Lost Lake (Santiam Pass, Linn County, Oregon)

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Lost Lake
Lost Lake (Linn County, Oregon scenic images) (linnD0003).jpg
LocationLinn County, Oregon, United States
Coordinates44°25′57″N 121°54′34″W / 44.43262°N 121.909506°W / 44.43262; -121.909506Coordinates: 44°25′57″N 121°54′34″W / 44.43262°N 121.909506°W / 44.43262; -121.909506
Basin countriesUnited States
Max. length1 km (0.62 mi)
Surface area50 acres (20 ha)
Surface elevation3,983 ft (1,214 m)

Lost Lake is a lake in the Willamette National Forest, in Oregon, in the United States.[3][4] It is known for the way that the water level changes during the year.[5] There are lava tubes in the bottom of the lake. During the summer, the water drains out of the lake through these tubes.[6][7] In some years, this leaves the lake with very little water, turning it mostly into a meadow.[8] Starting in the autumn the lake begins to fill again.[9] This happens as the amount of water coming in to the lake from streams and melting snow is higher than that flowing out. By spring, it has its highest water level.[7]

The water that drains through the tubes is thought to go to nearby Clear Lake.[10]

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