Love Brewster

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Love Brewster
Bornca. 1611
Diedca. 6 October 1650 and 31 January 1651
NationalityBritish (Subject of King James I of England)
Known forMayflower passenger (1620)
SpouseSarah Collier
ChildrenSarah, Nathaniel, William, Wrestling
Parent(s)William Brewster
Mary Brewster
RelativesJonathan, Patience, Fear, (unnamed child who died young), Wrestling

Love Brewster was a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620. He was born about 1611 in Holland to William and Mary Brewster.

He married Sarah Collier at Plymouth, Plymouth Colony in 1634, and sired four children upon her. He was active in the community, and died at Duxbury, north of Plymouth, about 1651.

Early life[change | change source]

Love was born in Leiden, The Netherlands about 1611 to Mary and William Brewster. On 15 May 1634, he married Sarah Collier at Plymouth. They had four children: Sarah, Nathaniel, William, and Wrestling.

Plymouth Colony[change | change source]

Brewster became a freeman (able to vote and hold land) in Plymouth Colony on 2 March 1636. He volunteered to fight in the Pequot War (1634-1638), but saw no action because Plymouth's volunteers were not needed.

In 1642, Thomas Granger, Brewster's 16-year old servant, was caught committing bestiality upon Brewster's livestock. He admitted his transgression, and was executed with the animals, as the Bible commanded in Leviticus 20:15.

Later life and death[change | change source]

Brewster and his family moved to Duxbury, Plymouth Colony, north of the settlement at Plymouth. He served in the militia under Myles Standish. Brewster died at Duxbury between 6 October 1650 (when his will was written) and 31 January 1651 (when the will was probated).