M621 motorway

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Route information
Length7.7 mi (12.4 km)
HistoryConstructed 1972–75
Major junctions
Major intersections
M62 motorway

M1 motorway
CountryUnited Kingdom
Road network

The M621 is a motorway in West Yorkshire, England. It starts from the M62 and travells east past Leeds before ending at the M1, east of Leeds. It connects Leeds to the M62 and M1 motorways, and also is a shortcut between the M1 and M62.[1]

Junctions[change | change source]

M621 motorway junctions
Eastbound exits Junction Westbound exits Coordinates
Start of motorway
Leeds, Batley A62
Morley A650
M62, J27 Manchester, Bradford M62
Bradford (E) A62, A650
53°44′49″N 1°38′44″W / 53.74699°N 1.64555°W / 53.74699; -1.64555 (M621, Start of motorway)
Leeds (W), Leeds/Bradford Airport interchange A6110 J1 Ring Road, Leeds/Bradford Airport interchange A6110
Dewsbury (A653)
53°46′31″N 1°34′55″W / 53.77540°N 1.58195°W / 53.77540; -1.58195 (M621, Junction 1)
Wetherby (A58)
Harrogate (A61)
York (A64)
J2 A643 53°46′48″N 1°34′06″W / 53.78001°N 1.56838°W / 53.78001; -1.56838 (M621, Junction 2)
No access J2a Beeston, Holbeck 53°47′00″N 1°33′19″W / 53.78334°N 1.55534°W / 53.78334; -1.55534 (M621, Junction 2a)
Leeds Centre A653
Beeston, Holbeck
J3 Leeds Centre (S & W), Holbeck A653 53°47′05″N 1°32′49″W / 53.78460°N 1.54701°W / 53.78460; -1.54701 (M621, Junction 3)
The NORTH (M1)
Hunslet A61
J4 Harrogate A61, Leeds Centre (N & E) 53°46′51″N 1°32′21″W / 53.78083°N 1.53916°W / 53.78083; -1.53916 (M621, Junction 4)
No access J5 Hunslet, Beeston 53°46′29″N 1°32′24″W / 53.77466°N 1.53989°W / 53.77466; -1.53989 (M621, Junction 5)
Middleton J6 No access 53°46′14″N 1°32′03″W / 53.77045°N 1.53427°W / 53.77045; -1.53427 (M621, Junction 6)
The NORTH (M1, A1), Pontefract, Stourton A639 J7 Stourton 53°46′03″N 1°30′52″W / 53.76754°N 1.51457°W / 53.76754; -1.51457 (M621, Junction 7)
The SOUTH, London, Wakefield M1, Hull (M62) M1, J43 Start of motorway 53°45′07″N 1°30′59″W / 53.75196°N 1.51633°W / 53.75196; -1.51633 (M621, Start of motorway)

References[change | change source]

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