London Underground 1992 Stock

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London Underground 1992 Stock
London Underground 1992 Stock at Theydon Bois by tompagenet.jpg
A Central line 1992 Stock at Theydon Bois in 2012
Central line 92 Tube Stock DM Interior.jpg
The inside of a Central line 1992 Stock
In service7 April 1993 – present[1]
ManufacturerBritish Rail Engineering Limited (under ABB)[2]
Built atDerby Litchurch Lane Works[2]
ReplacedBritish Rail Class 487
1962 Stock
RefurbishmentWabtec Rail UK
2006 (Waterloo & City trainsets only)[2]
2011-2012, 2020-(Central Line sets)
Number built700 cars
Formation4 cars per train (Waterloo & City line)
8 cars per train (Central line)
Capacity930 per trainset (Central Line)
444 per trainset (Waterloo & City)[2]
Line(s) served Central line  (1993 – present)
 Waterloo & City line  (1993 – present)
Car length16.25 m (53 ft 4 in)
Width2.62 m (8 ft 7 in)
Height2.87 m (9 ft 5 in)
Maximum speed100 km/h (62 mph)
Weight20.5–22.5 tonnes (20.2–22.1 long tons; 22.6–24.8 short tons) (per car)
Traction systemGTO thyristor
(ABB/Brush Traction)[3][2]
Electric system(s)630V DC Fourth rail
BogiesH-frame (Siemens)
Seating272 per trainset (Central Line)
136 per trainset (Waterloo & City)[2]
Stock typeDeep-level tube

The 1992 Tube Stock is the type of train used on the Central line and Waterloo & City line of the London Underground. The trains were built by BREL (later Adtranz and now Bombardier Transportation). They were built after three 1986 tube stock prototype trains were tested to find out what the public wanted on the new trains.

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