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MERLIN map.jpg
A map showing the locations of the antennas used in MERLIN
Alternative namesMERLIN Edit this at Wikidata
OrganizationJodrell Bank Observatory
University of Manchester Edit this on Wikidata
LocationEngland Edit this at Wikidata
TelescopesCambridge MERLIN telescope
Defford telescope
Knockin telescope
Lovell Telescope
Mark II
Pickmere telescope Edit this on Wikidata
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MERLIN, the Multi-Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network, is an array of radio telescopes.[1] It is spread across Great Britain.[1] There are seven radio telescopes in the array. MERLIN is run by Jodrell Bank Observatory, by the University of Manchester.[1] It is run as a national facility on behalf of the Science and Technology Facilities Council.[1]

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