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List of kings of the Picts

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This list includes Pictish kings since 312, kings have ruled the Picts since around 800 BC but the monarchs listed here are the kings and queens who have ruled the whole of Pictland or claimed to have ruled the whole of Pictland.

Kings of Pictland since 312

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Kings of Pictland & Alba/Scotland

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  • Cináed mac Ailpín (843-858)
  • Domnall mac Ailpín (858-862)
  • Causantín mac Cináeda (862-877)

Disputed (kings of Pictland)

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  • Áed mac Cináeda (877-878)
  • Giric mac Dúngail (878-889)
  • Domnall mac Causantín (889-900)

Disputed (kings of Pictish Alba)

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  • Caisantín mac Áeda (900-943), abdicated. Died 952