MDC (band)

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MDC (2017)
Background information
OriginAustin, Texas, USA
Years active1979–1995, 2000–present
LabelsR Radical Records, Crass, Boner Records, New Red Archives, Sudden Death, Tank Crimes
Associated actsBig Boys, Dead Kennedys, The Dicks, Patareni, Leftover Crack, Pig Champion, Operation Ivy, Rancid
MembersDave Dictor
Ron Posner
Mike Smith
Al Schvitz
Russ Kalita
Past membersMichael Donaldson
Franco Mares
Dejan Podobnik
Brady Green Erik Mischo
Bill Collins
Matt Freeman

MDC are an anarcho-punk and hardcore punk band that started in Austin, Texas in 1979. They helped make hardcore punk popular in Austin, but in 1982 they moved to San Francisco, California, where they continued to become popular in the hardcore punk community. In 1993 the band stopped playing music, but they began again in 2000 and still play music today.

Their lyrics were very political. They did not like the police, war, capitalism or racism. They did like gay people and thought that they should be treated fairly.

The name MDC is an abbreviation and has meant many things. The band changes what it means a lot. It has meant "Millions of Dead Cops", "More Dead Cops", "Millions of Dead Children", "Multi Death Corporations", "Millions of Damn Christians", "Missile Destroyed Civilization" and "Magnus Dominus Corpus".

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