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Dymaxion map projection with the 30 largest countries and territories by area

This is a list of the world's countries and their territories by total, land and water area, ranked by total area.

The 10 largest countries occupy 25% of the world

  Russia (11.5%)
  Canada (7.5%)
  United States (7.5%)
  China (6.5%)
  Brazil (6.0%)
  Australia (5.0%)
  India (2.0%)
  Argentina (1.5%)
  Kazakhstan (1.5%)
  Algeria (1.0%)
  Other (51%)

The entries in the list include, but those not limited to, those in the ISO 3166 standard of which includes all sovereign states, dependent territories and other territories. All 193 Members of the United Nations plus the 2 observer states are assigned a number rank. Largely unrecognized states not found in ISO 3166 are included in the ranking. The areas of such largely unrecognized states are in most cases also included in the areas of their states as they claim the same territory. See the notes in the numbers for each country/territory for more clarification.

Not included in the list are the Pacific Plastic Island, which spans 1,800,000 km² or organizations such as the NATO.

The entry includes three subfields:

For uniformity criteria, total area is taken from the United Nations Statistics Division unless otherwise noted. Land and water are taken from the CIA World Factbook unless otherwise noted. The CIA World Factbook is most often used when different UN departments disagree.[1] Other statistical services of other countries calculate themselves, of which will defer the table.


Countries by area

Sovereign states and dependent territories by area


MongoliaIranLibyaSudanIndonesiaMexicoSaudi ArabiaGreenlandDenmarkDemocratic Republic of the CongoAlgeriaKazakhstanArgentinaIndiaEuropean UnionAustraliaBrazilOceaniaUnited StatesGeography of China#Boundary disputesPeople's Republic of ChinaCanadaEuropeAntarcticaRussia

Countries that have an area more than 1,500,000 km²


  1. "Demographic Yearbook – Table 3: Population by sex, rate of population increase, surface area and density" (PDF). United Nations Statistics Division. 2012.


  1. The largest country in the world which spams into 2 continents, the largest Russian-speaking country by area and the largest country in the Northern Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere. The European part in located in Europe which makes it the largest country in Europe while the Asian part is located in Asia which makes it the largest country in Asia.
  2. 13,920,000 km² (98%) of the land area is covered by ice and snow. Although it is not a country ifsetf, the region is claimed by various countries. The following countries have claims on Antarctica: Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom.
  3. Largest English and French-speaking country in the world by area, largest country in the Western Hemisphere, in North America and the Americas. Figures include freshwater only.
  4. Excludes the US territories and the disputed territories. Largest English-speaking country in the world by land area and largest Spanish-speaking country in the world by area. Figures include territorial waters.
  5. Excludes the Taiwan-China dispute and the 2 special administrative regions. Largest country located entirely in Asia.
  6. Largest country in South America, in Latin America and largest Portuguese-speaking in the world by area.
  7. Excludes the external territories of Australia. Largest island country in the world, largest country in Oceania, in the Australian continent and the Southern Hemisphere.
  8. Includes Argentine Antarctica, but excludes the disputed territories of the Falkland Islands and the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The second-largest Spanish-speaking country by area and the largest country in the Southern Cone.
  9. Includes the India-administered Kashmir. Largest country in South Asia.
  10. The second-largest Russian-speaking country, the largest landlocked country and the largest country in Central Asia.
  11. Largest country in Africa and the Arab world.
  12. The second largest French-speaking country and the largest country in the Central Africa. It has the largest French speaking city in the world, Kinshasa.
  13. Figures include Metropolitan Denmark, as well as the 2 self-governing territories. Instead, Denmark has the largest non-continental island (Greenland).
  14. Largest non-continental island in the world, largest administrative division in Denmark and the largest inhabited overseas territory in the world. A total of 1,755,086 km² (81%) of the land area is covered by ice. The ice-free areas sum to 410,000 km². 81% of people requested a referendum for independence.
  15. Largest country in the Middle East and Western Asia.
  16. Includes the Chilean Antarctic Territory. The third-largest Spanish-speaking in the world by area.
  17. It has the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world, Mexico City.
  18. Largest country in Southeast Asia and the largest island country in the world that is not a continent. Made up only of islands.
  19. Largest unclaimed land in the world. 1,590,000 (99%) of the land area is covered by ice.
  20. Largest landlocked country in Africa.
  21. The second-largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world by area.
  22. The French Republic includes Metropolitan France, all well as the 5 overseas regions, New Caledonia, the 5 autonomous collectivities and the 2 other overseas territories (the French Southern and Antarctic Lands and Clipperton Island.)
  23. The third-largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world by area.
  24. Includes the Russian-controlled areas.
  25. Largest island country in Africa
  26. Second largest country in Oceania after Australia.
  27. Largest country in Scandinavia.
  28. Includes Adelie Land.
  29. Smallest country located entirely in South America
  30. Smallest island country in the world.
  31. Smallest country in the world with a coastline.
  32. A part of New Zealand
  33. Smallest country in the world and smallest country in Europe.

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