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Magical DoReMi is a shojo anime that follows the adventures of three elementary school girls as they help Majo Rika turn back into a human being. The anime is geared at girls aged 7-14.

The series aired in Japan on TV Asahi between February 1999 and January 2003. It has four seasons and 201 episodes. There are also 2 spin-off seasons and 3 fillms, the newest being "Looking For Witch Apprentices".

Characters[change | change source]

  • Doremi Harukaze - A kind-hearted, but clumsy girl with red hair. Her sister Poppu often annoys her. Her theme color is pink with her fairy named Dodo. Her name in the English dub is Dorie Goodwyn.
  • Poppu Harukaze - Doremi's little sister with pink hair and the 4th witch. She has good behaviour, but she is annoying to Doremi. Her theme color is red with her fairy named Fafa. Her name in the English dub is Caitlyn Goodwyn.
  • Hazuki Fujiwara - Doremi's friend; a smart, polite and shy girl with brown hair. Her theme color is orange with her fairy named Rere. Her name in the English dub is Reanne Griffith.
  • Aiko Senoo - A friend of Doremi; a sporty country girl with blue hair. Her theme color is sky blue with her fairy named Mimi. Her name in the English dub is Mirabelle Haywood.
  • Majo Rika - a witch accidentally turned into a witch frog (a green blob) by Doremi. Her name in the English dub is Patina.
  • Lala - Majo Rika's fairy with blonde hair, who is warm hearted to the Witch Apprentices. Her name in the English dub is Lorelei.
  • Onpu Segawa - The 5th witch with violet hair of the show. Her theme color is purple with her fairy named Roro. Her name in the English dub is Ellie Craft.
  • Momoko Asuka - The 6th witch with fluorescent yellow hair of the show. Her theme color is yellow with her fairy named Nini.
  • Hana Makihatayama - The 7th witch with lemon yellow hair of the show. Her theme colors are white and lemon yellow with her fairy named Toto.

Story[change | change source]

The story begins in a town named Misora. Doremi Harukaze is a third-grader who is interested in magic. After a bad day at school, Doremi wanders into a part of town that is unfamiliar. She then sees Maho-Do, an old magic shop, and decides to look inside. There she finds Majo Rika. As Doremi looks around she finds out that it is a real magic shop and that Majo Rika is a witch. When Doremi says this to Majo Rika, she turns into a Witch Frog. After this, Majo Rika and her fairy, Lala, decide to teach Doremi how to become a witch, so she can change Majo Rika back from a witch frog. Doremi happily agrees, wanting to learn magic.

Doremi becomes a witch in training, called a "Witch Apprentice". Doremi practices using magic. She learns what it is like to be a witch from her experiences. After something very strange happens, Doremi's friends begin to ask questions. Doremi decides to take Hazuki and Aiko to Maho-Do. At Maho-Do, they learn what happened with Doremi and also become witch apprentices so they keep it a secret.

The series follows the lives of Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko as they learn, train, and pass tests to become witches.

In the next season, "Ojamajo Doremi Sharp", they discover a magical rose garden, which they witnessed the birth of a magical baby, called Hana-chan.

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