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M60 Patton
FLMM - M60.jpg
An M60 Patton Tank
TypeMain battle tank
Place of originUnited States
Service history
In service1961–1997 (United States)
Used bySee Operators
WarsYom Kippur War
Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Iran–Iraq War
Persian Gulf War
Western Sahara War
Shia insurgency in Yemen
Turkey–PKK conflict
Production history
ManufacturerDetroit Arsenal Tank Plant, Chrysler
No. builtOver 15,000 (all variants)
VariantsSee Variants
MassM60: 50.7 short tons (46.0 t; 45.3 long tons)
M60A1: 52 to 54 short tons (47 to 49 t; 46 to 48 long tons) depending on turret design.
LengthM60: 6.946 meters (22 ft 9.5 in) (hull), 9.309 meters (30 ft 6.5 in) (gun forward)[1]
WidthM60: 3.631 meters (11 ft 11.0 in)[1]
HeightM60: 3.213 meters (10 ft 6.5 in)[1]

Armor6.125 in (155.6 mm)
105 mm (4.1 in) M68 gun (M60/A1/A3)
152 mm (6.0 in) M162 Gun/Launcher (M60A2)
.50 cal (12.7 mm) M85
7.62 mm M73 machine gun
EngineContinental AVDS-1790-2 V12, air-cooled Twin-turbo diesel engine
750 bhp (560 kW)[1]
Power/weight15.08 bhp/t[1]
TransmissionGeneral Motors, cross-drive, single-stage with 2 forward and 1 reverse ranges[1]
SuspensionTorsion bar suspension
Ground clearance0.463 meters (1 ft 6.2 in)[1]
Fuel capacity1,457 liters (320 imp gal; 385 U.S. gal)[1]
300 miles (500 km)[1]
Speed30 miles per hour (48 km/h) (road)[1]

The M60 Patton is a main battle tank (MBT) introduced in December 1960.[2] The M60 became the Army's primary tank during the Cold War.[3] When the Soviet Union got the T-54 tank, the United States decided to upgrade the M48 Patton tank.[4] The armor was improved. It was fitted with the British L7 105 mm tank gun.[4] The army also decided to switch from gasoline to diesel.[4]

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