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Lung tumors are tumors that grow in the lungs. Some of the tumors are cancer. Some tumors are benign, or non-cancerous. There are many types of lung cancer. Some types are common and some are rare. Lung tumors can be cancer that has spread to the lungs coming from a different part of the body. Some lung tumors are:

  • Bronchial leiomyoma, a rare, benign tumor
  • Lung cancer, the term commonly used to refer to carcinoma of the lung
  • Pulmonary carcinoid tumor
  • Pleuropulmonary blastoma
  • Neuroendocrine tumors of the lung[1]
  • Lymphomas of the lung.[2]
  • Sarcomas of the lung.[3]
  • Mediastinal tumors
  • Pleural tumors
  • Cancer in the lungs from other places in the body (metastasis or secondary tumors/neoplasms)

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