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Magical DoReMi is a girl-oriented anime that follows the adventures of three elementary school girls as they help Majorika turn back into a human being. The cartoon is rated for children ages 4 to 7 in the United States.

Characters[change | change source]

  • Doremi Harukaze - A kind-hearted, but clumsy girl. Her sister Poppu often annoys her.
  • Poppu Harukaze - Doremi's little sister and the 4th witch. She has good behaviour, but she is annoying to Doremi.
  • Hazuki Fujiwara - Doremi's friend; a smart, polite and shy girl
  • Aiko Senoo - A friend of Doremi; a sporty country girl
  • Majorika - a witch accidentally turned into a green blob by Doremi
  • Lala - Majorika's fairy, who is warm hearted to the Witchlings
  • Onpu Segawa - The 5th witch of the show

Story[change | change source]

The story begins in a town named Misora. Doremi Harukaze is a third-grader who is interested in magic. After a bad day at school, Doremi wanders into a part of town that is unfamiliar. She then sees Maho-Do, an old magic shop, and decides to look inside. There she finds Majorika. As Doremi looks around she finds out that it is a real magic shop and that Majorika is a witch. When Doremi says this to Majorika, she turns into a green blob. After this, Majorika and her fairy, Lala, decide to teach Doremi how to become a witch, so she can change Majorika back from a blob. Doremi happily agrees, wanting to learn magic.

Doremi becomes a witch in training, called a "witchling". Doremi practices using magic. She learns what it is like to be a witch from her experiences. After something very strange happens, Doremi's friends begin to ask questions. Doremi decides to take Hazuki and Aiko to Maho-Do. At Maho-Do, they learn what happened with Doremi and also become witchlings so they keep it a secret.

The series follows the lives of Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko as they learn, train, and pass tests to become witches.

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