M2 motorway (Northern Ireland)

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M2 shield
Route information
Part of E01, E16 and E18
Length22.0 mi (35.4 km)
HistorySouthern section constructed 1969–1975
Southern section
Length16.5 mi (26.6 km)
North endDuncairn
Major intersectionsJunction 1a.svg UK-Motorway-M3.svg
M3 Motorway
Junction 2.svg UK-Motorway-M5.svg
M5 Motorway
M22 motorway
South endAntrim
Northern section
Length6.0 mi (9.7 km)
North endTeeshan
South endBallycregy
CountryUnited Kingdom
Constituent countryNorthern Ireland
Ballymena, Belfast
Ballymoney, Antrim, Belfast
Road network

The M2 is a motorway in Belfast and County Antrim in Northern Ireland. It is part of the unsigned European route E01, E16 and E18 roads.

Junctions[change | change source]

Southern section[change | change source]

M2 motorway
Southeastbound exits Junction Northwestbound exits
End of M2
Motorway carries on as M3
Belfast (W), The WEST, The SOUTH A12 (M1)
Belfast (E), Newcastle, City Airport, Bangor M3
1A Start of motorway
Docks, City Centre A2 1B No access
Fortwilliam, Docks (N), Stena Line, Shore Road (A2) 1 Fortwilliam, Docks (N), Stena Line, Shore Road (A2)
Greenisland, Carrickfergus A2 2 Whiteabbey, Carrickfergus M5
Greenisland, Rathcoole, Whitewell A2
A6 Larne A8(M) Glengormley 4 A6 Larne A8(M) Glengormley
Larne (A8), Ballyclare, Templepatrick A57 5 International Airport Airport interchange Templepatrick, Ballyclare A57
Antrim B95 6 Antrim B95
Antrim Area Hospital 7 Antrim Area Hospital
End of M22 - Motorway carries on as M2 M22, J1 Motorway carries on as M22
Derry, Cookstown M22
Antrim, Ballymena, Coleraine A26

Notes[change | change source]

  • Junction 1B is the only motorway junction in the United Kingdom that consists solely of motorway exits, with no entry slip-roads
  • There is no Junction 3, it was planned to be located on the Antrim Road

Northern section[change | change source]

M2 motorway
Southbound exits Junction Northbound exits
End of motorway
A26 dual carriageway continues
International Airport Airport interchange Belfast, Antrim A26
Ballymena, Larne A36
10 Start of motorway
Ballymena, Broughshane A42 Cushendall (A43) 11 Ballymena, Broughshane A42
Start of motorway 12 End of motorway
A26 dual carriageway continues
Coleraine A26 Ballycastle (A44) Ballymena