List of U.S. state ships

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This is a list of official U.S. state ships.

State Ship Image Year
Arizona USS Arizona (BB-39) USS Arizona Memorial (aerial view).jpg
Two earlier versions of USS Arizona
California Californian
(state tall ship)
Bateaugoelette.jpg 2003[1]
Connecticut USS Nautilus (SSN-571) SS-571-Nautilus-trials.gif 1983[2][3]
Freedom Schooner Amistad
(state flagship and tall ship ambassador)
Massachusetts Schooner Ernestina
(vessel of the commonwealth)
Maryland Skipjack
(state boat)
Skipjack EPA.PNG 1985[5]
Maine Bowdoin
(state sailing vessel)
Bowdoin SableIsland.jpg 1987[6][7]
New Jersey A. J. Meerwald
(state tall ship)
North Carolina Shad boat
(state historical boat)
Pennsylvania U.S. Brig Niagara
(flagship of the commonwealth)
Brig Niagara on Bay.jpg 1988[12]
Rhode Island replica of USS Providence
(flagship and tall ship ambassador)
Continental Sloop Providence (1775-1779).jpg 1992[13]
12-meter Yacht Courageous
(winner of 1974 & 1977 America's Cup)
Texas USS Texas (BB-35) USS Texas BB-35.jpg 1995[15]
(state tall ship)
Elissa-ship.jpg 2005[15]
Utah USS Utah (BB-31) Uss utah bb.jpg
Washington MV President Washington
(became the MV Mahimahi)
Lady Washington Lady Washington.jpg 2007[17]

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