Mahesh Athirala

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Mahesh Athirala
Mahesh athirala1
Native nameMahesh Athirala
BornSai Mahesh Athirala
(1993-12-23) December 23, 1993 (age 24)
Other namesMahesh Athirala
OccupationVideo game designer
Known forBombarika,Cubots The Origins, Gravity Bridge
Home townAndhra Pradesh, India
  • Ranganayakulu Athirala (father)
  • Meena Kumari Athirala (mother)

Mahesh Athirala(born December 23, 1993) is an Indian Video Game designer[1]. He has worked extensively on the Cubots The Origins[2] , BOMBARIKA with Street Lamp Games[3].

Mahesh Athirala started working with Street Lamp Games in 2015 and shipped the award-winning game Cubots The Origins on PC won Indie game Game of the Year Runner-up in NASSCOM Game Development Conference, followed by BOMBARIKA.Bombarika, the 2018 iOS puzzle game , received what review aggregator Metacritic as #77 Best IOS games, including perfect scores from Appadvice[4],Metro Game Central[5] and TouchArcade[6], and the title of Game of the Day(India) on IOS.Bombarika won Indie game of the year Runner-up[7] in India game developer conference 2018.

Games Credited[change | change source]

  • Bombarika(IOS & Android)
  • Cubots The Origins(PC)
  • Gravity Bridge

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