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Coordinates: 47°18′00″N 10°17′45″E / 47.3°N 10.29583°E / 47.3; 10.29583
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The Mädelegabel from the south. Below: the Schwarzmilzferner (2009)
Highest point
Prominence81 m ↓ Windgap with the Hochfrottspitze → Hochfrottspitze
Isolation0.4 km → Hochfrottspitze
Coordinates47°18′00″N 10°17′45″E / 47.3°N 10.29583°E / 47.3; 10.29583
Mädelegabel is located in Alps
Parent rangeCentral Ridge, Allgäu Alps
First ascent1818
Easiest routefrom the Heilbronn Way

The Mädelegabel is a mountain on the border of Austria and Germany. It is near Oberstdorf in the Allgäu Alps. It is one of the most-famous and most-climbed high mountains in the German Alps.

Mädelegabel is 2,645 metres (8,678 ft) high and made of Dolomite. It is the fourth tallest mountain in the Allgäu Alps, with a 400m tall rock face. With the Trettachspitze and the Hochfrottspitze, the Mädelegabel makes up the well known trio of peaks on the main ridge of the Allgäu Alps. Originally Mädelegabel was the name for all three mountains of the trio. Only later were they given different names. On its southeastern slopes is the Schwarzmilzferner, a small glacier. It was first climbed in 1818, by a survey team.