List of Roman gods and goddesses

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This is a list of Roman Gods and Goddesses that are in Roman mythology.

  • Diana - the Goddess of the Moon
  • Fortuna - the Goddess of Luck
  • Janus - the God of Gates and doors
  • Jupiter (also known as Zeus)- the King of the Gods and Goddesses, and God of Lightning and the Sky
    • Juno - his wife, and Goddess of Marriage
    • Bellona- the Goddess of war
  • Laetitia - a minor Roman goddess of gaiety.
  • Mercury - the God of Thieves, Commerce and Travelers. Also the Messenger of the Gods
  • Neptune - the God of the Sea, and freshwater
  • Pluto - God of death, and the riches under the Earth
  • Saturn, Titan of time and King of the Titans.
  • Ops, is the Titaness of Motherhood, as well as the Titan Queen of Mount Orthys. Ops is the wife of the Titan King Saturn and mother of the Elder Olympian gods Vesta, Ceres, Juno, Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter.
  • Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty
  • Mars, Her husband- God of war
    • Vulcan, The God of Fire and Blacksmiths. Vulcan was seen as a blacksmith
    • Cupid, The God of Love.
  • Minerva, virgin goddess of Wisdom, Handicrafts, strategic warfare, and trade
  • Bacchus, god of wine, parties/festivals, madness, and merriment
  • Vesta, virgin goddess of home and hearth
  • Terra, goddess of the Earth
  • Victoria, goddess of victory
  • Lupa, is the immortal Roman wolf goddess
  • Apollo,god of the sun/rides the sun chariot

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