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Map of North Rhine-Westphalia highlighting the Regierungsbezirk of Münster
Coordinates: 51°58′N 7°38′E / 51.96°N 7.63°E / 51.96; 7.63Coordinates: 51°58′N 7°38′E / 51.96°N 7.63°E / 51.96; 7.63
Country Germany
State North Rhine-Westphalia
Region seat Münster
 • Total 6,904.93 km2 (2,666.01 sq mi)
Population (31 Dec. 2006)
 • Total 2,619,372
 • Density 379.3481/km2 (982.5070/sq mi)
Website bezreg-muenster.nrw.de

Münster is one of the five Regierungsbezirke of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in the north of the state.

The Regierungsbezirk was made in 1815. This means it is one of the original 25 Regierungsbezirke made to help govern Prussia.

The last time the boundaries of the region were changed was 1975. This was when the number of districts was changed from 10 to 5, and the number of district-free cities (urban districts) from six to three.

Kreisfreie Städte
(district-free towns)
  1. Borken
  2. Coesfeld
  3. Recklinghausen
  4. Steinfurt
  5. Warendorf
  1. Bottrop
  2. Gelsenkirchen
  3. Münster

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