Mahendravarman I

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Mahendravarman I (600–630 CE)[1]was a Pallava king who ruled the Northern regions of present-day Tamil Nadu in India. He was the son of Simhavishnu, who defeated the Kalabhras and re-established the Pallava kingdom. Tamil literature flourished (developed) under Mahendravarman's rule. The popular Tevaram written by Appar and Sambandhar were done in this reign. Mahendravarman himself was the author of the play Mattavilasa Prahasana and another play called Bhagavadajjuka. Mahendravarman I was succeeded to the throne by his son Narasimhavarman I in 630 CE.

Battle of Vengi[change | change source]

During Mahendravarman's reign, the Chalukya king Pulakeshin II attacked the Pallava kingdom. The Pallavas fought a series of wars (many wars) in the northern Vengi region. Mahendravarma saved his capital. But he lost the northern provinces to Pulakeshin II.[2]

Architecture[change | change source]

The rock cut temples of Mahabalipuram, Kokarneswarar Temple of Pudukottai are some examples of architecture built in Mahendravarman's reign. Apart from Siva temples, Mahendravarman also excavated a few Vishnu cave temples.[3]

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