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Lopburi[1] is a province in the center of Thailand. It is good farming land. Lopburi has a long history. It was first called La-vo. Lopburi was settled during the Bronze Age. The Khmer expanded their power in the area during the 10th century and ruled from the town of La-vo.

The administration of Lopburi is divided into 11 districts[2] and 124 sub-districts. The tourist attractions are Narainivech Palace, Narai National Museum, Pralarn shrine (famous for the monkeys that come out of the jungle), Pasakchonlasit dam, Mahatad temple, Lopburi's zoo, Indian pagoda's shrine, Lai temple, Vichayenn's house -it's the place where the royal government welcome the foreign envoys, and Vangkanleung's waterfall.

Map of Lopburi

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