Los Ángeles, Chile

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Los Ángeles
Cathedral of Los Ángeles
Cathedral of Los Ángeles
Flag of Los Ángeles
Coat of arms of Los Ángeles
Country Chile
RegionBío Bío
ProvinceBío Bío
Founded20 March 1739
Founded byJosé Antonio Manso de Velasco
 • TypeMunicipal council
 • AlcaldeEsteban Krause Salazar
 • Total1,748.2 km2 (675.0 sq mi)
139 m (456 ft)
 (2002 Census)[2]
 • Total166,556
 • Density95/km2 (250/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−4 (CLT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−3 (CLST)
Area code(s)56 + 43
WebsiteOfficial website

Los Ángeles is a Chilean city; it is the capital and main city of the Bío Bío province, Bío Bío region.

Geography[change | change source]

The commune of Los Ángeles is between the Laja and Bío Bío rivers and has an area of 1,748.2 km2 (675.0 sq mi).[2] It is 510 km (317 mi) from the national capital of Santiago.

The commune is bordered on the north by the Yumbel and Cabrero communes and the Ñuble province, on the east by the Quilleco and Santa Bárbara communes, on the south by the Mulchén and Negrete communes, and on the west by the Nacimiento and Laja communes.

Climate[change | change source]

The climate of Los Ángeles is a Mediterranean climate, Cfb in the Köppen climate classification.[3]

The average amount of precipitation for the year in Los Ángeles is 1,069.3 mm (42.1 in). The month with the most precipitation on average is May with 254 mm (10.0 in) of precipitation. The month with the least precipitation on average is February with an average of 15.2 mm (0.6 in).

The average temperature for the year in Los Ángeles is 13.9 °C (57.0 °F). The warmest month, on average, is January with an average temperature of 20 °C (68 °F). The coolest month on average is July, with an average temperature of 7.8 °C (46.0 °F).

Population[change | change source]

As of 2002 (last national census), there were 166,556 people living in the commune, giving it a population density of 95.3 inhabitants/km².[2]

The city of Los Ángeles has an urban area of 27.35 km2 (10.56 sq mi) and a population, in 2002, of 117,972 inhabitants.[2]

Its inhabitants are called Angelinos (women, Angelinas).

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