List of people who disappeared mysteriously: 1910–1990

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1910s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age Missing from More information
23 August 1912 Bobby Dunbar 4 St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, U.S. Bobby Dunbar disappeared during a fishing trip. [1]

1920s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age Missing from More info Refs.
April 1926 Frederick McDonald 53–54 Sydney, Australia An Australian politician, McDonald went from Martin Place, Sydney, for a meeting with Jack Lang two blocks away but did not get there. He was possibly killed by his political rival Thomas Ley. [2]

1930s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
1934 Wallace Fard Muhammad 56–57 Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Founder of the Nation of Islam, Muhammad left Detroit and was never heard from again. [3]
19 August 1936 Federico García Lorca 38 Spain García Lorca was a Spanish poet, playwright, and theatre director. He is believed to have been killed by Nationalist forces at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. His body has not been found. [4]

1940s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
15 December 1944 Glenn Miller 40 Clapham, England The American big-band musician was in an airplane that disappeared over the English Channel. [5]
17 January 1945 Raoul Wallenberg 32 Budapest, Hungary A Swedish diplomat that saved Jews in Hungary during the Holocaust. Wallenberg was arrested in Budapest after the Soviet army came. [6][7]
24 December 1945 Maurice Sodder 14 Fayetteville, West Virginia, U.S. Five of the nine Sodder children, aged 5 through 14, lived in their parents' home. A fire burned down the house, with little proof of the bodies of the children having been in the house during the fire. [8]
Martha Sodder 12
Louis Sodder 9
Jennie Sodder 8
Betty Sodder 5

1950s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
12 March 1956 Jesús Galíndez 41 Manhattan, New York City, U.S. Spanish politician and Basque nationalist who is thought to have been kidnapped and murdered by Dominican security agents on the orders of Rafael Trujillo. His body has never been located. [9]

1960s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
1961 Masanobu Tsuji 59 Laos The Japanese army officer and politician disappeared on a trip to Laos. [10]
17 December 1967 Harold Holt 59 Portsea, Victoria, Australia. On 17 December 1967, Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia, disappeared while swimming in the sea near Portsea, Victoria. His body was never found. [11]
1968 Eugene DeBruin 34 Pathet Lao, Laos DeBruin, a United States Air Force staff sergeant and member of Air America, had his plane shot down in 1963 in Laos during the Second Indochina War. After that he was a POW at a Pathet Lao prison camp in Laos until 1968 when he and other prisoners tried to escape. He disappeared and it is not known if his escape was a success. [12]

1970s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
5 May 1971 A. B. M Abdur Rahim Bangladesh He has not been seen since his forced disappearance during the 1971 killing of Bengali intellectuals (or academics, journalists, physicians, lawyers, litterateurs, artists and engineers). In 1996, the Bangladesh Postal Department released a postage stamp with his picture and name.[13] .[14][14][15]
10 December 1971 Lynne Schulze 17 Middlebury, Vermont, U.S. Schulze was a student at Middlebury College and was last seen by one of her college friends when she changed her [walking] direction, after first being on her way to a literature exam. [16]
30 January 1972 Zahir Raihan 36 Bangladesh Zahir Raihan, a Bangladeshi novelist, writer, and filmmaker and the brother of Shahidullah Kaiser, disappeared on 30 January 1972, while looking for his brother, who had been abducted by Pakistani forces. [17][18]
21 June 1972 Boanerges de Souza Massa 34 Formosa, Brazil Physician and field surgeon for the ALN who was captured, tortured and likely murdered shortly after his arrest by Brazilian authorities. His body has never been found. [19]
16 October 1972 Nick Begich 40 Alaska, U.S. Nick Begich and Hale Boggs were both Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives and disappeared when the airplane in which they were traveling presumably crashed in a remote area on 16 October 1972. No trace of the aircraft has ever been found. [20]
Hale Boggs 58
30 July 1975 Jimmy Hoffa 62 Bloomfield Township, Michigan, U.S. Hoffa, a U.S. trade union leader and president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, disappeared on 30 July 1975 from the parking lot of a restaurant. It is believed he was to meet with the Mafia leaders Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano. [21]
15 November 1977 Megumi Yokota 13 Niigata Prefecture, Japan Yokota was reportedly abducted by a North Korean agent on 15 November 1977. She was thought to have been taken to a spy-training center. [22][23]

1980s[change | change source]

Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from More info Refs.
26 April 1980 Louise Faulkner 43 St Kilda, Australia Louise Faulkner and her daughter Charmian went missing in April 1980 after Louise told a friend she was visiting her boyfriend in Gippsland. They were last seen getting into a white ute. They have not been found. [24]
Charmian Faulkner 2
26 April 1980 Laureen Rahn 14 Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S. Fourteen-year-old Rahn disappeared from her apartment after spending an evening with two friends. Upon returning home in the early morning, her mother noticed the lightbulbs in the hallways of each floor in the apartment building had been unscrewed, leaving the halls dark. Upon entering the apartment, she saw the figure of a young girl in Rahn's bed; Judith assumed the figure was Rahn. However, several hours later, she discovered that she was in fact Rahn's friend, who had fallen asleep in the bed. Her friend claimed to have last seen Rahn during the night when she got up to go to sleep on the couch. In the years after Rahn's disappearance, her mother received various anonymous phone calls. [25][26]
17 June 1980 Peng Jiamu 55 Lop Nur, China Chinese biologist Peng, who led an expedition to Lop Nur, disappeared after leaving a note saying he had gone to find water. His body has not been found. [27]
28 July 1980 John Favara 51 New York City, United States John Favara was the backyard neighbor of Gambino crime boss John Gotti, in Howard Beach, New York, who disappeared after he struck and killed Gotti's 12-year-old son, Frank, with his car as the boy darted into the street on a motorized minibike. After the killing, Favara's wife and two sons moved out of Howard Beach. [28][29][30]
5 August 1980 Alan Addis 19 East Falkland, Falkland Islands The Royal Marine Alan Addis went missing on 5 August 1980. He and some other soldiers wer on a patrol to North Arm in Lafonia on East Falkland. Addis was last seen at 1:30 a.m. after the marines had attended a local function in the social hall of the small, remote community. He was not missed until the other members of his team had set sail on a steamer (or boat), to take them back to their base at Port Stanley. The official report assumes he drowned. [31]
6 October 1980 Thomas A. Mutch 49 Mount Nun, Jammu and Kashmir This American geologist and planetary scientist disappeared on 6 October on Mount Nun in the Kashmir Himalayas and is believed dead. [32]
16 October 1980 Irma Flaquer 42 Guatemala Guatemalan psychologist and journalist who was kidnapped. [33]
7 November 1980 Johan Asplund 11 Sundsvall, Sweden Asplund disappeared from his home in Sundsvall during the morning of 7 November 1980 and has not been seen since. [34]
9 December 1980 Alaíde Foppa 64 Guatemala Foppa disappeared on 9 December 1980 and is believed to have been murdered. [35]
28 November 1981 Katrice Lee 2 Schloß Neuhaus, West Germany Lee was a British girl who disappeared from a NAAFI shopping complex on 28 November 1981, her second birthday. [36]
December 1981 George Washington Hughes 81–85 Florida, United States George Washington "Bo" Hughes was a carver of Hobo Nickels until he disappeared from a Hobo camp. [37]
9 January 1982 Lynette Dawson 33 Mona Vale, Australia Lynette Dawson was the wife of Chris Dawson, teacher and rugby league player. She disappeared on 9 January 1982, and has not been seen since. In 2018, Chris Dawson was charged with the murder of Lynette Dawson. He was in 2020 told to stand trial for the murder of Lynette. [38][39][40][41]
5 July 1982 Ahmad Motevaselian 29 Lebanon The Iranian military attache Ahmad Motevaselian was one of the four Iranian diplomats (with Seyed Mohsen Mousavi, Kazem Akhavan, and Taghi Rastegar Moghadam) who disappeared in Lebanon in 1982. On 5 July 1982, when the vehicle carrying the diplomats was passing through a checkpoint on its way to Beirut, it was intercepted (or stopped) by Phalange Party members. The search for Motevaselian and the other Iranian diplomats continues. [42][43]
5 September 1982 Johnny Gosch 12 Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. Gosch was reported missing by his parents after he disappeared on 5 September 1982, while delivering newspapers.[44] At that time, the custom was a three-day waiting period before police responded to missing-persons reports. Gosch was not heard from again, but his case prompted new laws for Iowa and other states resulting in missing-persons reports involving children being given immediate attention. [45]
12 September 1982 Stephen Pearsall 35 Lewiston, Idaho, U.S. On the night of 12 September 1982, Pearsall, an employee of the Lewiston Civic Theater, entered the building to use the laundry facilities and has not been seen since. His disappearance occurred on the same night as that of two women he was acquainted with, Kristina Diane Nelson and Jacqueline Ann "Brandy" Miller. Nelson and Miller were later found dead. Police believe Pearsall may have been a victim of the same killer. [46]
3 November 1982 Tony Jones 20 North Queensland, Australia Tony Jones disappeared while backpacking on 3 November 1982, and is believed to have been murdered. [47][48][49]
24 November 1982 Gwendolyn Clemons 23 Kansas City, Missouri Clemons disappeared from Kansas City on 24 November 1982 along with her daughter and an unnamed man, apparently to "start a new life" in Florida. On 3 December 1982, Clemons was seen walking on a bridge above the Escatawpa River on Interstate 10, near the Alabama/Mississippi border with her daughter. Passing motorists tried to help her, she denied (or did not want) any help. A motorist reported seeing the body of a woman, floating in the river on 5 December; The authorities found the body of her daughter instead. [50]
13 February 1983 Upali Wijewardene 44 Colombo, Sri Lanka Sri Lankan business magnate Upali Wijewardene's private Lear jet disappeared on the way to Colombo on 13 February 1983. [51]
17 March 1983 Ludovic Janvier 6 Grenoble, France Janvier disappeared on 17 March 1983 when he was believed to have been abducted along with his brothers by an unidentified white man. While his brothers escaped, Ludovic has not been located. [52]
7 May 1983 Mirella Gregori 15 Rome, Italy Gregori, a girl who disappeared from Rome on 7 May 1983, has not been seen since. [53]
1 June 1983 Ann Gotlib 12 Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. Russian immigrant Gotlib disappeared from the premises of a shopping mall on 1 June 1983. The police later found her bike, but her abductor has remained a mystery. [54]
22 June 1983 Emanuela Orlandi 15 Rome, Italy Orlandi, who was a citizen of Vatican City, disappeared on 22 June 1983 and has not been seen since. [55]
25 June 1983 Nyleen Kay Marshall 4 Helena, Montana, U.S. On 25 June 1983 in the Helena National Forest, four-year-old Nyleen Marshall disappeared from a large family picnic. Some children with whom she was playing claimed to have seen her talking to an unknown man in a jogging suit. In the years after Marshall's disappearance, an anonymous person placed phone calls and wrote letters to missing-person nonprofits, as well as to the Marshall family, detailing his apparent kidnapping of Marshall. The unknown writer/caller was traced to Wisconsin, and he claimed Marshall was alive and well, though some content of his letters indicated sexual abuse. The identity of the letter writer and caller remain unknown, as does Marshall's whereabouts. [56]
6 July 1983 Tammy Lynn Leppert 18 Rockledge, Florida, U.S. Model and actress Tammy Lynn Leppert disappeared on 6 July 1983 without a trace after leaving her family home. [57]
1 September 1983 Kirsa Jensen 14 Napier, New Zealand Kirsa Jensen disappeared on 1 September 1983 while riding her horse at a beach. [58]
2 September 1983 George Cogar 51 British Columbia, Canada The American computer scientist was last seen on 2 September 1983 aboard a private plane, a Britten-Norman Islander, with six other people to go on a hunting trip. The plane disappeared somewhere in British Columbia and was never found. [59]
10 February 1984 Kevin Andrew Collins 10 San Francisco, California, U.S. Collins disappeared while en route to basketball practice. He was one of the first children to be featured on milk cartons and the cover of national publications. [60]
13 February 1984 Naomi Uemura 43 Denali, Alaska, U.S. Naomi Uemura, a Japanese adventurer who was particularly well known for doing alone what had previously been achieved only with large teams, disappeared on 13 February 1984 while descending Mount Denali after a solo climb. [61]
27 October 1989 Melanie Melanson 14 Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S. Melanson went missing at a party near an industrial park and has not been seen since. [62][63]

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