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This article contains a list of all the episodes to the Total Drama series in the American cable television channel, Cartoon Network. This series currently consists of six seasons: Every season each consists of 27 episodes although a special episode is sometimes added as a transition from two seasons to another, except for the third season which only has 26 episodes and for the fourth season which only has 14 episodes and for the fifth and sixth season which only has 26 episodes. In the United States, Cartoon Network creates a disclaimer with a TV-PG-D or TV-PG rating before the previous show's recap. The episodes in the series are listed and ordered in their original American titles and numbers.

Seasons[change | change source]

Season Episodes Contestants Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 27 22 June 5, 2008 December 11, 2008
2 27 15 June 11, 2009 December 10, 2009
3 26 18 June 21, 2010 November 15, 2010
4 14 13 June 5, 2012 August 28, 2012
5 26 14/14 September 10, 2013 July 25, 2014
6 26 36 June 4, 2015 November 26, 2015

Episodes[change | change source]

  • The Premiere order refers to the code assigned to the episode by the realese team refers to six seasons and 146 episodes was made for. The first season is 1xx, the second season is 2xx, the third season is 3xx, the fourth season is 4xx, the fifth season is 5xx and the sixth season is 6xx. The number at the end of the code is the order in which that episode was produced during the original air date in the United States.

Episode Titles in the USA airdate (2008-2015)[change | change source]

  1. 101 Welcome to the Reality June 5, 2008
  2. 102 Not So Happy Campers June 12, 2008
  3. 103 The Big Sleep June 19, 2008
  4. 104 Dodgebrawl June 26, 2008
  5. 105 Not Quite Famous July 3, 2008
  6. 106 The Sucky Outdoors July 10, 2008
  7. 107 Phobia Factor July 17, 2008
  8. 108 Up the Creek July 24, 2008
  9. 109 Paintball Deer Hunter July 31, 2008
  10. 110 If You Can't Take the Heat... August 7, 2008
  11. 111 Who Can You Trust? August 14, 2008
  12. 112 Basic Straining August 21, 2008
  13. 113 Extreme Torture August 28, 2008
  14. 114 Brunch of Disgustingness September 4, 2008
  15. 115 No Pain, No Game September 11, 2008
  16. 116 Search and Do Not Destory September 18, 2008
  17. 117 Hide and Be Sneaky September 25, 2008
  18. 118 That's Off the Chain! October 2, 2008
  19. 119 Hook, Line and Screamer October 9, 2008
  20. 120 Wawanakwa Gone Wild! October 16, 2008
  21. 121 Trial by Triarmed Triathalon October 23, 2008
  22. 122 Haute Campture October 30, 2008
  23. 123 Camp Castaways November 6, 2008
  24. 124 Are We There Yeti? November 13, 2008
  25. 125 I Triple Dog Dare You November 20, 2008
  26. 126 The Very Last Episode, Really! December 4, 2008
  27. 127 Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Drama December 11, 2008
  28. 201 Monster Cash June 11, 2009
  29. 202 Alien Resurreggtion June 18, 2009
  30. 203 Riot On Set June 25, 2009
  31. 204 Beach Blanket Bogus July 2, 2009
  32. 205 3:10 to Crazy Town July 9, 2009
  33. 206 The Aftermath I: Trent's Descent July 16, 2009
  34. 207 The Chefshank Redemption July 23, 2009
  35. 208 One Flu Over the Cuckoos July 30, 2009
  36. 209 The Sand Witch Project August 6, 2009
  37. 210 Masters of Disasters August 13, 2009
  38. 211 Full Metal Drama August 20, 2009
  39. 212 The Aftermath II: For Gwen and Forget August 27, 2009
  40. 213 Ocean's Eight - Or Nine September 3, 2009
  41. 214 One Million Bucks, Before Challenge September 10, 2009
  42. 215 Million Dollar Babies September 17, 2009
  43. 216 Dial M for Merger September 24, 2009
  44. 217 Super Herold October 1, 2009
  45. 218 The Aftermath III: Owen or Lose? October 8, 2009
  46. 219 The Princess Pride October 15, 2009
  47. 220 Get a Clue October 22, 2009
  48. 221 Rock and Rule October 29, 2009
  49. 222 Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen November 5, 2009
  50. 223 Space Owen of 2008 November 12, 2009
  51. 224 Top Dog November 19, 2009
  52. 225 Mutiny on the Soundstage November 26, 2009
  53. 226 The Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire? December 3, 2009
  54. 227 Celebrity Manhunt’s Reunion Show December 10, 2009
  55. 301 World Tour the Musical June 21, 2010
  56. 302 Walk Like An Egyptian June 28, 2010
  57. 303 Super Crazy Happy Fun Time in Japan July 5, 2010
  58. 304 Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better July 12, 2010
  59. 305 Broadway, Baby! July 19, 2010
  60. 306 The Aftermath I: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters July 19, 2010
  61. 307 Slap Slap Revolution July 26, 2010
  62. 308 The Amahzon Race August 2, 2010
  63. 309 Can't Help Falling in Louvre August 9, 2010
  64. 310 Newf Kids on the Rock August 16, 2010
  65. 311 Jamaica Me Sweat August 23, 2010
  66. 312 The Aftermath II: Revenge of the Telethon August 23, 2010
  67. 313 I See London... August 30, 2010
  68. 314 Greece's Pieces September 6, 2010
  69. 315 The EX Files September 13, 2010
  70. 316 Picnic at Hanging Dork September 20, 2010
  71. 317 Sweden Sour September 27, 2010
  72. 318 The Aftermath III: The Second Chance Challenge! September 27, 2010
  73. 319 Niagara Brawls October 4, 2010
  74. 320 Chinese Fake Out October 11, 2010
  75. 321 African Lying Safari October 18, 2010
  76. 322 Rapa Phooey! October 25, 2010
  77. 323 Awwwwww, Drumheller November 1, 2010
  78. 324 The Aftermath IV: Aftermath Hawaiian Style November 1, 2010
  79. 325 Planes, Trains and Cody Mobiles November 8, 2010
  80. 326 Hawaiian Punch November 15, 2010
  81. 401 Bigger! Badder! Brutaler! June 5, 2012
  82. 402 Truth or Laser Shark June 12, 2012
  83. 403 Ice Ice Baby June 19, 2012
  84. 404 Finders Creepers June 26, 2012
  85. 405 Backstabbers Ahoy!? July 3, 2012
  86. 406 Runaway Model July 10, 2012
  87. 407 A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste July 17, 2012
  88. 408 The Treasure Island of Dr. MacLean July 24, 2012
  89. 409 Extreme Chef Auto July 31, 2012
  90. 410 Up, Up and Away in My Pitiful Balloon August 7, 2012
  91. 411 Eat, Puke and Be Wary August 14, 2012
  92. 412 The Enchanted Franken Forest August 21, 2012
  93. 413 Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown August 28, 2012
  94. 414 The Rundown Recap August 28, 2012
  95. 501 Heroes vs. Villains September 10, 2013
  96. 502 Evil Dread September 17, 2013
  97. 503 Saving Private Leechball September 24, 2013
  98. 504 Food Fright October 1, 2013
  99. 505 Moon Madness October 8, 2013
  100. 506 No Eggspects The Spanish Opposition October 15, 2013
  101. 507 Suckers Punched October 22, 2013
  102. 508 You Regatta Be Kidding Me October 29, 2013
  103. 509 Zeek and Ye Shall Find November 5, 2013
  104. 510 The Obstakill Course November 12, 2013
  105. 511 Sundae Muddy Sundae November 19, 2013
  106. 512 The Bold and the Bootyful November 26, 2013
  107. 513 The Final Wreckening December 3, 2013
  108. 514 So, Uh, This Is My Team? July 7, 2014
  109. 515 I Love You, Grease Pig July 7, 2014
  110. 516 Twinning Isn't Everything July 8, 2014
  111. 517 I Love You, I Love You Knots July 9, 2014
  112. 518 A Blast from the Past July 10, 2014
  113. 519 Mo' Monkey, Mo' Problems July 11, 2014
  114. 520 This is the Pits! July 14, 2014
  115. 521 Three Zones and a Baby July 15, 2014
  116. 522 Hurl and Go Seek July 16, 2014
  117. 523 Scarlett Fever July 17, 2014
  118. 524 Sky Fall July 18, 2014
  119. 525 Pahk'd With Talent July 25, 2014
  120. 526 Lies, Cries and One Big Prize July 25, 2014
  121. 601 None Down Eighteen to Go June 4, 2015
  122. 602 French is an Eiffel Language June 11, 2015
  123. 603 Meditteranean Homesick Blues June 18, 2015
  124. 604 Bjorken Treasure June 25, 2015
  125. 605 Brazilian Pain Forest July 2, 2015
  126. 606 A Tisket, a Gasket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket July 9, 2015
  127. 607 Hawaiian Honeyruin July 16, 2015
  128. 608 Hello and Dubai July 23, 2015
  129. 609 New Beijinging July 30, 2015
  130. 610 I Love Ridonc and Roll August 6, 2015
  131. 611 My Way or Zimbabwe August 13, 2015
  132. 612 Shawshank Ridonction August 20, 2015
  133. 613 Down and Outback August 27, 2015
  134. 614 Maori or Less September 3, 2015
  135. 615 Little Bull on the Prairie September 10, 2015
  136. 616 Lord of the Ring Toss September 17, 2015
  137. 617 Got Venom September 24, 2015
  138. 618 Dude Buggies October 1, 2015
  139. 619 El Bunny Supremo October 8, 2015
  140. 620 CaNoodling October 15, 2015
  141. 621 How Deep is Your Love October 22, 2015
  142. 622 Darjeel With It October 29, 2015
  143. 623 Last Tango in Buenos Aires November 5, 2015
  144. 624 Bahamarama November 12, 2015
  145. 625 Race to the Grand Series Finale November 19, 2015
  146. 626 A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars November 26, 2015

Timeline[change | change source]

This is a brief summary displaying all the airdates by month for the entire Total Drama series throughout the years.

Total Drama Timeline (2008–2015)
Airdates 2008 2009 2010 2012 2013-2014 2015
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

American edits[change | change source]

  • Welcome to the Reality
  • Courtney says, “Curses!”
  • Not So Happy Campers
  • Heather says, "Drop dead you goof!"
  • Harold says, "You mean this show is at a yucky summer camp instead of some big stage or something?"
  • Gwen says, "Um, okay... so far this stinks."
  • Heather says, "Shut it weird goth girl!"
  • Lindsay says, "Where's the spa? I'm confused."
  • Chris McLean says, "Wow, that's a shocker."
  • Chef Hatchet yells, "You'll get a lot of Sit your butt down!"
  • Chef Hatchet tells Owen, "Come Closer, big guy, I didn't hear you."
  • DJ exclaims with a loon calling.
  • Owen says, "I'm going to die now, I'm going to totally die down!"
  • Owen yells with more screaming.
  • Eva tells Courtney, "Shut it and pick up your crate!"
  • Courtney yells, "Shut it!"
  • Chris says "Stinks to be them."
  • Gwen says "This camp pretty much still stinks."
  • The Big Sleep
  • Chris says, "Get Out! That is so crazy incredible!"
  • Chris says, "The beaver has a real fine hat."
  • Eva says, "Who needs this lame-o TV show anyway?"
  • Dodgebrawl
  • Chris tells Duncan, "You look like death dude."
  • Duncan replies, "Stick it."
  • Courtney says, "We are so stinking right now!"
  • Courtney tells Harold, "Oh, I believe... I believe you stink!"
  • Heather asks, "How does it feel to oddly so much?"
  • Courtney says, "We need someone who will crush those lame-o Gophers into the dirt!"
  • Not Quite Famous
  • Gwen asks, "What are you? Some kind of animal?"
  • Bridgette yells, "Oh no!"
  • Chris says, "The Killer Bass are totally so far in the talent contest."
  • Bridgette says, "We already know Tyler stinks what can Duncan do again?"
  • The Sucky Outdoors
  • Chris says, "Who will be the next one to walk on this lame dock?"
  • Heather says, "Will you please shut it?"
  • Phobia Factor
  • Courtney tells Duncan to, "Shut it!"
  • Trent exclaims, "Oh no, Gwen!"
  • Up the Creek
  • Geoff asks DJ if he messed up.
  • Paintball Deer Hunter
  • Heather says, "Chef's eggs are yucky."
  • Owen shouts, "Ahh, a snake!"
  • Beth says, "Go ahead, shoot me. You can't make today any stinkier!"
  • Heather says, "These challenges are foolish and lame."
  • If You Can't Take the Heat...
  • Chris says, "Cody got the snot beaten out of him by a bear."
  • Chris says, "And Cody got the axe."
  • Duncan says, "You keep leaving your drawers around."
  • Heather says, "You'd better not mess-up"
  • Heather says, "It's like I'm on a team of losers!"
  • Chris says, "The ribs you made stanked."
  • Harold says, "Gross!"
  • Heather says, "And Owen messed up everything for us!"
  • Heather says, "It was silly of you to take that idol from the island."
  • Geoff says, "What the hey? I believe him."
  • Who Can You Trust?
  • Gwen says, "Skip it."
  • Gwen says, "Man."
  • Courtney says, "The challenge is over Einstein!"
  • Heather says, "Nasty stinking jellyfish!"
  • Basic Straining
  • Courtney says, "Stop acting like a mess-up!"
  • Harold says, "Gosh!"
  • Duncan says, "Feel like ditchin' this stuff for Peanut Butter and Jam?"
  • Duncan says, "Aw man, this stinks!"
  • Extreme Torture
  • Leshawna asks, "Do you know anyone else here with a kick butt attitude like me?"
  • Harold says, "Booyah!"
  • Geoff asks, "Did he actually see your chest?"
  • Leshawna asks, "Whose chest did you see?"
  • Brunch of Disgustingness
  • Owen says, "I'll eat anything, even my own drawers if I have to."
  • Chef says, "Beef meatballs!"
  • Owen says, "Meatballs?"
  • No Pain, No Game
  • Eva calls Leshawna, "girlfriend."
  • Gwen calls Eva "weirdo."
  • Search and Do Not Destroy
  • Heather says, "She said your music stinks."
  • Owen says, "Oh, no!"
  • Owen says, "No, infinity!"
  • That's Off the Chain!
  • Geoff says, "Aw man! Did I miss breakfast?!"
  • Duncan says, "More like the Arts and Junk Center."
  • Heather says, "You're such a team player. All you do is scare the snot out of everyone."
  • Lindsay yells, "No good, selfish, heartless, pushy, bossy, mean, bully of a girl!"
  • Hook, Line, and Screamer
  • Owen says, "We're totally dead!"
  • Gwen says, "Oh, man!"
  • Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
  • Gwen says, "I hate this lame-o show!"
  • Duncan says, "I bet most of the other losers have gotten back to camp."
  • Trial by TriArmed Triathalon
  • Chris says, "Some of the fellow campers were stinking at catching their assigned animal."
  • Chris says, "It stinks to be them."
  • Owen yells, "Heather is the meanest, the nastiest, the biggest cold-hearted meanie in all of Kalamazoo!"
  • Haute Campture
  • Trent asks, "Can't you believe this resort is right around the corner from the lame-o campground?"
  • Eva says, "My experience on the island? It stanked."
  • Izzy says, "Oh no, it is!"
  • Lindsay says, "Maybe if I get an acting coach or my hair and nails done, I'll get on the cover!"
  • Trent says, "Little guy."
  • Camp Castaways
  • Heather says, "Frowning like a baby won't bring Leshawna back."
  • Heather says, "In your dreams, nerd!"
  • Duncan says, "Man, this stinks."
  • Heather says, "Any goofball can see..."
  • Duncan says, "Stuck on an island with two cool girls..."
  • Chris says, "The props were originally made for that dinosaur movie."
  • Gwen says, "We'll be stuck on this stupid island!"
  • Owen yells, "I'll never be able to fulfill my Owen gets famous fantasies!"
  • Chris says, "The every camper for themselves' idea stinks."
  • Are We There Yeti?
  • Chef says, "Sit back, zip it."
  • Gwen says, "Let's see what happens when you close it already!"
  • Chef mumbles, "Aw, crud!"
  • Owen says, "It's now down to me and two cool girls."
  • I Triple Dog Dare You
  • Heather says, "Why don't we just do Seven minutes of Heaven in a tacky basement closet?"
  • Gwen says, "Just give me the stupid freebie!"
  • Owen says, "Twice in a row's gotta hurt."
  • Chris says, "So totally sick!"
  • Chris says, "Is there anything these weirdos won't do?"
  • The Very Last Episode, Really!
  • Gwen says, "Being here to eight weeks stanked."
  • Heather says, "Oh shut it."
  • Owen shouts, "Oh crud, that's bad!"
  • Gwen says, "I'm going to die now, I'm going to totally die."
  • Owen says, "Alexander the insanely great."
  • Heather calls Gwen, a "Doofus."
  • Heather shouts, "Can't you fools do anything right?"
  • Owen says, "I'll treasure it for the rest of my life. Oh whatever!"
  • Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Drama
  • Owen screaming line in the US airing.
  • Alien Resurreggtion
  • Harold says "Leshawna isn't over me the phrase like she's romancing me with her eyes!"
  • 3:10 to Crazy Town
  • Harold says, "I have cow udders on my head!"
  • The Aftermath: Trent's Descent
  • Geoff and Bridgette made the lights turned on in the US airing.
  • One Million Bucks, Before Challenge
  • Duncan refers to Courtney, as "Sweetheart."
  • Harold says, "Down beavers down."
  • Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen
  • Harold says, "...same rounded behind!"
  • Celebrity Manhunt's Reunion Show
  • Blaineley says, "Beth had to sell her Total Drama winnings to bail her out of the slammer!"
  • Izzy thinks her mouth wasn't pixelated and the swears that were stinkin’ mostly to another kid friendly dialogue.
  • Leshawna says, "What, you've never seen a big bra before?"
  • Walk Like An Egyptian
  • Chris says, "We'll be right back."
  • Alejandro says, "Que idiotas incompetentas!"
  • Broadway, Baby!
  • An entire scene were Cody is stuck in the Statue of Librety's bosom and Sierra saves him.
  • The Aftermath II: Revenge of the Telethon
  • The phone number is 1-800-555-0111 for some reason.
  • I See London...
  • Heather curses at Gwen and Courtney, screaming and no pixelation.
  • Sweden Sour
  • Heather says, "So picking off my teammates while you totally ruin me is strategy now?"
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • The Line of Chris says, "The final three took off and beat it out of Alberta."
  • Alejandro says, “Man!”
  • Extreme Chef Auto
  • The title of the episode and challenge is in the US airing.
  • Eat, Puke and Be Wary
  • Scott says, "Hey look, it's a blogger from"
  • Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown
  • Chris smiles about nobody caring about the sound of Scott crying is still there.
  • How Deep is Your Love
  • Kitty shivering while feeling cold line in the US airing.

Elimination tables[change | change source]

In almost every episode, there is an elimination. The tables below display all the ranks and eliminations of all the contestants throughout the entire series.

Ranks 1st This contestant is the winner of that season.
2nd This contestant is the runner-up of that season.
3rd This contestant was in third place in that season.
4th This contestant is the winner of that season.
5th This contestant is the runner-up of that season.
6th This contestant was in final place in that season.
Genders This contestant is female.
This contestant is male.
Teams SG This contestant is on the Screaming Gophers. (S1)
KB This contestant is on the Killer Bass. (S1)
SG This contestant is on the Screaming Gaffers. (S2)
KG This contestant is on the Killer Grips. (S2)
A This contestant is on Team Amazon. (S3)
C This contestant is on Team Chris. (S3)
V This contestant is on Team Victory. (S3)
TR This contestant is on the Toxic Rats. (S4)
MM This contestant is on the Mutant Maggots. (S4)
HH This contestant is on the Heroic Hamsters. (S5.1)
VV This contestant is on the Villainous Vultures. (S5.1)
WM This contestant is on the Waneyihtam Maskwak. (S5.2)
PK This contestant is on the Pimapotew Kinosewak. (S5.2)
Eliminations VO This contestant was voted out by other contestants.
L This contestant left the game voluntarily.
E This contestant has been eliminated involuntarily.
R This contestant was removed directly by Chris.
WD This contestant withdrew from the competition.
UO This contestant was unofficially eliminated.
CO This contestant was cheated out of the game.
Mergers PT There were no teams during this elimination.
NM This contestant did not make it to the merge.
M This contestant made it to the merge.

Total Drama Island (TDI)[change | change source]

Rank Name Team Episode eliminated in Reason Team status
22 Ezekiel Killer Bass 1st voted out in
"Not So Happy Campers"
His comments, about men being better than women, angered the female contestants, especially Bridgette and Eva. Non-merged
21 Noah Screaming Gophers 2nd voted out in
He refused to help the Screaming Gophers in the dodgeball game.
20 Justin Screaming Gophers 3rd voted out in
"Not Quite Famous"
Heather convinced Izzy, Owen and her alliance to vote him off.
19 Katie Killer Bass 4th voted out in
"The Sucky Outdoors"
Katie and Sadie got lost in the woods, causing their team to lose.
18 Tyler Killer Bass 5th voted out in
"Phobia Factor"
He failed to conquer his fear of chickens, which caused his team to lose the challenge.
17 Cody Screaming Gophers 6th voted out in
"Paintball Deer Hunter"
He was badly mauled by a bear, leading to his elimination since his team, especially Leshawna and Owen, thought he was not useful anymore.
16 Beth Screaming Gophers 7th voted out in
"If You Can't Take the Heat..."
The Screaming Gophers found out that she was the one who cursed the team.
15 Sadie Killer Bass 8th voted out in
"Who Can You Trust?"
Courtney convinced her team to vote off Sadie for pelting her with apples, even after Leshawna and Owen won the challenge.
14 Courtney Killer Bass 9th cheated out in
"Basic Straining"
Harold tampered with the votes to get back at Duncan for torturing him with his pranks.
13 Harold Killer Bass 10th voted out in
"Extreme Torture"
He lost the challenge when he was distracted by Heather's chest. Duncan, knowing that the entire team voted for Harold in a 4-1 vote, intimidates Chris to finish the ceremony.
12 Eva Killer Bass 11th voted out in
"No Pain, No Game"
She was voted out since her abuse was a threat to the contestants. Merged
11 Trent Screaming Gophers 12th voted out in
"Search and Do Not Destroy"
When Gwen saw Trent kiss Heather (although it was a set-up by Heather), she told Leshawna to vote off Heather. Since she won immunity, Trent was voted out instead.
10 Bridgette Killer Bass 13th voted out in
"Hide and Be Sneaky"
The men managed to form an alliance to get the women voted off. They eliminated Bridgette, because of her niceness towards other contestants. However, Geoff lied to Bridgette, saying that he didn't vote her off.
9 Lindsay Screaming Gophers 14th cheated out in
"That's Off the Chain!"
Even though Lindsay came in second in the race, Owen and Duncan never finished the race. Because of that, Chris automatically counted Lindsay as the last place person, sending her home.
8 DJ Killer Bass 15th eliminated in
"Hook, Line and Screamer!"
Heather freaked DJ out when he saw her in a towel and face mask.
7 Izzy Screaming Gophers 16th voted out in
"Wawanakwa Gone Wild!"
She was voted out for tranquilizing the plane, a unicorn, Chef Hatchet, and Heather.
6 Geoff Killer Bass 17th voted out in
"Trial by Triarmed Triathlon"
His popularity was a threat to the other contestants.
5 Leshawna Screaming Gophers 18th cheated out in
"Haute Campture"
A misconception from the eliminated contestants caused her to be eliminated.
4 Duncan Killer Bass 19th eliminated in
"Are We There Yeti?"
He was eliminated by Chef Hatchet due to all troubles he caused this season.
3 Heather Screaming Gophers 20th eliminated in
"I Triple Dog Dare You"
She did not technically accept her dare to shave her head.
2 Gwen Screaming Gophers Runner-up in
"The Very Last Episode, Really!"
She lost to Owen in the final part of the race, when he was distracted by the brownies that Izzy and Lindsay set up.
Runner-up in the United States.
1 Owen Screaming Gophers Winner in
"The Very Last Episode, Really!"
He managed to defeat Gwen in the race.
Winner in the United States.

Total Drama Action (TDA)[change | change source]

Rank Name Team Episode eliminated in Reason Team status
15 / 14 Bridgette None 1st/2nd voted out in
"Alien Resurreggtion"
They annoyed the other contestants, by making out the entire time. Pre-teams
13 Trent Killer Grips 3rd voted out in
"3:10 to Crazy Town"
Justin told the team that Trent was helping Gwen win. To prove that she was not in an alliance, to go to the Final 2 along with Trent, she told the Killer Grips to vote Trent off and Justin told her that she owes them. Non-merged
12 Gwen Screaming Gaffers 4th voted out in
"The Chefshank Redemption"
She threw the challenge for the other team, Killer Grips, and Heather, Leshawna and Harold from her team, voted her off as a result for losing the challenge. She also votes herself off.
11 DJ Screaming Gaffers 5th voted out
"The Sand Witch Project"
To prove that he was not in an alliance with Chef, he quit in place of either Lindsay or Justin, both of whom were in the Bottom Two.
10 Izzy Killer Grips 6th voted out in
"Full Metal Drama"
Justin got Lindsay and Beth to vote off Izzy after she said that he was not cute.
9 Heather Screaming Gaffers 7th voted out in
"Million Dollar Babies"
Even though she didn't do anything wrong in that episode, she was still voted off, when Leshawna's cheer persuaded Harold and Duncan into voting off Heather. However, had Heather not gotten eliminated in this episode, then she'd be the only contestant to make it to the merge in every season, without having to return.
8 Leshawna Screaming Gaffers 8th voted out in
"Super HeroId!"
Just like in the last season, the men teamed up against the women. Even though Courtney was immune, the men decided to vote for Leshawna. With help from Courtney, Harold reluctantly agreed to vote off Leshawna, because it was either "him or her". Merged
7 Justin Killer Grips 9th cheated out in
"The Princess Pride"
Although Duncan was supposed to be eliminated in the episode, Courtney testified against it and claimed that Justin should be eliminated. Chris said that he was kidding and eliminated Justin instead.
6 Lindsay Killer Grips 10th cheated out in
"Rock and Rule"
Lindsay accidentally voted herself off, in an attempt to eliminate Duncan, after getting distracted by Beth. However, Owen backed out of Lindsay's suggestion of voting off Duncan.
5 Harold Screaming Gaffers 11th voted out in
"2008: A Space Owen"
Owen voted him off to conceal his role on the show; and Duncan voted him off for killing Scruffy. Courtney might have voted for the already-immune Beth, who won that day's challenge.
4 Courtney Killer Grips 12th voted out in
"Top Dog"
Voted out by Duncan and Beth due to being a threat.
3 Owen Killer Grips 13th voted out in
"Top Dog"
Courtney's lawyers informed Chris about Owen's role and fired him.
2 Duncan Screaming Gaffers Runner-up in
"The Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire?"
He was outvoted by one vote (3-4).
Runner-up in the United States.
1 Beth Killer Grips Winner in
"The Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire?"
Beth outvoted Duncan with one vote more (4-3).
Winner in the United States.

Total Drama World Tour (TDWT)[change | change source]

Rank Name Team Episode eliminated in Reason Team status
18 Ezekiel Team Victory 1st voted out in
"Walk Like An Egyptian"
He lost his team's advantage to the alligators so probably everyone on Team Victory vote him off. Non-merged
17 Harold Team Victory 2nd voted out in
"Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan"
He quit in place of DJ just to save his team's honor.
16 Bridgette Team Victory 3rd cheated out in
"Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better"
She got stuck to a pole, causing her team to lose.
15 Leshawna Team Victory 4th cheated out in
"Slap Slap Revolution"
When she did slapped Heather and pushed her off the platform, she slapped her and jumped off the platform, and cost her team the win.
14 Lindsay Team Victory 5th eliminated in
"Can't Help Falling in Louvre"
In the tiebreaker challenge, her design was considered funny but not fashionable. As a result, DJ (who was trying to throw the challenge to get himself eliminated) was spared from elimination, much to his dismay.
13 Izzy Team Chris is Really4 Hot 6th eliminated in
"Jamaica Me Sweat"
Although Izzy is not officially voted off, the government viewed her as an asset, removing Izzy from the game.
12 DJ Team Victory 7th eliminated in
"Jamaica Me Sweat"
He was the last standing member of Team Victory, and Alejandro set up a piece of wood which made him be disqualified. This was the first time an entire team was eliminated before the merger.
11 Noah Team Chris is Really4 Hot 8th cheated out in
"I See London..."
Even though Noah and Owen found Jack the Ripper, Chris McLean gave Team Amazon the win, because they brought back Duncan, who Chris was looking for. This lead to Noah's elimination.
10 Tyler Team Chris is Really4 Hot 9th voted out in
"The Ex Files"
He lost the challenge for Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot, when he was a victim of the landmines. Duncan also convinced Alejandro do not vote off for him so they can vote Tyler off.
9 Gwen Team Amazon 10th cheated out in
"Picnic at Hanging Dork"
She lost the tiebreaker challenge to Courtney, which was obviously rigged due to her eucalyptus allergy. Another reason for Gwen's elimination was because her kiss with Duncan was revealed two episodes back, courtesy of Alejandro and Tyler.
8 Owen Team Chris is Really4 Hot 11th voted out in
"Niagara Brawls"
Alejandro convinced Duncan, Heather, and Sierra to vote off Owen because he was a threat, knowing he won a previous season. Merged
7 / 6 Blaineley None 12th/13th voted out in
"Chinese Fake Out"
Heather spotted Blaineley, Alejandro and Courtney cheating in the final part of the challenge, as Blaineley had better food, and Alejandro crouched down to give his food to Courtney. Thanks to Heather, Blaineley and Courtney were sent packing. Another reason for their eliminations was the show's budgetary constraints.
Courtney Team Amazon
5 Duncan Team Chris is Really4 Hot 14th voted out in
"African Lying Society"
Heather and Alejandro voted him off in a 2-1-1-1 vote.
4 Sierra Team Amazon 15th removed in
"Awwwwww, Drumheller"
Even though Alejandro was originally supposed to be eliminated in that episode, Sierra interrupted the ceremony to get Cody's birthday cake. The firecrackers, which Sierra used in place of the actual candles, accidentally blew up the place and Chris' plane. In a fit of rage, Chris still eliminated Sierra despite winning immunity that day.
3 Cody Team Amazon 16th eliminated in
"Hawaiian Punch"
Heather, hoping to beat Alejandro in a vote, managed to trick Cody by claiming that "Sierra was trapped in quicksand". This allowed Alejandro to knock out Cody.
2 Alejandro Team Chris is Really4 Hot Runner-up in
"Hawaiian Punch"
Heather accidentally threw Alejandro's tribute in the volcano.
Runner-up in the United States.
1 Heather Team Amazon Winner in
"Hawaiian Punch"
Alejandro won when Heather accidentally tossed his dummy in the volcano.
Winner in the United States.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island (TDOTRI)[change | change source]

Rank Name Team Episode eliminated in Reason Team status
13 Staci Toxic Rats 1st voted out in
"Bigger! Badder! Brutaler!"
Her constant ramblings, lying about what they invented, about her "ancestors" annoyed her entire team. As a result, Staci is the first contestant to be eliminated from the season. Non-merged
12 Beverly Toxic Rats 2nd voted out in
"Ice Ice Baby"
Scott decided to sabotage Beverly, thinking he was too much of a threat. He could have possibly spoke that he was sabotaged by Scott, only if he could talk.
11 Dawn Toxic Rats 3rd cheated out in
"Backstabbers Ahoy!?"
Scott, after learning that Dawn discovered him throwing his team's challenges, decided to frame her of stealing the contestants' possessions.
10 Sam Toxic Rats 4th voted out in
"Runaway Model"
He has hallucinations if he doesn't have his video games for periods of times. His team decided to vote him off because of this.
9 Brick Toxic Rats 5th voted out in
"A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste"
He decided to out of his way, and save his former teammates, as well as his old team, the Mutant Maggots.
8 Anne Maria Mutant Maggots 6th in
"A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste"
She quit when she had a diamond. When Chris told her that it was fake, she was removed from the game without anything. The diamond was from Ezekiel, who was still a monster.
7 Dakota (aka Dakotazoid) Mutant Maggots 7th cheated out in
"The Treasure Island of Dr. MacLean"
Although Scott was supposed to be eliminated, he used the McLean Head of Immunity to save himself. With a vote from Zoey, Dakota was sent packing. Also when she returned, she was placed on the Mutant Maggots.
6 Mike Mutant Maggots 8th cheated out in
"Extreme Chef Auto"
With his immunity, Scott got the only vote at elimanation. He voted for Mike. Merged
5 Jo Toxic Rats 9th voted out in
"Up, Up and Away in My Pitiful Balloon"
Cameron and Lightning voted her off due to being a big threat to them.
4 Scott Mutant Maggots 10th voted out in
"Eat, Puke and Be Wary"
Zoey and Cameron teamed up and took down Scott, once and for all. The votes were 2-1-1.
3 Zoey Mutant Maggots 11th eliminated in
"The Enchanted Franken-Forest"
Just like Scott, Lightning got to decide who was going home. He voted for Zoey, much to Cameron's shock, so he can personally crush him in the finale.
2 Lightning Toxic Rats Runner-up in
"Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown"
He lost to Cameron in the fight.
Runner-up in the United States.
1 Cameron Mutant Maggots Winner in
"Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown"
Cameron was able to pin Lightning down for three seconds, winning Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
Winner in the United States.

Total Drama All-Stars and Pahkitew Island (TDAS/TDPI)[change | change source]

Rank Name Team Episode eliminated in Reason Team status
14 Lindsay Heroic Hamsters "Heroes vs. Villains" Her ineptitude played a part in costing her team the challenge. Non-merged
13 Lightning Villainous Vultures "Evil Dread" He miscounted the amount of puzzle pieces his team collected which contributed to his team’s loss.
12 Jo Villainous Vultures "Saving Private Leechball" She constantly bickered with other teammates and misfired in the challenge, covering Scott with leeches.
11 Sam Heroic Hamsters "Food Fright" He was relieved to have smuggled some pancakes into his pockets which made his team forfeit.
10 Heather Villainous Vultures "No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition" Alejandro initially was eliminated, but he used the McLean-Brand Chris Head he stole from Heather to eliminate her.
9 Sierra Heroic Hamsters "Suckers Punched" The Villainous Vultures had the ability to vote off someone on the Heroic Hamsters, and they decided to eliminate Sierra.
8 Duncan Heroic Hamsters "You Regatta Be Kidding Me" Due to him blowing up Chris’ cottage, he was arrested and removed from the competition. Merged
7 Cameron Villainous Vultures "Zeek and Ye Shall Find" He was severely injured near the end of the challenge so Chris removed him from the game.
6 Alejandro Villainous Vultures "The Obstakill Course" Mal convinced the other contestants to vote him off because Alejandro knew his secret.
5 Courtney Villainous Vultures "Sundae Muddy Sundae" Mal exposed her for writing an "elimination list", causing the remaining contestants to lose trust in her. She was voted off in a 3-2 vote.
4 Gwen Villainous Vultures "The Bold and the Bootyful" Despite bringing back treasure, unlike Scott and Mal, Chris deemed her the loser because she defaced a painting of him with bear poop.
3 Scott Villainous Vultures "The Bold and the Bootyful" Zoey won the challenge and was able to pick who to bring to the finale with her, and she chose Mal over Scott due to the promise she made for a "friendship finale".
2 Zoey Heroic Hamsters "The Final Wreckening" Zoey managed to stop Mike from being Mal in his personalities.
Runner-up in the United States.
1 Mike Heroic Hamsters "The Final Wreckening" Mike pulled the sword from the stone while Chef is distracted.
Winner in the United States.
14 Beardo Waneyihtam Maskwak "So, Uh This is My Team?" His unique ability to mimic any sound annoyed his team too much. Non-merged
13 Leonard Waneyihtam Maskwak "I Love You, Grease Pig" His contestant attempts to use "magic" cost his team the challenge.
12 Amy Pimapotew Kinosewak "Twinning Isn't Everything" She unknowingly ate a Manchineel Fruit she swiped from Samey, and was rendered unable to speak. Samey than tricked

everyone into thinking they were each other, causing Amy to be eliminated in her place.

11 Rodney Pimapotew Kinosewak "I Love You, I Love You Knots" His inability to tell the truth about his feelings caused his team to get shocked repeatedly and ultimately lose.
10 Samey Pimapotew Kinosewak "A Blast from the Past" Due to Amy’s surprise return and their subsequent fighting, she ended up losing the challenge for the team.
9 Ella Pimapotew Kinosewak "Mo Monkey, Mo Problems" Max was supposed to be eliminated, but Sugar told Chris that Ella sang, after being banned from it, even though she did it to save Dave.
8 Topher Pimapotew Kinosewak "Three Zones and a Baby" Topher paid more attention waiting to get a call on Chris’s Cell phone that concentrating in the challenge. His excited yell caused an avalanche, losing his team the challenge and resulting in his elimination.
7 Dave Waneyihtam Maskwak "Hurl and Go Seek" Dave campaigned to be eliminated after being rejected by Sky. Merged
6 Scarlett Pimapotew Kinosewak "Scarlett Fever" After revealing her true self, Scarlett attempted to extort Chris for the million dollars by threatening to destory Pahkitew Island; however, the other campers stopped her, and she was subsequently disqualified by Chris.
5 Max Waneyihtam Maskwak "Scarlett Fever" Max gloated about how he was the only villain remaining on the show now that Scarlett had gone. Fed up with "evil" contestants, Chris disqualified him as well.
4 Jasmine Pimapotew Kinosewak "Sky Fall" Sugar pushed a tree on her, which caused her to come in last in the challenge and was automatically eliminated.
3 Sugar Waneyihtam Maskwak "Pahk’d with Talent" Sugar’s talent in the challenge failed to impress the judges.
2 Sky Pimapotew Kinosewak "Lies, Cries and One Big Prize" She managed to be defeated by Shawn into the video game.
Runner-up in the United States.
1 Shawn Waneyihtam Maskwak "Lies, Cries and One Big Prize" He reached the finish line and was retrieved from the snow before Sky.
Winner in the United States.

Total Drama Ridunculous Race (TDRR)[change | change source]

  • 18 Leonard and Tammy Episode eliminated in None Down Eighteen to Go
  • 17 Gerry and Pete Episode eliminated in French is an Eiffel Language
  • 16 Ellody and Mary Episode eliminated in Mediterrenean Homesick Blues
  • 15 Laurie and Miles Episode eliminated in Brazilian Pain Forest
  • 14 Jen and Tom Eliminated in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket
  • 13 Kelly and Taylor Episode eliminated in Hello and Dubai
  • 12 Jay and Mikey Episode eliminated in I Love Ridonc and Roll
  • 11 Chet and Lorenzo Episode eliminated in Down and Outback
  • 10 Rock and Spud Episode eliminated in Down and Outback
  • 09 Dwayne and Junior Episode eliminated in Little Bull on the Prairie
  • 08 Noah and Owen Episode eliminated in Got Venom
  • 07 Crimson and Ennui Episode eliminated in El Bunny Supremo
  • 06 Ryan and Stephanie Episode eliminated in Darjeel With It
  • 05 Carrie and Devin Episode eliminated in Last Tango in Buenos Aires
  • 04 Emma and Kitty Episode eliminated in Bahamarama
  • 03 Jacques and Josee Episode eliminated in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars
  • 02 MacArthur and Sanders Runner up in the United States. A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars
  • 01 Brody and Geoff Winner in the United States. A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars