Loganair Flight 6780

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Loganair Flight 6780 was a scheduled domestic flight from Aberdeen to Shetland, which was struck by lightning while approaching Sumburgh Airport. The plane plummeted but the pilots were able to regain control within seconds of impact against the North Sea. The flight was emergency diverted to Aberdeen.

Loganair Flight 6780
G-LGNO IMG 8367 (30929470804).jpg
G-LGNO, the aircraft involved in the incident
Date () 15 December 2014
SummaryLightning strike, autopilot error
SiteSumburgh, Shetland Islands
59°52′56″N 001°05′07″W / 59.88222°N 1.08528°W / 59.88222; -1.08528Coordinates: 59°52′56″N 001°05′07″W / 59.88222°N 1.08528°W / 59.88222; -1.08528
Aircraft typeSaab 2000
Aircraft nameSpirit of Aberdeen
Flight originAberdeen Airport
DestinationSumburgh Airport

The AAIB issued five safety recommendations to the EASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to prevent a loss of control due to the autopilot. The safety advisory recommends reviewing the autopilot design of aircraft certified by the rules of Part 25 and equivalent regulations, including the Saab 2000, and require modification if necessary to ensure that pilots do not pose potential danger when applying forces that conflict with the autopilot.

Survivors[change | change source]

Shona Manson, one of the passengers on Flight 6780 said: "I'm not scared of flying, but it was very, very rough. If it were someone who is afraid of flying, it would be their worst nightmare." She also related that after landing, the captain came out of the cabin, looking a bit shaken, to speak to the passengers noting that the incident could have been much worse.[1]

Dramatization[change | change source]

The accident is featured in the first episode of Season 21 of Mayday, also known as Air Crash Investigation. The episode is titled "North Sea Nightmare".[2]

References[change | change source]

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