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马歌 Marguax
Marguax played Yue Ying on Bloody Romance (2018).png
Marguax played Yue Ying on Bloody Romance (2018)
Born (1993-11-25) November 25, 1993 (age 26)
  • Actress
  • model
Years active2012–present
Chinese name
Chinese马歌 / 马妍婷

Ma Ge (Chinese: 马歌; pinyin: Mǎ Gē, born November 25, 1993) is a Chinese actress and model.[1] She has especially been renowned for the supporting role as Yue Ying in the 2018 Internet-premiered drama series: Bloody Romance,[2] and for the 2016 film in which she co-starred: Dispel Demon.[3]

Dawn of career[change | change source]

After graduating from high school, Ma Ge successfully became an advertising model thanks to her tall figure. She toured around various studios every day to shoot TV commercials and domestic fashion magazines.[4] In early 2012, Ma quit shooting of advertisements[5] and focused onto filming the first TV drama series for her to perform in: Weaning, which resulted in giving herself a life as an actress.[6]

Filmography[change | change source]

Films[change | change source]

Year English title Chinese title Role
2013 The Cosplayer 百万爱情宝贝 Mian Hua Tang / 'Marshmallow'
2014 Fleet of Time 匆匆那年 Li Qi
2015 Lost and Love 失孤 Unspecified volunteer
2016 Dispel Demon 伏魔记 Mong Fan
New York New York 纽约纽约 Sha Sha
2018 The Best Us 正好的我们 Chu Yu

Television / Internet drama series[change | change source]

Year English title Chinese title Role
2012 Weaning 断奶 Yi Tong
2013 Operation Sirius 天狼星行动 Cheng Qing Hong
2014 Love at Second Sight 一見不鍾情 Jenny
Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xi Zhi 书圣王羲之 Xiao Yu
2015 Gui An 诡案 Zhuang Wen Ya
2016 Mao Yaya by Marriage to Remember 最好的遇见 Shu Hua
City Lover 城市恋人 Yu Fang
2017 My Turtle Buddy 龟蜜日记 Shi Nana
2018 Bloody Romance 媚者无疆 Yue Ying
Fighting for Love 单恋大作战 Wu Hua Guo
Prince Coffee Lab 高兴遇见你 Gao Yuan
An Ren 暗刃 Supportive role
2019 Cold Case 冷案 Ye Mei Yu
Lan Tong Hua Kai 兰桐花开 Supportive role
2020 Danger of Her 危险的她 Su Yao
Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost 完美先生和差不多小姐 TBA

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