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Louis Leon Arthur Mowbray (born 19 August 1877 on St. George's, Bermuda; died 5 June 1952) was a naturalist. He was the founding curator of the Bermuda Aquarium.[1]

In around 1907 the Bermuda Natural History Society asked Mowbray to create Bermuda’s first aquarium and a marine research centre. He became known to American scientists and eventually moved to Boston, creating an aquarium there. In 1914, he became superintendent of the New York Aquarium. He also worked to build a new aquarium in Miami.

In 1926 Mowbray returned to Bermuda and built the Bermuda Aquarium. Dr. Charles Townsend, an American zoologist, organized several overseas trips for Mowbray to collect new fish specimens. The trips were paid for by Vincent Astor. He and Astor traveled to the Galapagos Islands in 1933. They brought back tortoises and penguins, expanding the aquarium to a zoo. Mowbray then became the first person to successfully breed both the Galapagos tortoises and penguins in captivity.[1]

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