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A list of endangered languages (with fewer than 1000 speakers or with very fast decline).

In order to judge if a language is actually endangered, the number of speakers is less important than the distribution among age cohorts. There may be 200,000 mother tongue speakers of the Breton language over 50 years of age, but fewer than 2,000 under 25 years of age - thus it is likely Breton will die out in the next half century. On the other hand, while there are 30,000 Ladin language speakers left, almost all children still learn it as their mother tongue - thus Ladin is not endangered in the 21st century.

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Americas[change | change source]

  • Michif, spoken by fewer than 1,000 people in western Canada
  • indigenous languages of Canada:
  • indigenous languages of the USA:
    • Hawaiian language, Hawaii

Asia[change | change source]

  • Ainu, Northern Japan, 15 speakers
  • Aramaic, Lebanon, Kurdistan
  • Chukchi, Siberia, circa 10,400 speakers (2001)
  • Udmurt, various parts of Russia
  • Northern indigenous peoples of Russia
  • Beechistani ,Somewhere in Northern India(Beechistaan), 6 speakers
  • Sanskrit, Nepal-India, Less than 500 speakers, According to Indian history, Sanskrit is the mother of all Indo-European languages.
  • Athpahariya language, Athpahariya
  • Bahing language, Bahing
  • Barām language, Barām
  • Chepang language
  • Kumāle language, Kumāle
  • Kusunda language, Kusunda
  • Surel language, Surel

Australia[change | change source]

  • all aboriginal languages

Europe[change | change source]

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