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List of rivers of Armenia

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A map of Armenian rivers and their basins

The Rivers in Armenia are mainly fresh water. Armenia has many rivers.

The largest river of the Republic of Armenia is the Araks, which is on the country's border with Iran and a large part of the border with Turkey. Its major tributaries are the Akhurian, Kasagh, Hrazdan, Azat, Arpa, Vorotan and Voghdji rivers. The largest rivers in the northwest part of the country are the Debed and Aghstev. Smaller ones include the Dzoraget and the Pambak.

The following table is the list of the biggest rivers in Armenia:

River Length (km)
Akhurian River 205
Vorotan River 179
Araks River 158
Hrazdan River 146
Arpa River 126
Aghstev River 99
Debed River 92
Kasagh River 89
Voghdji River 88
Pambak River 86
Dzoraget River 71
Getik River 58
Vedi River 58
Azat River 56
Argitchi River 51