List of political parties in Iceland

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The Althing is the national parliament of Iceland.

This article is a list of political parties in Iceland.

Parties in the Althing[change | change source]

As of 2015
Name Beliefs Spectrum Seats
Progressive Party Liberalism[1], critical of the European Union[2][3] and that rural society is better than an urban one. Right Increase 19/63
Independence Party Liberal conservatism[4], critical of the European Union and supporters of economic liberalism[5]. Centre-right Increase 19/63
Social Democratic Alliance Social democracy and they support the European Union. Centre-left Decrease 9/63
Left-Green Movement Democratic socialism[6], they support the European Union[7], feminism[8] and pacifism. Left Decrease 7/63
Bright Future Social liberalism[6] and they support the European Union. Centre Steady 6/63
Pirate Party Direct democracy, freedom of information, Civil rights and Freedom of speech. N/A Steady 3/63

Other parties[change | change source]

These are the parties that are not in the Althing and have no political power.

Left wing[change | change source]

  • Humanist Party
  • Rainbow
  • Iceland Democratic Party
  • People's Front of Iceland[9]
  • Liberal Democrats

Right wing[change | change source]

  • Households Party
  • Christian Political Movement

No spectrum[change | change source]

  • Rural Party
  • Dawn
  • Solidarity

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