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This is a list of noted scientists ordered by nationality.

Afghanistan[change | change source]

Albania[change | change source]

Argentina[change | change source]

Armenia[change | change source]

Australia[change | change source]

Austria[change | change source]

Azerbaijan[change | change source]

Bangladesh[change | change source]

Belarusia[change | change source]

Belize[change | change source]

Bermuda[change | change source]

Bolivia[change | change source]

Bosnia and Herzegovina[change | change source]

Brazil[change | change source]

Bulgaria[change | change source]

  • Lyubomir Ivanov, got the award, Acad. Nikola Obreshkov Prize, the highest Bulgarian award in mathematics.;[19] Linguistics, Mathematics

China[change | change source]

Chien-Shiung Wu (1912-1997) in 1958.jpg
  • Xu Guangxian, was president of the Chinese Chemical Society; Chemistry; died in 2015
  • Zhang Heng, made the first seismometer; Astronomy, engineering, meteorology, geology, philosophy, and mathematics; died in 139 A.D.

Croatia[change | change source]

Cuba[change | change source]

Czechia[change | change source]

Egypt[change | change source]

Ibrahim Anouleish 20071120 1.jpg
Ahmed Zewail HD2009 Othmer Gold Medal portrait.JPG

Estonia[change | change source]

Fiji[change | change source]

France[change | change source]

Georgia[change | change source]

Germany[change | change source]

Great Britain[change | change source]

England[change | change source]

Greece[change | change source]

Guatemala[change | change source]

Guyana[change | change source]

Haiti[change | change source]

Honduras[change | change source]

Hungary[change | change source]

Iceland[change | change source]

India[change | change source]

Indonesia[change | change source]

Iran[change | change source]

Italy[change | change source]

Japan[change | change source]

Kazakhstan[change | change source]

Kenya[change | change source]

Kosovo[change | change source]

Kyrgyzstan[change | change source]

Laos[change | change source]

Latvia[change | change source]

Macedonia[change | change source]

Morocco[change | change source]

  • Ibn Ghazi al-Miknasi, wrote Meknes's history and a commentary to the treatise of Ibn al-Banna; a work that explained the mentioned work, was named ["The desire of students for an explanation of the calculator's craving"] Bughyat al-tulab fi sharh munyat al-hussab (including, arithmetic and algebraic methods).[47] Mathematics, linguistics; died in 1513

Nepal[change | change source]

  • Kumud Dhital - he is one of the members of the team that first transplanted a heart donated after circulatory death (DCD), where the heart has stopped beating;[48] he is a surgeon.

New Zealand[change | change source]

North Korea[change | change source]

Norway[change | change source]

Philippines[change | change source]

Romania[change | change source]

Russia[change | change source]

Solomon Islands[change | change source]

Spain[change | change source]

South Korea[change | change source]

Switzerland[change | change source]

Syria[change | change source]

Thailand[change | change source]

Tunisia[change | change source]

  • Abbas Bahri, introduced the method of the critical points at infinity, which is a fundamental step in the calculus of variations; Mathematics, Variational analysis; died in 2016

Turkey[change | change source]

Ukraine[change | change source]

United States[change | change source]

Vietnam[change | change source]

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