List of people from Tennessee

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State flag of Tennessee
Location of Tennessee on the U.S. map

The following is a list of prominent people who were born in the U.S. state of Tennessee, live (or lived) in Tennessee, or for whom Tennessee is significant part of their identity:

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A[change | change source]

Doug Atkins

B[change | change source]

Kathy Bates
Mookie Betts
Pat Boone
Corey Brewer

C[change | change source]

Tracy Caulkins
Kenny Chesney
Davy Crockett
Miley Cyrus

D[change | change source]

Natalia Dyer

E[change | change source]

F[change | change source]

Morgan Freeman

G[change | change source]

Yo Gotti

H[change | change source]

Carla Hall
Thelma Harper
Todd Helton

J[change | change source]

Samuel L. Jackson

K[change | change source]

Johnny Knoxville

L[change | change source]

William P. Lawrence

M[change | change source]

Mike Massey
Shaq Mason

N[change | change source]

Robert Neyland

O[change | change source]

P[change | change source]

Dolly Parton
Elvis Presley

Q[change | change source]

R[change | change source]

Wilma Rudolph

S[change | change source]

Steve Spurrier
Pat Summitt

T[change | change source]

Justin Timberlake
Tina Turner

U[change | change source]

V[change | change source]

W[change | change source]

Kitty Wells
Jason Witten

Y[change | change source]

Alvin York

Z[change | change source]

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