Louis Antoine de Pardaillan de Gondrin

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Louis Antoine de Pardaillan
Duke of Antin
Studio of Rigaud Versailles
Studio of Rigaud Versailles
Spouse(s) Julie Françoise de Crussol
Louis, Marquis of Gondrin
Pierre, Bishop-Duke of Langres
Full name
Louis Antoine de Pardaillan
Father Louis Henri de Pardaillan
Mother Françoise de Rochechouart
Born (1664-09-05)5 September 1664
Paris, France
Died 2 November 1736(1736-11-02) (aged 72)
Paris, France

Louis Antoine de Pardaillan, Duke of Antin (5 September 1664 – 2 November 1736) was Marquis of Antin, Gondrin and of Montespan (1701), then 1st Duke of Antin (1711) was a French nobleman. He was painted by Rigaud.

Children and marriage[change | change source]

On 21 August 1686 he married Julie Françoise de Crussol, daughter o Emmanuel de Crussol, Duke of Uzès.

  1. Louis de Pardaillan, Marquis o Gondrin (1689–1712) married Marie Victoire de Noailles and had childer.
  2. Pierre de Pardaillan (1692–1733), Bishop-Duke of Langres an member of the Académie française, never married.

Titles and styles[change | change source]

  • 1691–1711 The Marquis of Antin, Gondrin and of Montespan.
  • 1711- 2 November 1722 The Duke of Antin.