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Municipality and town
Coordinates: 6°16′S 14°15′E / 6.267°S 14.250°E / -6.267; 14.250Coordinates: 6°16′S 14°15′E / 6.267°S 14.250°E / -6.267; 14.250
ProvinceZaire Province
1,339 ft (408 m)
 • Total67,600
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

M'banza-Kongo (known as São Salvador in Portuguese from 1570 to 1975), is a town in northwesternAngola. It is the capital of Zaire Province.[1] In the valley to the south is the Luezi River.

M'banza-Kongo was once the home of the Manikongo, the ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo.

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