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Loop AI Labs is an AI and cognitive computing company that focuses on language understanding technology. The company was founded in San Francisco in 2012 by Italian entrepreneur Gianmauro Calafiore, who sold his company Gsmbox to Buongiorno in 2004 and then relocated from Italy to San Francisco. Wanting to start an artificial intelligence company, he recruited two veterans of the DARPA CALO project, the largest government-funded AI project in history, who had worked on the project at SRI International and Stanford University's Center for the Study of Language and Information. The original company name, Soshoma, was changed to Loop AI Labs in 2015 after the company decided to change its focus from consumer-oriented to enterprise. Loop AI Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in New York, Milan, and Singapore. The company is privately funded.

On May 4, 2017, Loop AI Labs entered into a deal with LINK Mobility Group, a leading European provider of mobile messaging and solutions, to bring their cognitive computing technology to LINK's business clients, which cover 234 million people across Europe.