Madagascar (1994 movie)

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Directed by Fernando Pérez
Produced by Santiago Llapur
Written by Fernando Pérez
Manuel Rodríguez
Starring Elena Bolaños
Zaida Castellanos
Laura De la Uz
Music by Edesio Alejandro
Cinematography Raúl Pérez Ureta
Editing by Julia Yip
Release date(s) 1994
Running time 50 mins
Country Cuba
Language Spanish

Madagascar is a 1994 Cuban movie directed by Fernando Pérez. It marked his change of direction into a more lyrical approach to moviemaking, somehow stripped from the realistic documentary feel of his early work. The movie is about the relationship and lack of communication between a mother and daughter during the Cuban economic crisis known as the Special Period.

The movie stars the voices of Elena Bolaños, Rolando Díaz, Daniel Díaz Torres, Zaida Castellanos, and Laura De la Uz.

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