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The following is a list of buses. It is not complete. The different types of bus, used in this chart, are:

There are over 300 buses in this list. The year that is displayed refers to the first year of the model.

Model name Picture What this bus is Who makes this bus The year the bus was made Extra notes
ACE Cougar Provincial Ace Cougar 3 H523CTR.jpg SD Alternative Chassis Engineering 1991
AEC Q-type Q 83 in red.jpg SD/DD Associated Equipment Company 1932
AEC Regal VI MTT-AECRegalVI-BPSWA.JPG SD Associated Equipment Company 1960 (circa)
AEC Regent II Lowestoft Corporation AEC Regent II GBJ 192 (7362975300).jpg DD Associated Equipment Company
AEC Regent III 309-0506-rlh48-rlh32-s.jpg DD Associated Equipment Company
AEC Regent V Mayne Coaches 8859 VR.JPG DD Associated Equipment Company 1954
AEC Reliance Maidstone & District S6.JPG SD/C Associated Equipment Company 1953
AEC Routemaster Routemaster RM1 A.jpg DD Associated Equipment Company 1954
AEC Swift St Helens Corporation 248.JPG SD Associated Equipment Company 1964
Albion Aberdonian SD Albion Motors
Albion Nimbus Guernsey tour bus 75 Albion Nimbus JNP 590C Metrocentre rally 2009 pic 3.JPG SD Albion Motors 1955
Alexander ALX100 Arriva Midlands North 1159.jpg MB Walter Alexander Coachbuilders 1997 Bodywork
Alexander ALX200 Arriva NWW Dart ALX200 1.jpg SD Walter Alexander Coachbuilders/TransBus Bodywork
Alexander ALX300 Alexander ALX300 1.jpg SD Walter Alexander Coachbuilders/TransBus/Alexander Dennis 1997 Bodywork
Alexander Dash Stagecoach Hampshire 32309.JPG SD Walter Alexander Coachbuilders Bodywork
Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Dart Compass Bus GX09 AGZ.JPG SD Alexander Dennis 2006 Available as complete bus, chassis or bodywork
Alexander Dennis Enviro300 Arriva NW Enviro300 2745.jpg SD TransBus/Alexander Dennis 2001 Available as complete bus, chassis or bodywork
Alexander Dennis Enviro350H First Essex bus 67904 (SN12 CHY), 12 May 2013.jpg SD Alexander Dennis 2010
Alexander PS type MB0405 WA.JPG SD Walter Alexander Coachbuilders 1988 Bodywork
Alexander Strider FelixBusM301KRY.jpg SD Walter Alexander Coachbuilders 1993 Bodywork
Alexander Y Type LeylandLeopardAlexanderYTypeMFR306P.jpg SD Walter Alexander Coachbuilders Bodywork
Amfibus SD 2009 Amphibious
AmphiCoach GTS-1 River-Ride - Budapest.JPG SD 2006 Amphibious
Bedford JJL Bedford JJL.jpg SD Bedford Vehicles 1979
Bedford OB Southern Vectis 216.JPG SD Bedford Vehicles
Bedford SB BedfordSB-181ECV.jpg SD Bedford Vehicles
Bedford VAL Barton 996 RVO.JPG SD Bedford Vehicles
Berkhof Ambassador BBA5009.jpg SD
Berkhof Excellence 1000 Berkhof Excellence 1000 ex. Rubiocar.jpg SD
Bristol Lodekka Bristol Lodekka F56G - 1961 - reg 109 DRM.jpg DD Bristol Commercial Vehicles
Bristol MW SD Bristol Commercial Vehicles
Bristol RE SD Bristol Commercial Vehicles
Bristol VR Wilts & Dorset bus.jpg DD Bristol Commercial Vehicles
Caetano Alpha SD
Caetano Levante National Express route A6.jpg C Bodywork
Caetano Nimbus London Bus route 112.jpg SD Bodywork
Chance RT-52 Pace1926.jpg SD "Wiki Wiki Shuttle"
Classic (transit bus) MTA Bus MCI Classic 7901.jpg SD 1982-1987 GM Canada

1987-1993 MCI
1993-1997 NovaBus

Custom Coaches CB30 SD Custom Coaches Bodywork
Custom Coaches CB80 SD Custom Coaches Bodywork
Custom Coaches SB50 SD Custom Coaches Bodywork
DAF MB200 XIL15391.jpg SD
Daimler Fleetline GreaterManchester7214.jpg DD/SD 1960
Daimler Freeline SD
Daimler Roadliner SD
Darwen Panaire SD Open-top bodywork. As of June 2008 no orders have been placed, and none have been built.
Dennis Dart Arriva The Shires 3297 X297 MBH.JPG SD Dennis/TransBus/Alexander Dennis 1989
Dennis Domino SD Dennis Specialist Vehicles
Dennis Dorchester SD Dennis Specialist Vehicles
Dennis Dragon DA5634@26.jpg DD Dennis Specialist Vehicles
Dennis Falcon DennisFalconBusMayneManchester.jpg SD/DD Dennis Specialist Vehicles 1981
Dennis Javelin Safeguard Coaches S503 UAK.JPG SD Dennis Specialist Vehicles
Dennis Jubilant Evers Dennis Jubilant HK KMB.JPG DD Dennis Specialist Vehicles 1977
Dennis Lance/Arrow Dennis Lance Plaxton Verde Arriva.jpg SD/DD Dennis Specialist Vehicles 1991
Dennis Lancet Dennis Lancet A506 FSS.jpg SD Dennis Specialist Vehicles
Dennis R-Series C Dennis/TransBus
Duple Dominant Duple Dominant Leyland Leopard.jpg SD Bodywork
East Lancs 1984-style double-deck body East Lancs curved screen 1.jpg DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork
East Lancs Cityzen Kings Ferry B10.jpg DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders 1995 to 2000 Bodywork
East Lancs E Type DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork
East Lancs EL2000 Dennis Dart East Lancs EL2000 1.jpg SD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork
East Lancs European East Lancs European 1.jpg SD East Lancashire Coachbuilders 1995 Bodywork
East Lancs Flyte East Lancs Flyte 2.jpg SD East Lancashire Coachbuilders 1996 Bodywork
East Lancs Greenway National Greenway TIB4886.jpg SD East Lancashire Coachbuilders 1991 Leyland National rebuilt by East Lancs
East Lancs Kinetec MAN East Lancs Stagecoach 1.jpg SD 2006 Bodywork
East Lancs Kinetec+ DD Bodywork
East Lancs Lolyne DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork for Dennis Trident 2
East Lancs Lowlander DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork for DAF DB250, not built
East Lancs MaxCi Travel Dundee Scania East Lancs MaxCi.jpg SD Bodywork
East Lancs Myllennium East Lancs Myllennium DAF.jpg SD 1999 Bodywork
East Lancs Myllennium Lolyne DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork for Dennis Trident 2
East Lancs Myllennium Lowlander DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork for DAF/VDL DB250
East Lancs Myllennium Vyking DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork for Volvo B7TL
East Lancs Nordic DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork for Volvo B7L and 3-axle Volvo B9TL
East Lancs Opus 2 SD East Lancashire Coachbuilders 1996 Bodywork
East Lancs Pyoneer DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork
East Lancs Spryte N106LCK1.jpg SD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork
East Lancs Vyking DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders Bodywork for Volvo B7TL
Fiat 306 SD
Fiat 343 SD
Flxible Metro TriMet Flxible-built bus.jpg SD
Flxible New Look bus NYC Transit Authority Flxible New Look 4727.jpg SD
Ford R-Series George Wards Ford R1114 - Plaxton PPE675R at the seaside 1978.jpg SD
Ford Tourneo MB
Ford Transit Mikrobus ČSAD Česká Lípa.jpg MB
Gillig Low Floor Gillig advantage.jpg SD
Gillig Phantom SD
GM "old-look" transit bus New York City Omnibus GMC Old Look TDH-5101 2969.jpg SD
GM Buffalo bus SD
GM Futurliner GM Futurliner01.jpg SD
GM New Look bus New York Bus Service GMDD 1502.jpg SD
GM Scenicruiser SD
GM TDH-4801 & TDM-4801 SD Special series of GM "old-look" transit bus
Guy Wulfrunian DD Guy Motors
Harrington Legionnaire SD Bodywork
Hino Blue Ribbon Hinomaru Bus 1231.jpg SD Hino Motors 1982
Hino Liesse MB Hino Motors 1995
Hino Melpha KK-CH1JFEA-Fujikyu-Shonan-M2451.JPG SD Hino Motors 1998
Hino Poncho OdakyuBus D139 Komabus.jpg SD Hino Motors 2002
Hino Rainbow Niseko bus 462.jpg SD Hino Motors 1980
Hino S'elega Nagaden-tokyo-nagano-highwaybus.jpg SD Hino Motors 1990
Hyundai Aero City Seoul City Bus01.jpg SD
Hyundai Aero Town Gwangmyeong Shuttle Bus.jpg SD
Hyundai Aero Hyundai Aero Express 53S-2214.JPG SD
Hyundai Chorus Hyundai Chorus in Savannakhet 01.jpg SD
Hyundai County Capital Bus AG-178 20070101.jpg SD
Hyundai FB Hyundai FB500 Laos.jpg SD
Hyundai Global 900 Daejeon bus 317.jpg SD
Hyundai RB SD
Hyundai Universe SD
International Durastar Jacarandas007.jpg SD
Irisbus Agora SD
Irisbus Arway Irisbus Arway Brønnums Turistfart front.jpg SD
Irisbus Citelis VER Ennepetal Irisbus Citelis 100 8033.jpg SD
Irizar Century Turistbuss.jpg SD
Irizar PB Autopullman Irizar Eurorider D43 FCB.jpg SD
Isuzu C NanbuBus K-CJM500,No.494.jpg SD Isuzu 1980 to 1984
Isuzu Cubic TamaBus D1122.jpg SD Isuzu 1984 to 2000
Isuzu Erga Mio KushiroBus 17 ErgaMio.jpg SD Isuzu 1999
Isuzu Erga NishiTokyoBus A1001.jpg SD 2000
Isuzu Gala Mio Izu-Tokai-Bus648.jpg SD Isuzu 1999
Isuzu Gala Keiseibus-tokyokimitsu-20070605.jpg SD Isuzu 1996
Isuzu Journey MB Isuzu OEM of Nissan Civilian since 1993
Isuzu Journey-K ShuhokuBus 430.jpg SD Isuzu 1984 to 1999
Isuzu Journey-Q P-MR112D-AgatsumaKanko.jpg SD Isuzu 1976 to 2001
Isuzu Super Cruiser Soutetu rake and port.jpg SD Isuzu 1986 to 1996
Iveco 370 Iveco 370 4131.jpg SD
Iveco Daily MB
Iveco Effeuno Bucharest Iveco bus 1.jpg SD
Iveco EuroClass SD
IVECO MyWay Myway.jpg SD
Iveco Turbocity Bucharest Iveco bus 3321.jpg SD/DD
Karosa B 741 Praha, Řepy, autobus X9 ev 6010.JPG SD Articulated
Kia Combi Asia Motors Combi AM815.jpg SD
Kia Granbird KiaBus NewGranbird.jpg SD
Leyland Leopard LeylandLeopardCoachJIL2426.jpg SD
Leyland Lion (PSR1) SD Leyland Motors
Leyland Lynx Halton Lynx 01.jpg SD Leyland Bus 1984
Leyland National Chasebus.jpg SD Leyland National 1969
Leyland Olympian Arriva The Shires 5094 F644 LMJ.JPG DD British Leyland/Leyland Bus 1980 to 1993
Leyland Panther Merseyside PTE 40th anniversary event - DSC04817.JPG SD 1964
Leyland Panther Cub SD 1964
Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster SD
Leyland Royal Tiger Leyland Tiger E48 TYG.jpg SD Leyland Bus 1982
Leyland Swift Leyland Swift.jpg SD Leyland Bus 1987
Leyland Tiger (front-engined) 1936-LeylandTiger-JA7591.jpg SD
Leyland Tiger Cub Rawtenstall Corporation Transport 58 466 FTJ.jpg SD
Leyland Tiger (mid-engined) DupleDominant.jpg SD
Leyland-DAB articulated bus SD Leyland-DAB
Leyland-MCW Olympian SD Leyland Motors Metro-Cammell Weymann 1954
Leyland-MCW Olympic SD Leyland Motors Metro-Cammell Weymann 1949
MAN Fortuna MAN Lions Coach in Kielce 2008.jpg SD MAN Nutzfahrzeuge 2004
MAN Lion's City MVG 015 Schloss Broich.jpg SD/DD MAN Nutzfahrzeuge 2004
MAN NL202 MAN bus ludwigshafen 100 1525.jpg SD MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
MAN SL202 Busabout Wagga - Volgren bodied MAN SL202 (6080 MO) 1.jpg SD MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
Marshall Capital First Hampshire & Dorset 41646.jpg SD Dennis Specialist Vehicles Bodywork
MAZ-203 SD
MCV Ego SD Bodywork
MCV Evolution Thames Travel 1257.JPG SD Bodywork
MCW Metrobus DD Metro-Cammell Weymann 1977-1989
MCW Metrorider MCW Metrorider.jpg SD Metro-Cammell Weymann 1986
Mercedes-Benz Citaro Citaro G Arriva London.jpg SD Mercedes-Benz 1997 Articulated
Mercedes-Benz Cito Cito RTM.jpg SD
Mercedes-Benz L 319 MB O 319 Panorama-Bus vr.jpg MB
Mercedes-Benz O305 Mercedes-Benz O 305 Heppenheim 100 1915.JPG SD/DD Mercedes-Benz 1967
Mercedes-Benz O309 Mercedes o 309.jpg SD
Mercedes-Benz O370 SD
Mercedes-Benz O371 100 5904.JPG SD
Mercedes-Benz O405 Mercedes-Benz O 405 Viernheim 100 2269.jpg SD Mercedes-Benz 1983
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE Transperth Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG.jpg SD
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.JPG MB
Mercedes-Benz T2 GHA Coaches N2 GHA.JPG MB
Mercedes-Benz TN Mercedes T1 front 20080214.jpg MB
Mercedes-Benz Vario Ernst Auwärter Economy 100 4053.jpg MB
Mercedes-Benz Vito Mercedes W639 front 20080127.jpg MB
Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus Jrbuskanto-momijigo-20070723.jpg SD
Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Midi Communitybus mirai21 inShinmei.JPG SD
Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star Seaside 1686.JPG SD
Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa MB 1960
Neoplan AN440 ABQ RIDE 332 Montgomery Albuquerque.jpg SD NEOPLAN USA
Neoplan Centroliner Kanagawa-Chuo-Kotsu-TwinLiner-N4421.jpg SD/DD NEOPLAN Bus GmbH
Neoplan Jumbocruiser Cropped jumbo.jpg DD NEOPLAN 1975 4-axle articulated coach
Neoplan N4009 ArrivaNWandWalesNeoplanN4009.jpg SD NEOPLAN
Neoplan N4016 Neoplan N4016 1.jpg SD NEOPLAN
Neoplan Skyliner Neoplan Doppelstockbus Viernheim 100 3625.jpg DD NEOPLAN Bus GmbH
Neoplan Transliner Neoplan Transliner N316 SHD Scania in Krakow.jpg SD NEOPLAN Bus GmbH
Neoplan Megaliner N128/4 JR Bus Kanto Neoplan Megaliner.jpg DD NEOPLAN
Neoplan Airliner Tomamustneoplan.JPG SD NEOPLAN Bus GmbH Airport shuttle bus
Nissan Civilian MB Nissan Motors Originally known as the Nissan Echo
Nissan Diesel Space Arrow Fujiexp-lakeliner-20070703.jpg SD Nissan Diesel
Nissan Diesel Space Runner 7 NISSANDIESEL KC-EN250DAN SEIBU-1845.jpg SD Nissan Diesel
Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP Hokutetsu Bus 323.jpg SD Nissan Diesel
Nissan Diesel Space Runner RA Kawasakicitybus-s4478-kw04-20070919.jpg SD Nissan Diesel
Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM SeibuBus A7-226.jpg SD Nissan Diesel
Nissan Diesel Space Runner RP EnoshimaDentetsu 548.jpg SD Nissan Diesel
Nissan Diesel UA KC-UA521NAN-Kanachu-Ha127.JPG SD Nissan Diesel
Nissan U-R SD
Northern Counties Paladin Northern Counties Paladin 2.jpg SD Northern Counties Bodywork
Northern Counties Palatine Warrington Olympian NCME 1.jpg DD Northern Counties Bodywork
Optare Alero Optare Alero 1.jpg MB Optare 2001 to 2008
Optare Bonito SD
Optare CityPacer Optare City Pacer.jpg MB Optare 1985 to 1992 Bodywork
Optare ColumboRider SD Optare 1987
Optare Delta Southern Transit J205 VHN.JPG SD Optare 1988 Bodywork
Optare Esteem Preston Bus Preston Bus Station PN57NFC.jpg SD East Lancashire Coachbuilders/Optare 2006 Bodywork, originally launched as East Lancs Esteem
Optare Excel Reading Transport 930.JPG SD Optare 1995
Optare MetroRider T422 ADN.JPG SD Optare 1989
Optare Olympus DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders/Optare 2006 Bodywork, originally launched as East Lancs Olympus
Optare Prisma Optare Prisma 1.jpg SD 1995 Bodywork
Optare Rapido SD
Optare Rapta DD Optare 2008 Never entered production
Optare Sigma Atbus OL19.JPG SD 1994 to 1996 Bodywork
Optare Solera SD
Optare Solo Cumfybus Optare Solo 1.jpg SD Optare 1997
Optare Soroco Arriva 0310 on easyBus.JPG MB
Optare Spectra DD Optare 1991 to 2005 Bodywork for DAF/VDL DB250
Optare StarRider StarRider 1.jpg MB Optare 1987 to 1994 Bodywork
Optare Tempo Safeguard Coaches YJ06 FXM.JPG SD Optare 2004
Optare Toro SD
Optare Vecta Optare Vecta 1.jpg SD Optare 1991 Bodywork
Optare Versa Vale Travel MX58 KZF.JPG SD Optare 2006
Optare Viedo SD
Optare Visionaire Original Tour VLE614 on T2.JPG DD East Lancashire Coachbuilders/Optare 2006 Open-top bodywork, originally launched as East Lancs Visionaire
PAZ-3205 PAZ-32054.jpg SD
Pegaso Z-403 SD
Plaxton Beaver Plaxton Beaver 1.JPG MB Plaxton 1987 to 2011 Bodywork
Plaxton Centro Longcross Centrebus Plaxton Centro.jpg SD Plaxton 2006 Bodywork
Plaxton Derwent 3000 Plaxton Derwent 3000 1.jpg SD Plaxton 1986 Bodywork
Plaxton Elite Plaxton Elite YN10 FKM Selwyns National Express.jpg C Plaxton 2008 Bodywork
Plaxton Panorama Elite SD Plaxton 1968 to 1975 Bodywork
Plaxton Paragon National Express route 561.jpg SD Plaxton 1999 Bodywork
Plaxton Paramount SD/DD Plaxton 1982 to 1991 Bodywork
Plaxton Pointer Sunray Travel J136 DUV.JPG SD Reeve Burgess/Plaxton/TransBus/Alexander Dennis Bodywork
Plaxton Pointer 2 Arriva The Shires 3297 X297 MBH.JPG SD Dennis Bodywork
Plaxton Premiere National Express old livery.jpg SD Plaxton 1991 Bodywork
Plaxton Prestige Stagecoach on Teeside bus 21104 Volvo B10BLE Plaxton Prestige P604 JBU in Middlesbrough bus station 5 May 2009.JPG SD Northern Counties/Plaxton Bodywork
Plaxton Primo PlaxtonPrimo1.jpg MB Plaxton 2005 Built on the structure of Enterprise Bus' Plasma
Plaxton Profile Plaxton Profile CA06GHA -1- CHESTER BE.JPG SD Bodywork
Plaxton Pronto SD Bodywork
Plaxton Supreme Hedingham Omnibuses coach L105 Leyland Leopard Plaxton BEV 105X.jpg SD Plaxton 1974 Bodywork
Plaxton Verde Dennis Lance Plaxton Verde Arriva.jpg SD Plaxton 1991 to 1997 Bodywork
RAF-2203 Rafik 2007.jpg MB
Rapid Transit Series NYC Police Department TMC RTS 9598.jpg SD
Renault FR1 Renault fr1t3 fr-vaulx-en-velin.jpg SD
Renault PR180.2 Transperth bus 735.jpg SD Articulated
Renault PR100.3 ACTION - Renault PR100.3.jpg SD
Renault R 312 TUR R312.jpg SD
Renault Tracer Renault tracer fr-lyon.jpg SD
Rocar DAC Bucharest DAC bus 1.jpg SD
Rocar De Simon U412 Bucharest RocarDeSimon bus 1138.jpg SD
Rocar De Simon U412-DAF Rocar-DAF-900.jpg SD
Rocar De Simon U412E Rocar trol ct1.jpg SD
Scania F94 SD
Scania K114 SD
Scania K124 Firefly Express (5537 AO) Coach Concepts bodied Scania K124EB.jpg SD/DD
Scania K94 SD/DD
Scania K-series Australia Wide Coaches - Coach Design bodied Scania K480 EB6X2NI Opticruise - SB94CN.jpg SD/DD
Scania L94IB/L94UA/L94UB SD Scania AB
Scania Metropolitan DD Saab-Scania and Metro-Cammell Weymann Scania BR111DH underframe with MCW bodywork
Scania N112 SD/DD
Scania N113 Stagecoach Busways 28903.jpg SD/DD
Scania N94 Scania N94 East Lancs OmniTown.jpg SD/DD
Scania N-series Metroline SEL762 LK07 BCZ.jpg SD/DD
Scania OmniCity Metrobus 552.JPG SD/DD Scania AB
Scania OmniLink Arriva 7870 Amsterdam 13-12-05.JPG SD
Scania OmniTown Scania N94 East Lancs OmniTown.jpg SD Scania N94UB with East Lancashire Coachbuilders bodywork
Seddon Pennine 7 Seddon Pennine VII 1.jpg SD
Seddon Pennine RU SD
SsangYong Transtar SsangYong Таловая.JPG SD
Tata 1510/1512 Tata 1015.jpg SD
Tata Globus SD
Tata Hispano Globus SD
Tata Marcopolo Bus SD
Tata Starbus Best cbd wad.jpg SD
Tata Venture SD
TEMSA Safari Postbus Temsa.jpg SD
Terra Bus SD Off-road vehicle built by Foremost
Toyota HiAce Toyota Hiace H200 505.JPG MB Toyota
Toyota Coaster MB Toyota 1969
TransBus Enviro200 Enviro 200 wiki.jpg SD TransBus International 2003
VDL SB120 Arriva Guildford & West Surrey 3944 GK52 YVL.JPG SD DAF Bus/VDL Bus Originally launched as the DAF SB120
VDL SB200 Claribels YD02 RCX.jpg SD DAF Bus/VDL Bus Originally launched as the DAF SB200
VDL SB250 GVB Bus.jpg SD DAF Bus/VDL Bus Originally launched as the DAF SB250
Volkswagen Volksbus Cidade verde 14170.jpg SD
Volvo Ailsa B55 DD Ailsa Bus 1973
Volvo B10B Wright Endurance 2.jpg SD Volvo Buses 1990
Volvo B10BLE SD Volvo Buses
Volvo B10L StagecoachMerseysideVolvoB10L 2.jpg SD Volvo 1993 (circa)
Volvo B10M Stagecoach Western Volvo B10M.JPG SD/DD Volvo 1978 to 2003
Volvo B12B Grenda's - Volgren C222TX bodied Volvo B12B - 1.jpg SD Volvo 1997
Volvo B12BLE Sunbus Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body.jpg SD Volvo 2001
Volvo B12M Cymru Coaches YC02 CHD.JPG SD Volvo 1999
Volvo B57 Unique Volvo B57 Alexander Y Type D P Owens.jpg SD Volvo
Volvo B58 Volvo B58.JPG SD Volvo
Volvo B59 SD Volvo
Volvo B5L Volvo B5L Scaled Sharpened 300px.jpg SD/DD Volvo
Volvo B6 SD Volvo
Volvo B7L Arriva NWW Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.jpg SD/DD Volvo
Volvo B7R Volvo B7R First Cymru.jpg SD/C Volvo
Volvo B7RLE SD Volvo 2001
Volvo Olympian Arriva The Shires 5141 N41 JPP.JPG DD Volvo 1993
Wright Axcess-Floline Wright Axcess-Floline 1.jpg SD Wrightbus Bodywork
Wright Axcess-Ultralow Scania L113 Wright Axcess-Ultralow 1.jpg SD Wrightbus 1995 to 1998 Bodywork
Wright Cadet / Volvo Merit Bluestar 565.JPG SD Wrightbus Bodywork for DAF/VDL SB120
Wright Commander Wright Commander 1.jpg SD Wrightbus 2002 Bodywork for DAF/VDL SB200
Wright Crusader ACTION - BUS 138 - Wright 'Crusader' bodied Dennis Dart SLF.jpg SD Wrightbus Bodywork
Wright Eclipse Fusion Bendy bus at the university of bath arp.jpg SD Wrightbus Articulated bodywork for Volvo B7LA
Wright Eclipse SchoolRun Wright Eclipse SchoolRun 1.jpg SB Wrightbus Bodywork for Volvo B7R
Wright Eclipse First Wright Eclipse 01.jpg SD Bodywork
Wright Electrocity Travel London 8804 in Greenwich.jpg SD Wrightbus Hybrid-electric
Wright Endurance Wright Endurance 1.jpg SD Wrightbus 1993 to 1997 Bodywork
Wright Fusion FirstManchesterVolvoB10LAWrightFusion10006.jpg SD Wrightbus 1998 to 1999 Articulated bodywork for Volvo B10LA
Wright Gemini 2 London Bus route 328 hybrid bus A.jpg DD Wrightbus 2008 Hybrid-electric
Wright Handybus Wright Handybus 1.jpg SD Wrightbus 1990 to 1995 Bodywork
Wright Liberator StagecoachMerseysideVolvoB10L.jpg SD Wrightbus 1996 to 1999 Bodywork for Volvo B10L
Wright Meridian South Lancs Wright Meridian 333.jpg SD Wrightbus 2007 Bodywork for MAN A22
Wright Nimbus SD Wrightbus Bodywork
Wright Pathfinder Scania N113CRL Wright Pathfinder 2041.jpg SD Wrightbus 1993 Bodywork
Wright Pulsar Gemini DD Wrightbus Bodywork built for DAF/VDL DB250
Wright Pulsar Gemini HEV Bath First 39000 LJ07ECE hybrid bus.jpg DD Wrightbus Hybrid-electric
Wright Pulsar Wright Pulsar 1.jpg SD Wrightbus 2006 Bodywork for VDL SB200
Wright Renown Wright Renown 1.jpg SD Wrightbus 1997 to 2002 Bodywork for Volvo B10BLE
Wright Solar Fusion Scania L94UA Wright Solar Fusion 10017.jpg SD Wrightbus Articulated bodywork for Scania L94UA
Wright Solar Go north east 1.JPG SD Wrightbus Bodywork for Scania L94UB
Wright StreetCar Ftr bus in University Road, York University campus, 19004 (B7 FTR), 7 April 2007.jpg SD Wrightbus 2006 Bodywork for Volvo B7LA and Hess chassis, for bus rapid transit
Wright StreetLite Supertravel Wright StreetLite.jpg SD Wrightbus 2010
AEC K-type DD Associated Equipment Company 1919 to 1926
AEC Regent III RT RT bus outside Uxbridge station.jpg DD Associated Equipment Company 1950 (circa)
AEC T-type DD Associated Equipment Company 1920
Alexander ALX400 Stagecoach A1 Service bus.JPG DD Alexander/TransBus/Alexander Dennis Bodywork
Alexander ALX500 JF8429.jpg DD Walter Alexander Coachbuilders Bodywork
Alexander Dennis Enviro400 London Bus route 139 A.jpg DD Alexander Dennis 2005 Available as complete bus, chassis or bodywork
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Kmbate201 001.jpg DD Alexander Dennis 2002 Available as complete bus or bodywork
Ayats Bravo Ayats Bravo.jpg DD Ayats
Dennis Dominator Stagecoach Manchester 15038.jpg DD/SD
Dennis Loline DennisLoline861HAL.jpg DD Dennis Bros 1958 to 1967
Dennis Trident 2 Lothian Buses Number 25.jpg DD Dennis/TransBus/Alexander Dennis 1997
Dennis Trident 3 DD Dennis/TransBus International 1996
Foden-NC DD Edwin Foden, Sons & Co. 1975 to 1978
GM Standard double-decker bus GMPTE bus 8535 Leyland Atlantean Northern Counties GM standard ANA 535Y in Rochdale Bus Station, Greater Manchester 30 June 1984.jpg DD Bodywork
Leyland Atlantean GM Buses South bus 4706 (A706 LNC ), MMT Atlantean 50 event (4).jpg DD Leyland Motors 1958 to 1986
Leyland Titan (B15) Leyland Titan B15.05.jpg DD British Leyland/Leyland Bus 1977 to 1984
Leyland Titan (front-engined) RTL554.jpg DD 1927 to 1942; 1945 to 1970
Leyland Victory Mk2 DD Leyland Motors 1978 to 1981
LGOC X-type DD London General Omnibus Company 1909
LGOC B-type DD London General Omnibus Company/Associated Equipment Company
MAN 24.310 JR6675.jpg DD
Mancunian double-decker bus Manchester Corporation bus 1001 (HVM 901F), Museum of Transport in Manchester, 4 October 2008.jpg DD Bodywork
MCW Metroliner Yorkshire Traction MCW Metroliner.jpg DD/SD Metro Cammell Weymann
Mitsubishi Fuso Aero King Hiroden Bus 626.jpg DD Mitsubishi Fuso 1984
Nissan Diesel Space Dream P-GA66T-Yokohama-Blue-Line.jpg DD Nissan Diesel 1983
Plaxton President Southern Vectis 196 HW52 EPV 5.JPG DD Paxton 1999 to 2005 Bodywork
VDL DB250 Wilts & Dorset 3185.jpg DD DAF Bus/VDL Bus 1991 Originally launched as the DAF DB250
Volvo B7TL First Wright Eclipse Gemini 01.jpg DD Volvo Buses 1999
Volvo B9TL AVD1.jpg DD Volvo Buses 2002
Volvo Super Olympian JG3533.jpg DD Volvo Buses 1998
Wright Eclipse Gemini First Wright Eclipse Gemini 01.jpg DD Wrightbus 2006 Bodywork for Volvo low-floor double-deckers
Oréos 2X MB Power vehicle Innovation Electric
Oréos 4X SD Power vehicle Innovation Electric
Gillig Transit Coach School Bus SB Gillig Brothers (1940-1969)
Gillig Corporation (1969-1982)
1940 to 1982
Gillig Phantom (school bus) Gillig Phantom School Bus LAUSD.jpg SB Gillig Corporation 1986 to 1993
International 3000 IC RE-300 Fairfax, Virginia.jpg SB Navistar International 1996
International 3800 Carpenterclassic.jpg SB Navistar International 1989 to 2004
International 3300 SB Navistar International 2005
International 3900 IC-FE-school-bus-Voluntown.jpg SB Navistar International 1990 to 2010
International Harvester S-Series (bus chassis) Schulbus Hamburger Hummelbahn01.jpg SB International Harvester (1979-1986)
Navistar International (1986-1989)
1978 to 1989 The "Schoolmaster"
Freightliner FS-65 Shelby County Bus 99-55.jpg SB Freightliner Trucks 1997 to 2007
Freightliner C2 TBB Saf-T-Liner C2.jpg SB Freightliner Trucks 2004
Chevrolet/GMC B-Series 2GMBBCV200schoolbuses.jpg SB General Motors 1966 to 2003
Thomas Minotour Thomas-minotour-school-bus.jpg SB Thomas Built Buses 1980
Thomas Saf-T-Liner Thomas School Bus Bus.jpg SB Thomas Built Buses 1978
Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 Durham School Services 01089.jpg SB Thomas Built Buses 2004
Thomas Vista Thomas Vista.jpg SB Thomas Built Buses 1989 to 1998
Blue Bird All American 2009 blue bird all american fe.jpg SB Blue Bird Body Company (1948-1992)
Blue Bird Corporation (1992-present)
Blue Bird Mini Bird BBMiniBird.jpg SB Blue Bird Corporation 1977 to 2005
Blue Bird Micro Bird Divine Peace Lutheran School bus.jpg SB Blue Bird Body Company (1975-1992)
Blue Bird Corporation (1992-2010)
Blue Bird TC/2000 BlueBirdTC2000schoolbus.jpg SB Blue Bird Corporation 1988 to 2003
Blue Bird Vision Propane powered blue bird vision.jpg SB Blue Bird Corporation 2003
Blue Bird Wanderlodge Largemarge.jpg SB Blue Bird Body Company (1963-1992)
Blue Bird Corporation (1992-2007)
Complete Coach Works (2007-2009)
1963 to 2009
Eletra SD Hybrid electric
Orion I SD
Orion II SD
Orion III SD
Orion IV SD
Orion V SD
Orion VI SD
Orion VII SD
Orion VII Next Generation MTA New York City Bus Orion VII Next Generation (model year 2010).jpg SD
Nova RTS NJ Transit RTS hybrid 4002.jpg SD Hybrid electric
Designline Olymbus Quaylink Bus On Gateshead Quays.JPG SD Hybrid electric
Castrosua Tempus Castrosua Tempus 001.JPG SD Hybrid electric
Nova LFS MTA New York City Bus Nova LFS (2009) demo.jpg SD Nova Bus
  • Types: SD=single-decker, DD=double-decker, C=coach, SB=School bus, MB=minibus

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