M23 motorway

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M23 shield
Route information
Maintained by Highways England
Length15.9 mi (25.6 km)
HistoryOpened: 1974
Completed: 1975
Major junctions
North endHooley
Major intersectionsJunction 8.svg UK-Motorway-M25.svg
J8 → M25 motorway
South endPease Pottage
CountryUnited Kingdom
CountiesSurrey, West Sussex
Gatwick Airport
Road network

The M23 is a motorway in Surrey and West Sussex, in England. It goes from the M25 near London to Crawley. The A23 goes on to connect it to Brighton. It also goes past Gatwick Airport. The motorway is about 16 miles (26 km) long.[1] Most of the road has 4 lanes in each direction, some has three lanes.[2]

Junctions[change | change source]

M23 motorway junctions
miles km Northbound exits (B carriageway) Junction Southbound exits (A carriageway)
17.0 27.4 Road continues as A23 to Croydon
Croydon A23
J7 Crawley, Gatwick A23
Non-motorway traffic
Start of motorway
17.5 28.2
19.0 30.5 Heathrow Airport, Watford, Dartford Crossing
(M4, M1, M20, M11), M25
J8 Heathrow Airport (M4), Stansted Airport (M11) Maidstone (M20) (M3, M40, M26) M25
19.3 31.0
26.5 42.7 Gatwick Airport, Redhill A23 J9 Gatwick Airport, Redhill A23
26.8 43.1
28.5 45.8 Crawley A2011
East Grinstead A264
J10 Crawley A2011
East Grinstead A264
28.6 46.1
30.3 48.8 No exit J10a Crawley B2036
30.6 49.2
33.1 53.3 Start of motorway
Crawley A23
Non-motorway traffic
Pease Pottage services
Brighton, Crawley A23
Horsham A264
Pease Pottage services
Road continues as A23 to Brighton
33.4 53.8
  • Distances in kilometres and carriageway identifiers are taken from driver location signs/location marker posts. Where a junction goes across several hundred metres (yards) and the data is available, both the start and finish values for the junction are shown.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

References[change | change source]

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