Maha Elgenaidi

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Maha Elgenaidi is best known for founding Islamic Networks Group (ING) which is a group of educators who go to different communities and schools to teach people about Islam. She has won many awards for her efforts, including the Civil Rights Leadership Award, Citizen of the Year, and Dorothy Irene Height Community Award.

Career[change | change source]

Maha’s career started when she noticed that people were thinking badly about Muslims and the religion of Islam. In fact, 66% of Americans admit to thinking badly about Muslims. Also, more than 80% of Americans think that Islam is sexist to women. She also noticed that many of these unkind thoughts were from lack of education. This led to her career in educating people about Islam.

Growing up[change | change source]

Like many other Americans, growing up, Maha also thought that Islam was sexist. However, when she read the Qur’an (A Muslim religious book) she had a different view on the religion. She found that Islam was very inclusive to other religions. The best way to change someone’s views on something is to educate them.

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