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This is a list of characters for the British television and radio sketch show Little Britain (and its American spin-off, Little Britain USA).

A[change | change source]

Anne[change | change source]

Little Britain character
Created byDavid Walliams
Matt Lucas
Portrayed byDavid Walliams
Voiced byDavid Walliams
Full nameAnne

Played By: David Walliams (Anne), Matt Lucas (Dr. Lawrence) and Steve Furst (Dr. Beegree)
Appearances: Season 1-3
Quotes: "Eh-eh-ehhh!"

Anne is a patient at the Steven-Spielberg-Hospitals and the client of Dr. Lawrence. Sometimes, he takes her to his home. She looks like a mental patient, but in some episodes, he does like a normale person and speaks also normal. You can see in an episode, that he is a men.

C[change | change source]

Kenny Craig[change | change source]

Played By: Matt Lucas
Appearances: Season 1 and 2
Quotes: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes (snaps fingers) you're under." (After dialogue relating to situation), "3, 2, 1... (snaps fingers) you're back in the room"

Kenny Craig is a hypnotist. He hypnotized other people and says to them, what they should do.

D[change | change source]

Marjorie Dawes[change | change source]

Played By: Matt Lucas
Appearances: Season 1-3
Quotes: "Hello Fatties!", "Dust?", "Oh man I love the cake!", "It's not easy is it?"
Marjories victims: Paul Putner (Paul), Joann Condon (Pat), Charu Bala Chokshi (Meera), Leelo Ross (Tanya)

Marjorie is the leader of the self-help group Fat Fighters. She is overweight, but nevertheless she insults the weight of the participants. The Indian woman Meera speaks perfect English, and Marjorie annoys them, by saying: "Say it again?". Another member is Pat, the fattest person of the group. Marjorie always gives her advice to eat dust, because it doesn't have calories and you wouldn't to be thick. In a sketch, she lost weight and Marjorie gave her to eat Éclair. Paul and Pat become a pair.

Bubbles DeVere[change | change source]

Played By: Matt Lucas
Appearances: Season 2-3
Quotes: "Champagne! Champagne for everyone!", "'Ello dahlin'!", "Call me Bubbles darling, everybody does!", "the number is 0123456789 ok dahlin"

Bubbles is an overweight woman. She lives in the Spa Hill Grange for several months and for free. The manager of this Hotel is Mr. Hutton. If he meets Bubbles, she runs away, because she knows, that he wants the payment. You can often see, that she is naked.

Desiree DeVere[change | change source]

Played By: David Walliams
Appearances: Season 3
Quotes: "Baby"

Desiree is the wife of Roman and the rival of Bubbles. She is overweight and fatter than Bubbles.

Roman DeVere[change | change source]

Played By: Rob Brydon
Appearances: Season 3

Roman DeVere is the husband of Desiree DeVere (Played by David Walliams) and the ex-husband of Bubbles DeVere (Played by Matt Lucas). He loves fat women und he had separated from her, because Desiree is fatter than Bubbles.

H[change | change source]

Emily Howard[change | change source]

Played By: David Walliams
Appearances: Season 1-3
Quotes: "I'm a lady!", I do lady things!"

Emily is not a credible transvestite. She wears Women's Costumes from the 19th century. She lives in the english coastal town Old Haven. Old colleague can sometimes to see them and they remember, who she is. She always replies "I don't know someone with this name! I'm a laaaady!". She played at the English soccer team Queens Park Rangers.

L[change | change source]

Lou and Andy[change | change source]

Played By: David Walliams (Lou) and Matt Lucas (Andy)
Appearances: Season 1-3
Quotes: "I want that one...", "I don't like it", "I look a pillock", "Yeah I know!"; Lou: "bit of a kerfuffle!" "Are you sure?"

Lou lives with the wheelchair users Andy in Herby. Andy must always choose something, but he doesn't choose the right things. If he turns around, Andy jumps out of his wheelchair and does different activities.

Sebastian Love[change | change source]

Played By: David Walliams
Appearances: Season 1-3
Quotes: "Whateva!'", "Whaaaa(t)!?" (Sebastian)

Sebastian is young, gay and the secretary of Prime Minister Michael Stevens. He fell in love with him. Sebastian is always jealous of other colleague and he tries always to prevent meeting.

M[change | change source]

Mr. Mann[change | change source]

Mr. Mike Mann is acted by David Walliams. He buys lots of things from Roy's shop, which changes its theme every episode. He wants something very specific which annoys Roy all the time. When Roy can't find the thing he will ask his wife, who was no arms or legs, Margaret, who lives upstairs, if they have any in the store at that time.

If Roy finds the object Mr Mann wants then Mr Mann will add some other detail which must be required for him to buy it.[1] When he actually gets the item he is looking for he becomes disappointed, showing that it was more to do with annoying Roy than buying anything.

Ray McCooney[change | change source]

Played By: David Walliams
Appearances: Season 1
Quotes: "A-Yeeeees!", "Maybe I did and maybe I didn't"

Ray McCooney has a hotel in Scotland. He directs the hotel with his small children. He confused his customers and he always answers in riddles. He can to be normal, but he wants, that his customers become crazy.

P[change | change source]

Vicky Pollard[change | change source]

Played By: Matt Lucas
Appearances: Season 1-3
Quotes: "No, but, yeah, but, no, but...", "Oh my God! I sooo can't believe you just said that!"

Vicky is an overweight and a naughty girl. She lives in Darkley Noone and wears jogging clothes. She has many children from unknown fathers. Her trademark is the fast talking.

R[change | change source]

Florence Rose[change | change source]

Played By: Matt Lucas
Appearances: Season 2, 3

Florence is the best friend of Emily. She wears a beard and many people think, that she is not a woman. Sometimes, she wears babyclothes.

S[change | change source]

Michael Stevens[change | change source]

Played By: Anthony Head
Appearances: Season 1-3

Michael Stevens is the Prime Minister and Sebastian is his secretary. Although he is married with a wife, but he says to other colleague, that he is also gay

T[change | change source]

Daffyd Thomas[change | change source]

Played By: Matt Lucas
Appearances: Season 1-3
Quotes: "Everybody knows I'm the only gay in the village", "Bacardi and Coke please, Myfanwy"

Daffyd is overweight and gay. He thinks, that he is the only gay person in the village Llanddewi Brefi. He doesn't want it to have true, that gay people live in this village.. He wears often latex clothes.

References[change | change source]

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