Mtl
Claude Boivin Left Wing  Canada Sainte-Foy, Quebec 1991–95 Phi, Ott
Leo Boivin Defense  Canada Prescott, Ontario 1951–70 Tor, Bos, Det, Pit, MNS
Mike Boland Defense  Canada London, Ontario 1974–75, 78–79 KC, Buf
Mike Boland Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1974–75 Phi Also played in the World Hockey Association
Ivan Boldirev Centre  Canada Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia 1970–85 Bos, Cal, Chi, Atl, Van, Det
Dan Bolduc Left Wing  United States Waterville, Maine 1978–80, 83–84 Det, Cgy Also played in World Hockey Association
Michel Bolduc Defense  Canada Ange-Gardien, Quebec 1981–83 Que
Frank "Buzz" Boll Left Wing  Canada Fillmore, Saskatchewan 1933–44 Tor, NYA, Bos
Jared Boll Right Wing  United States Charlotte, North Carolina 2007– Clb
David Bolland Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 2006– Chi
Larry Bolonchuk Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1972–73, 75–78 Van, Was
Hugh Bolton Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1949–57 Tor
Brad Bombardir Defense  Canada Powell River, British Columbia 1997–04 NJ, Min, Nas
Dan Bonar Centre  Canada Deloraine, Manitoba 1980–83 LA
Peter Bondra Right Wing  Slovakia Lutsk, Ukraine 1990–2007 Was, Ott, Atl, Chi
Brian Bonin Centre  United States St. Paul, Minnesota 1998–99, 2000–01 Pit, Min
Marcel Bonin Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1952–56, 57–62 Det, Bos, Mtl
Radek Bonk Centre  Czech Republic Krnov, Czechoslovakia 1994– Ott, Mtl, Nsh
Ryan Bonni Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1999–00 Van
Jason Bonsignore Centre  United States Rochester, New York 1994–96, 1997–99 Edm, TB
Dennis Bonvie Right Wing  Canada Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1994–96, 97–04 Edm, Chi, Pit, Bos, Ott, Col

Boo-Bou[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jim Boo Defense  United States Rolla, Missouri 1977–78 MNS
Derek Boogaard Forward  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2005–2011 Min, NYR
Buddy Boone Right Wing  Canada Kirkland Lake, Ontario 1957–58 Bos
George Boothman Centre  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1942–44 Tor
Chris Bordeleau Centre  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1968–72 Mtl, Stl, Chi Also played in World Hockey Association
J. P. Bordeleau Right Wing  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1970, 71–80 Chi
Paulin Bordeleau Centre  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1973–76 Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Sebastien Bordeleau Centre  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1995–02 Mtl, Nas, Min, Phx
Casey Borer Defense  United States Minneapolis, Minnesota 2007– Car
Jack Borotsik Centre  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 1974–75 Stl
Luciano Borsato Centre  Canada Richmond Hill, Ontario 1991–95 Wpg
Nikolai Borschevsky Right Wing  Russia Tomsk, Russia 1992–96 Tor, Cgy, Dal
Laurie Boschman Forward  Canada Major, Saskatchewan 1979–93 Tor, Edm, Wpg, NJ, Ott
Mike Bossy Forward  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1977–87 NYI Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1991
Helge "Bulge" Bostrom Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1929–33 Chi Also played in WCHL and PCHA
Mark Botell Defense  Canada Scarborough, Ontario 1981–82 Phi
Tim Bothwell Defense  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1978–89 NYR, Stl, Har
Jason Botterill Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1997–00, 2001–04 Dal, Atl, Cgy, Buf
Cam Botting Right Wing  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1975–76 Atl
Henry Boucha Centre  United States Warroad, Minnesota 1971–77 Det, MNS, KC, ColR Also played in World Hockey Association
Dan Bouchard Goaltender  Canada Val-d'Or, Quebec 1972–86 AtlF, Cgy, Que, Wpg
Dick Bouchard Right Wing  Canada Letellier, Manitoba 1954–55 NYR
Edmond Bouchard Left Wing  Canada Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, Quebec 1921–29 Mtl, Ham, NYA, PitP
Émile "Butch" Bouchard Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1941–56 Mtl Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1966
Joel Bouchard Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1994–2008 Cgy, Nas, Dal, Phx, NJ, NYR, Pit, NYI
Pierre Bouchard Defense  Canada Longueuil, Quebec 1970–82 Mtl, Was
Pierre-Marc Bouchard Right Wing  Canada Sherbrooke, Quebec 2002– Min
Bill Boucher Right Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1921–28 Mtl, Bos, NYA
Brian Boucher Goaltender  United States Woonsocket, Rhode Island 1999– Phi, Phx, Cgy, Chi, Clb, SJ, Phi
Clarence Boucher Defense  Canada North Bay, Ontario 1926–28 NYA
Frank Boucher Centre  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1921–22, 26–44 Ott(I), NYR Also played in PCHA and WCHL; Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1958
George Boucher Defense  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1917–32 Ott(I), MtlM, Chi Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1960; Also played for the Ottawa Rough Riders football club
Philippe Boucher Defense  Canada Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec 1992– Buf, LA, Dal, Pit
Robert Boucher Centre  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1923–24 Mtl Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Tyler Bouck Left Wing  Canada Camrose, Alberta 2000–02, 03– Dal, Phx, Van
Bruce Boudreau Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1976–83, 85–86 Tor, Chi Also played in World Hockey Association
Andre Boudrias Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1963–65, 66–76 Mtl, MNS, Chi, KC, Stl, Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Barry Boughner Right Wing  Canada Delhi, Ontario 1969–71 Oak
Bob Boughner Defense  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1995–06 Buf, Nas, Pit, Cgy, Car, Col
Francis Bouillon Defense  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1999– Mtl, Nsh
Jesse Boulerice Right Wing  United States Plattsburgh, New York 2001–06 Phi, Car, Stl
Eric Boulton Left Wing  Canada Halifax, Nova Scotia 2000– Buf, Atl
Josef Boumedienne Defense  Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 2001–04 NJ, TB, Was
Dan Bourbonnais Forward  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1981–82, 83–84 Har
Rick Bourbonnais Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1975–78 Stl
Conrad Bourcier Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1935–36 Mtl
Jean Bourcier Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1935–36 Mtl
Fred Bourdginon Right Wing  Canada Parry Sound, Ontario 1925–26 Bos
Luc Bourdon Defense  Canada Shippagan, New Brunswick 2006–08 Van
Leo Bourgeault Defense  Canada Sturgeon Falls, Ontario 1926–31, 32–35 Tor, NYR, Ott(I), Mtl Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Charlie Bourgeois Defense  Canada Moncton, New Brunswick 1981–88 Cgy, Stl, Har
Bob Bourne Centre  Canada Netherhill, Saskatchewan 1974–88 NYI, La
Chris Bourque Left Wing  United States Boston, Massachusetts 2007– Wsh
Claude Bourque Goaltender  Canada Oxford, Nova Scotia 1938–40 Mtl, Det
Phil Bourque Defense  United States Chelmsford, Massachusetts 1983–84, 85–96 Pit, NYR, Ott
Ray Bourque Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1979–01 Bos, Col Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 2004
Rene Bourque Left Wing  Canada Lac La Biche, Alberta 2005– Chi, Cgy, Mon
Pat Boutette Centre  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1975–85 Tor, Har, Pit
Paul Boutilier Defense  Canada Sydney, Nova Scotia 1982–89 NYI, MNS, Bos, NYR, Wpg
Rollie Boutin Goaltender  Canada Westlock, Alberta 1978–81 Was
Lionel Bouvrette Goaltender  Canada Hawkesbury, Ontario 1942–43 NYR
Jay Bouwmeester Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 2002– Fla, Cgy

Bow–Bre[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jason Bowen Left Wing  Canada Port Alice, British Columbia 1992–98 Phi, Edm
Johnny Bower Goaltender  Canada Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 1953–55, 56–57, 58–70 NYR, Tor Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1976
Bill Bowler Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 2000–01 Clb
Kirk Bowman Left Wing  Canada Leamington, Ontario 1976–79 Chi Also played in World Hockey Association
Ralph "Scotty" Bowman Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1933–40 StlE, Ott(I), Det
Jack Bownass Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1957–60, 61–62 Mtl, NYR
Rick Bowness Centre  Canada Moncton, New Brunswick 1975–82 AtlF, Det, Stl, Wpg
Johnny Boychuk Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 2007– Col, Bos
Billy Boyd Right Wing  Canada Belleville, Ontario 1926–30 NYR, NYA
Dustin Boyd Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 2006– Cgy, Nas, Mon
Irwin Boyd Right Wing  Canada Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1931–32, 34–35, 42–44 Bos, Det
Randy Boyd Defense  Canada Coniston, Ontario 1981–89 Pit, Chi, NYI, Van
Wally Boyer Centre  Canada Cowan, Manitoba 1965–72 Tor, Chi, Oak, Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Zac Boyer Right Wing  Canada Inuvik, Northwest Territories 1994–96 Dal
Brad Boyes Centre  Canada Mississauga, Ontario 2003– SJ, Bos, Stl, Buf
Darren Boyko Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1988–89 Wpg
Brian Boyle Centre  United States Hingham, Massachusetts 2007– LA, NYR
Dan Boyle Defense  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1998– Fla, TB, SJ
Nick Boynton Defense  Canada Etobicoke, Ontario 1999– Bos, Phx, Fla
Steve Bozek Forward  Canada Kelowna, British Columbia 1981–92 LA, Cgy, Stl, Van, SJ
Philippe Bozon Left Wing  France Chamonix, France 1991–95 Stl
John Brackenborough Left Wing  Canada Parry Sound, Ontario 1925–26 Bos
Curt Brackenbury Left Wing  Canada Kapuskasing, Ontario 1979–83 Que, Edm, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Barton Bradley Centre  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1949–50 Bos
Brian Bradley Centre  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 1985–98 Cgy, Van, Tor, TB
Lyle Bradley Centre  Canada Lloydminster, Saskatchewan 1973–74, 76–77 Cal, Cle
Matt Bradley Right Wing  Canada Pointe-Claire, Quebec 2000– SJ, Pit, Was
Neil Brady Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1989–94 NJ, Ott, Dal
Rick Bragnalo Centre  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1975–79 Was
Andy Branigan Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1940–42 NYA
Per-Olov Brasar Left Wing  Sweden Falun, Sweden 1977–82 MNS, Van
Donald Brashear Left Wing  United States Bedford, Indiana 1993– Mtl, Van, Phi, Was, NYR
Derick Brassard Centre  Canada Hull, Quebec 2007– Cbj
Fred Brathwaite Goaltender  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1993–96, 98–04 Edm, Cgy, Stl, Clb, Atl
Russ "Buster" Brayshaw Left Wing  Canada Rosthern, Saskatchewan 1944–45 Chi
Frank Breault Right Wing  Canada Acton Vale, Quebec 1990–93 LA
Ken Breitenbach Defense  Canada Welland, Ontario 1975–77, 78–79 Buf
Pavel Brendl Forward  Czech Republic Opocno, Czechoslovakia 2001–06 Phi, Car, Phx
Dan Brennan Forward  Canada Dawson Creek, British Columbia 1983–84, 85–86 LA
Doug Brennan Defense  Canada Peterborough, Ontario 1931–34 NYR
Kip Brennan Left Wing  Canada Kingston, Ontario 2001–06 LA, Atl, Ana
Rich Brennan Defense  United States Schenectady, New York 1996–99, 2000–03 Col, SJ, NYR, LA, Nas, Bos
Tom Brennan Right Wing  United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1943–45 Bos
John Brenneman Left Wing  Canada Fort Erie, Ontario 1964–69 Chi, NYR, Tor, Det, Oak
Tim Brent Centre  Canada Cambridge, Ontario 2006– Ana, Pit
Joe Bretto Defense  United States Hibbing, Minnesota 1944–45 Chi
Carl Brewer Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1957–65, 69–72, 79–80 Tor, Det, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Eric Brewer Defense  Canada Vernon, British Columbia 1998– NYI, Edm, Stl

Bri–Brou[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Andy Brickley Left Wing  United States Melrose, Massachusetts 1982–85, 86–94 Phi, Pit, NJ, Bos, Wpg
Archie Briden Left Wing  Canada Renfrew, Ontario 1926–27, 29–30 Bos, Det, PitP Also played in PCHA and WCHL
Mel Bridgman Centre  Canada Trenton, Ontario 1975–89 Phi, Cgy, NJ, Det, Van
Danny Briere Centre  Canada Gatineau, Quebec 1997– Phx, Buf, Phi
Michel Briere Centre  Canada Malartic, Quebec 1969–70 Pit
Travis Brigley Left Wing  Canada Coronation, Alberta 1997–98, 99–00, 03–04 Cgy, Col
Aris Brimanis Defense  United States Shaker Heights, Ohio 1993–97, 99–02, 2003–04 Phi, NYI, Ana, Stl
Frank Brimsek Goaltender  United States Eveleth, Minnesota 1938–43, 45–50 Bos, Chi
Rod Brind'Amour Left Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1988– Stl, Phi, Car
Doug Brindley Centre  Canada Walkerton, Ontario 1970–71 Tor Also played in World Hockey Association
David Brine Centre  Canada Truro, Nova Scotia 2007– Fla
Milton Brink Centre  Canada Hibbing, Minnesota 1936–37 Chi
Patrice Brisebois Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1990– Mtl, Col
Gerry Brisson Right Wing  Canada St. Boniface, Manitoba 1962–63 Mtl
Greg Britz Forward  United States Buffalo, New York 1983–85, 86–87 Tor, Har
Harry "Punch" Broadbent Right Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1918–29 Ott(I), MtlM, NYA
Martin Brochu Goaltender  Canada Anjou, Quebec 1998–99, 2001–02 Was, Van
Stephane Brochu Defense  Canada Sherbrooke, Quebec 1988–89 NYR
Walter "Turk" Broda Goaltender  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 1936–52 Tor Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1967
Connie Broden Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1955–56, 57–58 Mtl
Ken Broderick Goaltender  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1969–70, 73–75 MNS, Bos Also played in World Hockey Association
Len Broderick Goaltender  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1957–58 Mtl
Martin Brodeur Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1991– NJ
Richard Brodeur Goaltender  Canada Longueuil, Quebec 1979–88 NYI, Van, Har Also played in World Hockey Association
Kyle Brodziak Centre  Canada St. Paul, Alberta 2005– Edm, Min
Gary Bromley Goaltender  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1973–76, 78–81 Buf, Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Sheldon Brookbank Defense  Canada Lanigan, Saskatchewan 2006– Nas, Njd, Ana
Wade Brookbank Forward  Canada Lanigan, Saskatchewan 2003– Nas, Van, Bos, Car
Bob Brooke Centre  United States Acton, Massachusetts 1983–90 NYR, MNS, NJ
Alex Brooks Defense  United States Madison, Wisconsin 2006– NJ
Arthur Brooks Goaltender  Canada Guelph, Ontario 1917–18 Tor
Gord Brooks Right Wing  Canada Cobourg, Ontario 1971–72, 73–75 Stl, Was
Ross Brooks Goaltender  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1973–75 Bos
Bernie Brophy Left Wing  Canada Collingwood, Ontario 1925–26, 28–30 MtlM, Det
Frank Brophy Goaltender  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1919–20 QueB
Willie Brossart Defense  Canada Allan, Saskatchewan 1970–76 Phi, Tor, Was
Aaron Broten Forward  United States Roseau, Minnesota 1980–92 Col, NJ, MNS, Que, Tor, Wpg
Neal Broten Centre  United States Roseau, Minnesota 1980–97 MNS, Dal, NJ, LA
Paul Broten Right Wing  United States Roseau, Minnesota 1989–96 NYR, Dal, Stl
Paul Brousseau Right Wing  Canada Pierrefonds, Quebec 1995–98, 2000–01 Col, TB, Fla
Troy Brouwer Right Wing  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 2006– Chi

Brow-Bry[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Adam Brown Left Wing  Scotland Johnstone, Scotland 1941–52 Det, Chi, Bos
Andy Brown Goaltender  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1971–74 Det, Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Arnie Brown Defense  Canada Oshawa, Ontario 1961–62, 63–74 Tor, NYR, Det, NYI, AtlF Also played in World Hockey Association
Brad Brown Defense  Canada Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador 1996–97, 98–04 Mtl, Chi, NYR, Min, Buf
Cam Brown Left Wing  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1990–91 Van
Connie Brown Centre  Canada Vankleek Hill, Ontario 1938–43 Det
Curtis Brown Left Wing  Canada Unity, Saskatchewan 1994–2008 Buf, SJ, Chi
Dave Brown Forward  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1982–96 Phi, Edm, SJ
Doug Brown Right Wing  United States Southborough, Massachusetts 1986–01 NJ, Pit, Det
Dustin Brown Right Wing  United States Ithaca, New York 2003– LA
Fred Brown Left Wing  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1927–28 MtlM
George Brown Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1936–39 Mtl
Gerry Brown Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1941–42, 45–46 Det
Greg Brown Defense  United States Southborough, Massachusetts 1990–91, 92–95 Buf, Pit, Wpg
Harold Brown Right Wing  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 1945–46 NYR
Jeff Brown Defense  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1985–98 Que, Stl, Van, Har, Car, Tor, Was
Jim Brown Defense  United States Phoenix, Arizona 1982–83 LA
Keith Brown Defense  Canada Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador 1979–95 Chi, Fla
Ken Brown Goaltender  Canada Port Arthur, Ontario 1970–71 Chi Also played in World Hockey Association
Kevin Brown Right Wing  England Birmingham, England 1994–00 LA, Har, Car, Edm
Larry Brown Defense  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 1969–78 NYR, Phi, LA
Mike Brown Forward  Canada Surrey, British Columbia 2000–03 Van, Ana
Mike Brown Right Wing  United States Northbrook, Illinois 2007– Van
Rob Brown Right Wing  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1987–95, 97–00 Pit, Har, Chi, Dal, LA
Sean Brown Defense  Canada Oshawa, Ontario 1996–06 Edm, Bos, NJ, Van
Stan Brown Defense  Canada North Bay, Ontario 1926–28 NYR, Det
Wayne "Weiner" Brown Right Wing  Canada Belleville, Ontario 1954 Bos
Cecil Browne Left Wing  Canada St. James, Manitoba 1927–28 Chi
Jack Brownschidle Defense  United States Buffalo, New York 1977–86 Stl, Har
Jeff Brownschidle Defense  United States Buffalo, New York 1981–83 Har
Jeff Brubaker Left Wing  United States Hagerstown, Maryland 1979–82, 83–86, 87–89 Har, Mtl, Cgy, Tor, Edm, NYR, Det Also played in World Hockey Association
David Bruce Left Wing  Canada Thunder Bay, Ontario 1985–89, 90–94 Van, Stl, SJ
Gordon Bruce Left Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1940–42, 45–46 Bos
Morley Bruce Defense  Canada North Gower, Ontario 1917–18, 19–22 Ott(I)
Gilbert Brule Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 2005– Clb, Edm
Steve Brule Right Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 2002–03 Col
Murray Brumwell Defense  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1980–84, 85–88 MNS, NJ
Benoit Brunet Left Wing  Canada Pointe-Claire, Quebec 1988–89, 90–02 Mtl, Dal, Ott
Ed Bruneteau Right Wing  Canada St. Boniface, Manitoba 1940–41, 43–49 Det
Modere "Mud" Bruneteau Right Wing  Canada St. Boniface, Manitoba 1935–46 Det
Mario Brunetta Goaltender  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1987–90 Que
Andrew Brunette Left Wing  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1995– Was, Nas, Atl, Min, Col
Bill Brydge Defense  Canada Renfrew, Ontario 1926–27, 29–36 Tor, Det, NYA
Paul Brydges Centre  Canada Guelph, Ontario 1986–87 Buf
Glen Brydson Right Wing  Canada Swansea, Ontario 1930–38 MtlM, StlE, NYR, Chi
Gord Brydson Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1929–30 Tor
Sergei Brylin Centre  Russia Moscow, Russia 1994–08 NJ
Ilya Bryzgalov Goaltender  Russia Togliatti, Russia 2001–02, 03– Ana, Phx

Bub–Bur[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jiri Bubla Defense  Czech Republic Usti nad Labem, Czechoslovakia 1981–86 Van
Al Buchanan Left Wing  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1948–50 Tor
Jeff Buchanan Defense  Canada Swift Current, Saskatchewan 1998–99 Col
Mike Buchanan Defense  Canada Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 1951–52 Chi
Ralph "Bucky" Buchanan Right Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1948–49 NYR
Ron Buchanan Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1966–67, 69–70 Bos, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Kelly Buchberger Right Wing  Canada Langenburg, Saskatchewan 1987–04 Edm, Atl, LA, Phx, Pit
Johnny Bucyk Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1955–78 Det, Bos Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1981
Randy Bucyk Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1985–86, 87–88 Mtl, Cgy
Peter Budaj Goaltender  Slovakia Bystrica, Czechoslovakia 2005– Col
Doug Buhr Left Wing  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1974–75 KC
Tony Bukovich Left Wing  United States Painesdale, Michigan 1943–45 Det
Jan Bulis Centre  Czech Republic Pardubice, Czechoslovakia 1997– Was, Mtl, Van
Mike Bullard Forward  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1980–90, 91–92 Pit, Cgy, Stl, Phi, Tor
Hy Buller Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1943–45, 51–54 Det, NYR
Ted Bulley Left Wing  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1976–84 Chi, Was, Pit
Bruce Bullock Goaltender  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1972–73, 74–75, 76–77 Van
Robert Burakovsky Right Wing  Sweden Malmö, Sweden 1993–94 Ott
Billy Burch Centre  United States Yonkers, New York 1922–33 Ham, NYA, Bos, Chi
Fred "Skippy" Burchell Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1950–51, 53–54 Mtl
Glen Burdon Defense  Canada Lumsden, Saskatchewan 1974–45 KC
Pavel Bure Right Wing  Russia Moscow, Russia 1991–03 Van, Fla, NYR
Valeri Bure Right Wing  Russia Moscow, Russia 1994–04 Mtl, Cgy, Fla, Stl, Dal
Marc Bureau Centre  Canada Trois-Rivières, Quebec 1989–00 Cgy, MNS, TB, Mtl, Phi
Bill Burega Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1955–56 Tor
Adam Burish Centre  United States Madison, Wisconsin 2006– Chi
Eddie Burke Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1931–35 Bos, NYA
Marty Burke Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1927–38 Mtl, PitP, Ott(I), Chi
Sean Burke Goaltender  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1987–91, 92– NJ, Har, Car, Van, Fla, Phx, Phi, TB, LA
Roy Burmister Left Wing  Canada Collingwood, Ontario 1929–32 NYA
Kelly Burnett Centre  Canada Lachine, Quebec 1952–53 NYR
Bobby Burns Left Wing  Canada Gore Bay, Ontario 1928–30 Chi
Brent Burns Defense  Canada Ajax, Ontario 2003– Min
Charlie Burns Centre  United States Detroit, Michigan 1958–63, 67–73 Det, Bos, Oak, Pit, MNS
Gary Burns Forward  United States Cambridge, Massachusetts 1980–82 NYR
Norm Burns Centre  Canada Youngstown, Alberta 1941–42 NYR
Robin Burns Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1970–73, 74–76 Pit, KC
Shawn Burr Left Wing  Canada Sarnia, Ontario 1984–00 Det, TB, SJ
Randy Burridge Left Wing  Canada Fort Erie, Ontario 1985–98 Bos, Was, LA, Buf
Alexandre Burrows Left Wing  Canada Pincourt, Quebec 2005– Van
Dave Burrows Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1971–81 Pit, Tor
Burt Burry Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1932–33 Ott(I)
Adam Burt Defense  United States Detroit, Michigan 1988–01 Har, Car, Phi, Atl
Cummy Burton Right Wing  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1955–56, 57–59 Det
Nelson Burton Left Wing  Canada Sydney, Nova Scotia 1977–79 Was

Bus–By[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Eddie Bush Defense  Canada Collingwood, Ontario 1938–39, 41–42 Det
Rod Buskas Defense  Canada Wetaskiwin, Alberta 1982–93 Pit, Van, LA, Chi
Mike Busniuk Forward  Canada Thunder Bay, Ontario 1979–81 Phi
Ron Busniuk Centre  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1972–74 Buf Also played in World Hockey Association
Walter Buswell Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1932–40 Det, Mtl
Garth Butcher Defense  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1981–95 Van, Stl, Que, Tor
Sven Butenschon Defense  Germany Itzehoe, Germany 1997–06 Pit, Edm, NYI, Van
Dick Butler Right Wing  Canada Delisle, Saskatchewan 1947–48 Chi
Jerry Butler Forward  Canada Sarnia, Ontario 1972–83 NYR, Stl, Tor, Van, Wpg
Vyacheslav Butsayev Centre  Russia Togliatti, Russia 1992–96, 98–00 Phi, SJ, Ana, Fla, Ott, TB
Yuri Butsayev Left Wing  Russia Togliatti, Russia 1999–03 Det, Atl
Bill Butters Defense  United States St. Paul, Minnesota 1977–79 MNS Also played in World Hockey Association
Gordon Buttrey Right Wing  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1943–44 Chi
Gordon Buynak Defense  United States Detroit, Michigan 1974–75 Stl
Petr Buzek Defense  Czech Republic Jihlava, Czechoslovakia 1997–03 Dal, Atl, Cgy
Stephen Buzinski Goaltender  Canada Dunblane, Saskatchewan 1942–43 Det
Ilya Byakin Defense  Ukraine Sverdlovsk, Ukraine 1993–95 Edm, SJ
John Byce Right Wing  United States Madison, Wisconsin 1990–92 Bos
Dane Byers Left Wing  Canada Nipawin, Saskatchewan 2007– NYR
Gordie Byers Defense  Canada Eganville, Ontario 1949–50 Bos
Jerry Byers Forward  Canada Kentville, Nova Scotia 1972–75, 77–78 MNS, AtlF, NYR
Lyndon Byers Forward  Canada Nipawin, Saskatchewan 1983–93 Bos, SJ
Mike Byers Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1967–69, 70–72 Tor, Phi, LA, Buf Also played in World Hockey Association
Dustin Byfuglien Defense  United States Roseau, Minnesota 2005– Chi
Dmitry Bykov Defense  Russia Izhevsk, Russia 2002–03 Det
Dan Bylsma Right Wing  United States Grand Haven, Michigan 1995–04 LA, Ana
Shawn Byram Left Wing  Canada Neepawa, Manitoba 1990–92 Chi, NYI

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